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Oil Pressure Gauge Hose, Braided Stainless Steel (C-AHT9)
Price: $83.95
In Stock
Item #: C-AHT9 -

    Because this 49'' braided steel line is one piece from the block to the gauge, there is less chance of leaks or failure. Ref: C-AHT9.

    Oil Pressure Gauge, Smiths, Black (SIB521)
    Price: $161.95
    Special Order
    Item #: SIB521/MG -

      0-100 PSI full sweep replacement mechanical oil pressure gauges; black or magnolia face. Ref: SIB521, SIB521MG, PG1310-00C, PG1310-01C.

      Oil Pump, Pin Drive, 850-1098cc (GLP0142)
      Price: $39.95
      4/24/2018 2:00:00 AM 44.9500
      In Stock
      Item #: GLP0142 -

        Stock replacement pin drive pump for all pre-A+ small-bore engines: 850, 997, 998 and 1098cc. Ref: GLP142, CO600.

        Oil Relief Valve, Adjustable
        Price: $83.95
        In Stock
        Item #: FOR014 -

          Stainless steel adjustable oil pressure relief valve; adjustment is made by simply turning a knob.

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