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Adjustable Rear Camber & Toe Brackets
Retail: $89.95
Sale: $79.97
11/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 99.9500
Item #: SSS0041 -

    Adjustable rear camber brackets, improved with thicker 4mm metal bracketry and revised camber and toe angle adjustment plate.

    Adjustable Rear Camber & Toe Brackets, KAD
    Price: $229.95
    Item #: KAD1012260 -

      KAD adjustable rear camber/toe brackets fit properly out of the box and don't require a lot of frustrating fiddling and adjustments to fit the subframe and clear the radius arm.

      Adjustable Rear Camber Bracket Set
      Retail: $57.95
      Sale: $51.97
      12/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 69.9500
      Item #: SSS0006 -

        These brackets allow for incremental camber adjustment and are ideal for aligning the rear suspension. Sold per pair.

        Adjustable Suspension Strut Kit
        Retail: $119.95
        Sale: $109.97
        Item #: HILO-KIT -

          Full car set of adjustable length struts that allow the Classic Mini to be lowered or raised in each corner to achieve different ride height and corner weights. The struts

          Anti-Roll Bar, Front
          Price: $269.95
          Item #: FOR012 -

            Front anti-roll ("sway") bar. Helps to control body roll for both road and race cars. Frequently used to balance the rear anti-roll bar to reduce oversteer. Designed and built to

            Anti-Roll Bar, Rear
            Price: $329.95
            Item #: FOR013 -

              Rear anti-roll ("sway") bar. Helps to control body roll, reduce understeer and induce oversteer. For both road and race cars. Used by vintage racers, Fortech approved. Adjustable stiffness. Drop center

              SSS0186-SSS0188 (straight)
              Price: $31.60
              Item #: PSBK -

                This handy kit includes the suspension bushings that you are most likely to need: the bushings for the lower control arms and the bushings for the diagonal tie rods, in

                Bushing Set, Lower Control Arm, Offset
                Price: $31.95
                Item #: C-STR632 -

                  Upgraded bushing set for lower control arms. Center sleeve is offset, allowing you to fine-tune camber. For Mk2-on lower arms. Supplied in a set of four.

                  Bushing, Diagonal Tie Rod, Polyurethane
                  Price: $2.95
                  Item #: SSS0186 -

                    Polyurethane bushing for the diagonal tie rod. Sometimes a pair of poly bushes is combined with a pair of rubber bushes for a little more compliance. Sold each,

                    Bushing, Diagonal Tie Rod, uprated
                    Price: $2.00
                    Item #: 31G1155HD -

                      Uprated from standard by use of a harder rubber compound, these are an ideal upgrade for any street Mini. Sold each, 4 required.

                      Bushing, Lower Control Arm, 68-on, Poly
                      Price: $4.95
                      Item #: SSS0189 -

                        Mk2-on lower control arm bushing. Steel-sleeved as original but uses a polyurethane isolator. Sold each, four (4) required.

                        Bushing, Lower Control Arm, Mk1, Poly
                        Price: $4.95
                        Item #: SSS0188 -

                          A polyeurethane bushing to provide more stable front end geometry. High quality formula that does not squeak. Direct fit to original Mk1 Mini lower arms. Four (4) required

                          Coil Spring Conversion Kit, Red
                          Price: $349.00
                          Item #: FOR019 -

                            Modern technology has enabled coil springs to replace the classic Mini's original rubber springs. Supplied with hard-anodized aluminum seats; choose red or blue, spring rate is identical.

                            Coil Spring Conversion w/ Adjustable Struts
                            Price: $639.95
                            4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM 679.9500
                            Item #: FOR017 -

                              Our Fortech-approved coil spring conversion is available with a matching set of nicely made billet aluminum adjustable struts. Full ride height adjustment is possible for weight balancing or road/track conditions.

                              Competition Bump Stop Kit, front
                              Price: $44.95
                              Item #: C-AJJ4007 -

                                Designed for hydrolastic cars, this kit stops the upper arm from crashing into the subframe under rough conditions. The steel brackets can be modified for use on dry cars, and

                                Competition Bump Stop Kit, rear
                                Retail: $52.95
                                Sale: $49.27
                                Item #: C-AJJ3313 -

                                  Duplicating the Special Tuning design, the kit includes mounting brackets and bump rubbers. For hydrolastic cars, to prevent bottoming in arduous rally conditions, but can be adapted to dry arms.

                                  Competition Bump Stop Rubber, Replacement
                                  Retail: $9.95
                                  Sale: $9.26
                                  5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM 17.95
                                  Item #: AHH9158 -

                                    Replacement rubber snubbers for competition bump stop kits. Sold each.

                                    Diagonal Tie Rod Bushing Kit, Road, Rally
                                    Price: $10.95
                                    Item #: C-STR627 -

                                      For a road-going car a little bit of give at the diagonal tie is required. This kit includes two hard bushings for the outboard end, and two softer bushings for

                                      Diagonal Tie Rods, Heavy-Duty, Adjustable, Pair
                                      Retail: $43.95
                                      Sale: $39.97
                                      12/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 46.9500
                                      Item #: SSS0135 -

                                        A useful upgrade for any road Mini, these rods are made from heavier material and allow ample adjustment to achieve accurate caster angle. Supplied in pairs, less bushings and hardware.

                                        Front Lower Arm Bushing Set, Race
                                        Price: $32.95
                                        Item #: C-STR631 -

                                          Special bushing set for the front lower control arm in race applications. The center metal sleeve is angled to accomodate the geometry changes that occur when the caster angle is increased up to 3.5 degrees.

                                          Front Shock Pin, Lower
                                          Price: $15.95
                                          6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 16.9500
                                          Item #: C-AJJ3361 -

                                            Uprated front lower shock pin. Note that if fitted to wet upper arms, the mounting hole in the arm must be enlarged to accept this pin.

                                            Hi-Lo Adjustable Strut Extension Set, rear
                                            Price: $25.95
                                            Item #: SSS0014K -

                                              Pair of genuine Hi-Lo aluminum strut extensions required for the rear of the Mini. See SSS0015K for the original Hi-Lo strut set.

                                              Hi-Lo Adjustable Strut, Pair
                                              Retail: $86.95
                                              Sale: $79.97
                                              Item #: SSS0015K -

                                                Genuine UK-made Hi-Los are adjustable length struts that allow the Classic Mini to be lowered or raised in each corner to achieve different ride height and corner weights. Plus the

                                                KAD Aluminum Rear Swing Arms
                                                Price: $865.00
                                                Item #: KAD1012250 -

                                                  Pair of rear trailing arms cast from aluminum alloy L169 for half the weight of the original steel component. Suitable for road to race use. Bolt-in replacement for the

                                                  KAD Front Anti-Roll Bar
                                                  Retail: $429.00
                                                  Sale: $386.10
                                                  Item #: KAD1013209 -

                                                    KAD's front anti-roll bar helps to control body roll for both road and race cars. Front bar is 5/8" diameter and supplied with poly blocks and rod-end joints. Drop links

                                                    Lower Arm, Adjusts On Car, Bushin
                                                    Price: $144.95
                                                    Item #: SSS0168 -

                                                      On-car adjustable lower suspension arm. Uses standard or poly bushing. Allows you to fine tune the front suspension geometry without dismantling the car. Sold as a pair.

                                                      Lower Arm, Adjusts On Car, Heim Joint
                                                      Price: $229.95
                                                      Item #: SSS0166 -

                                                        On-car adjustable lower suspension arm with Heim (Rose) joint. Includes spacers for above and below heim joint. Allows you to fine tune the front suspension geometry without dismantling the car.

                                                        Lower Arm, Negative Camber, Pair
                                                        Price: $89.95
                                                        Item #: C-AJJ3364 -

                                                          Negative camber is frequently used in the front suspension to improve cornering ability. These arms are available in 3 lenghts so you can obtain the exact camber you require.

                                                           Metro Ball Joint, Early
                                                          Price: $17.95
                                                          11/28/2018 12:00:00 AM 19.9500
                                                          Item #: GSJ0268 -

                                                            The GSJ268 ball joint as used on early Metro swivel hubs, which will fit the standard-sized tapered hole in classic Mini suspension arms

                                                            Nut, Rear Trailing Arm
                                                            Retail: $1.00
                                                            Sale: $0.85
                                                            Item #: HDWN101 -

                                                              1/2” serrated-flange nut for rear trailing arm shaft. Recommended for use with SSS0006 or SSS0041.

                                                              Rear Camber Bracket Kit, Fixed
                                                              Price: $49.95
                                                              Item #: SSS0002 -

                                                                This kit is pre-drilled to give 1.5 degrees of negative camber compared to stock brackets. Not adjustable. Sold per set.

                                                                Rubber Spring, Competition, Hard (yellow dot)
                                                                Retail: $139.95
                                                                Sale: $111.96
                                                                11/16/2017 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
                                                                Item #: C-STR688 -

                                                                  Manufactured by a high-tech company involved in rubber components on Formula 1 cars. They have a special shape and material, and include a formulation which helps stabilize their intended performance throughout a race.

                                                                  Rubber Spring, Road/Rally
                                                                  Price: $124.95
                                                                  Item #: C-STR0687 -

                                                                    C-STR687 Red Dot uprated rubber cone spring that will stiffen up the suspension while lowering it at the same time. Fits front or rear.

                                                                    Shock Absorber, KYB Gas-A-Just
                                                                    Price: $59.95
                                                                    Item #: KYB Gas -

                                                                      For standard ride height road cars, KYB offers the Gas-A-Just pressurized self-adjusting slimline shocks at a medium price point. These are the improved monotube shock design, with separate

                                                                      Shock Absorber, KYB, Premium
                                                                      Price: $28.95
                                                                      Item #: KYB -

                                                                        A low-priced quality shock from Seven to reduce your Mini maintenance budget. KYB (Kayaba) offers standard ride height Mini replacement shocks. An ideal upgrade for road cars. Non-adjustable. Sold each,

                                                                        Shock Absorber, Spax, Van, Estate, Pickup
                                                                        Price: $149.95
                                                                        Item #: C-STR308 -

                                                                          Spax makes a special rear unit for the long wheelbase Mini models, which gives more length and travel. Gas-filled, with 14-point on-car adjustability. Should be fitted in pairs, but

                                                                          Tie Rod Set, Adjustable, Race
                                                                          Price: $187.95
                                                                          Item #: SSS0004 -

                                                                            For racing applications, this set of hiem jointed tie rods will remove the compliant standard bushings to give precise suspension geometry. They will make a considerable improvement in control

                                                                            Upper Shock Mount Set, Lowered
                                                                            Price: $56.95
                                                                            Item #: C-AJJ3359 -

                                                                              If you lower a Mini more than a couple of inches, you run the risk of bottoming out your front shocks. This pair of upgraded brackets set move the

                                                                              Wheel Stud, 2"
                                                                              Price: $2.60
                                                                              Item #: 21A2064L -

                                                                                This wheel stud is often used to replace standard stud when used with non-standard wheels or when spacers are used. Threaded length is 1.125". Can be used front or rear.