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Anchor Tab, Battery Cover Strap
Price: $13.95
Item #: 14A7880 -

    Anchor tab for the battery cover securing strap. Bolts to the boot floor in a Mini Saloon to the same captive nut that secures the ground strap.

    Battery Cable, Front to Rear
    Price: $69.95
    Item #: YTA10037 -

      127" length cable that runs from the battery to the solenoid. Suitable for negative or positive ground cars.

      Battery Ground Strap
      Price: $10.95
      Item #: 5L888 -

        Heavy duty braided steel battery ground strap, 12" long.

        Battery Kill Switch, Deluxe
        Price: $43.95
        Item #: SEL0057 -

          Battery cut-off switch. FIA approved. Most race sanctioning bodies require the use of this special (diode protection device) cut out allowing the switching off whilst the engine is running without damaging the electrics.

          Boot, Starter Solenoid
          Price: $2.50
          Item #: CTB920 -

            This rubber boot insulates the heavy leads to the starter solenoid. One should be on the cable from the battery to the solenoid, and one on the cable from the solenoid to the starter.

            Brush Set, 35G-1 Starter
            Price: $10.99
            Item #: TAB128 -

              Set of four (4) brushes found in the early 35G-1 inertia starter.

              Brush Set, 35J Starter
              Price: $10.00
              Item #: TAB117 -

                Later inertia starters, model 35J, used these brushes. Sold in a set.

                Bushing, Front 35G-1 Starter
                Price: $6.95
                Item #: TCB124 -

                  Minis used the M35G-1 starter model originally, identifiable by the removable brush covering band. If the front bush is worn, this is the correct one for this model.

                  Bushing, Rear, 35G-1 Starter
                  Price: $2.70
                  Item #: TCB125 -

                    The 35G-1 starter was the earlier of the two inertia types. The rear bushing must be replaced if it shows excessive wear.

                    Cable, Starter Solenoid to Starter, Inertia-Type, 24"
                    Price: $16.95
                    Item #: 5L925 -

                      A 24" cable with correct end fittings to connect from the engine-bay starter solenoid to the starter on cars with inertia starter.

                      Ground Strap, Engine
                      Price: $8.50
                      6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 9.9500
                      Item #: 2K8617 -

                        Don't allow your throttle cable to become your engine ground strap, to disastrous results. This 13" extra length braided strap looks original but allows more flexibility with mounting locations than

                        Ignition Switch Assembly, 1976-1996 SPi
                        Price: $109.95
                        Item #: BHM7107 -

                          Steering-column mount ignition switch, with column-locking mechanism, including keys. Fits English Minis from 1976 through 1996 Single Point Injection (SPi). Reproduction.

                          Solenoid Bracket, 4-sided
                          Price: $22.95
                          Item #: SEL0012 -

                            A nice reproduction four-sided mounting bracket. An alternative mounting configuration for the solenoid; see also SEL0007 three-sided bracket.

                            Solenoid Mounting Bracket, 3-sided
                            Price: $22.95
                            Item #: SEL0007 -

                              A nice reproduction three-sided mounting bracket. An alternative mounting configuration for the solenoid; see also SEL0012 four-sided bracket.

                              Solenoid, Pre-Engaged Starter
                              Price: $74.95
                              Item #: NAF10004 -

                                The solenoid is the most likely component to fail on the improved pre-engaged starter introduced in 1984. Please note this solenoid is for a Mini starter and will not fit

                                Spacer Shim, Starter
                                Price: $18.95
                                Item #: FOR024-1 -

                                  This thin spacer was developed for those ocasional instances where a pre-engaged starter will interfere with the flywheel ring gear.

                                  Starter Pinion, 10 teeth
                                  Retail: $39.95
                                  Sale: $31.96
                                  Item #: TLB111-10 -

                                    The 10-tooth pinion replaced the original 9-tooth one on inertia drive Lucas starters. If yours has 10 teeth, this is the one to order.

                                    Starter Pinion, 9 teeth
                                    Retail: $59.95
                                    Sale: $55.79
                                    Item #: TLB111-9 -

                                      Lucas starters on most Minis in the 60s-70s had this 9 tooth pinion, but Lucas changed the pinion to 10 teeth at a later date. We have found a reliable

                                      Starter Pinion, Adapts Pre-Engage Starter to Early Ring Gear
                                      Retail: $19.95
                                      Sale: $18.85
                                      Item #: SND2061 -

                                        This 9-tooth starter pinion can be fitted to a pre-engaged starter so that it can be used with an early, 107-tooth ring gear.

                                        Starter Solenoid, 1963-1977
                                        Price: $24.95
                                        Item #: SRB325 -

                                          This solenoid is a large electrically operated switch capable of carrying high starter current. This is the most common type found on Minis until about 1977.

                                          Starter Solenoid, 1977-1985
                                          Price: $24.95
                                          Item #: 13H5952 -

                                            Starter solenoid with two large and two small terminals. Used on Minis from 1977 to 1985.

                                            Starter Solenoid, Push Button
                                            Price: $33.95
                                            Item #: SEL0152 -

                                              This type of solenoid was common in the 1960s, and offers the convenience of being able to start or "bump" the engine from under the hood. This feature assists valve timing, tune-ups, etc.

                                              Starter Switch, Floor Mounted
                                              Retail: $59.95
                                              Sale: $53.96
                                              Item #: 17H5260 -

                                                Early Minis had a off-on ignition switch and the start function was in a floor mounted push button switch.

                                                Starter, Competition Gear Reduction
                                                Price: $479.00
                                                Item #: FOR109 -

                                                  Strong, compact, permanent magnet gear reduction starter for pre-Verto flywheels. Internal solenoid.

                                                  Starter, Direct Drive High Torque
                                                  Price: $235.00
                                                  Item #: FOR024 -

                                                    This starter uses a high-torque gear reduction Japanese starter motor with solenoid mounted to a machined adapter that fits the Mini. Ideal for starting high compression engines, they crank until

                                                    Starter, Inertia Drive, New Production
                                                    Price: $119.95
                                                    6/11/2018 12:00:00 AM 139.9500
                                                    Item #: LRS102 -

                                                      All-new inertia starter motor for A-Series Mini. 9-tooth pinion. Sold outright; no exchange necessary.

                                                      Starter, Inertia Drive, Rebuilt
                                                      Sale: $142.45
                                                      Item #: S-3511E -
                                                      • DIY120318

                                                      Orignal-type starter motor for all 850 through 1275 Pre-Verto A-series Mini applications. M35J model with pinion, rebuilt in the U.S.A.

                                                      Starter, Pre-Engaged, Aftermarket
                                                      Price: $189.95
                                                      8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM 229.9500
                                                      Item #: GXE4527 -

                                                        The pre-engaged starter was used on all Minis after January 1986. It has an integral solenoid and is an improvement over the earlier inertia starter.

                                                        Starter, pre-Engaged, Metro, Used
                                                        Price: $75.00
                                                        Item #: SEVU0014 -

                                                          Used pre-engaged starter for Verto clutch assembly. Originally fitted to Metro, but works on Mini when fitted with care.

                                                          Strap, battery cover
                                                          Price: $17.95
                                                          7/27/2017 12:00:00 AM 18.9500
                                                          Item #: 14A7776 -

                                                            Rubber battery cover strap to hold it in place. Original design.

                                                            Uprated Race Starter, pre-engaged
                                                            Price: $359.95
                                                            Item #: FOR038 -

                                                              Specially converted starter for high-compression engines with pre-engaged starter and 129-tooth ring gear. This is a steel gear-reduced 1KW starter, which draws less than a stock unit but delivers more