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Air Filter Cleaning Kit, K&N
Price: $16.95
Item #: SIE0334 -

    Air filter recharger kit for K&N filters. Includes cleaner and oil. Use this once a year and your K&N filter will last a lifetime.

    Ball Joint Separator Pickle Fork
    Price: $24.95
    Item #: STL0020 -

      When all else fails, brute force will remove any frozen ball joint. Quick, simple, effective. Be sure to have extra rubber ball pin cups (BTA0377) on hand as this tool

      Ball Joint Separator, Large
      Price: $47.95
      Item #: STL0008 -

        The lever action design of this sturdy tool will remove the most stubborn of ball joints, facilitating service of the front suspension. Leaves the ball pin threads undamaged.

        Brake Adjusting Combo Wrench
        Price: $11.95
        Item #: STL0011 -

          Has a 1/4" hex on one end for rear bleed valves, and a sturdy 5/16" open end on the other end for adjusting screws.

          Brake Bleed Tool
          Price: $39.95
          Item #: STL0083 -

            This kit provides the necessary equipment to bleed brakes or hydraulic clutch systems the way the professionals do it. A simple one-man operation that uses the air pressure in the

            Brake Self-Bleeding Tool
            Price: $16.95
            Item #: STL0024 -

              A simple, effective one-way valve and hose that slips over the bleeder fitting, allowing one-man brake bleeding.

              Carb Sychronizer
              Price: $39.95
              Item #: STL0013 -

                Using the CarbSynch is the fastest and easiest way to synchronize airflow through twin carbs. It is much more accurate than putting a hose in your ear (though not as

                Colortune, Carb Tune-Up Tool (STL0037) stl37, stl037, Gunson02, msa1002, GUNSONS, carb, carburettor, carburetor, carb adjustment, Colortune, Carb Tune-Up Tool (STL0037)
                Price: $79.95
                Item #: STL0037 -

                  Precise carburetor adjustment is as easy as changing spark plugs with the Gunson Colortune. Different air-fuel mixtures burn different colors, and the Colortune plug insert allows you to see the

                  Cone Spring Compressor, Dual Threads
                  Price: $109.95
                  Item #: STL0010 -

                    Sturdy service tool used to compress the rubber cone spring on dry suspension Minis. Suitable for early models with SAE threaded cones and later production with metric threaded cones. Detailed

                    Cone Spring Compressor, Metric Threads
                    Price: $52.95
                    Item #: STL0004 -

                      Minis have been fitted with metric threaded rubber springs since 1976, so many owners do not need the STL0010 deluxe tool with both metric and standard threaded tips. We now

                      CV Joint Band Clamp Tool w/ Cutter
                      Price: $29.95
                      Item #: STL0039 -

                        Pro-grade tool for installing and tightening metal CV joint straps.

                        Flywheel Puller Tool
                        Price: $47.95
                        Item #: STL0006 -

                          New look! ?An essential tool for every Mini mechanic's tool kit. This sturdy well-made tool removes the Flywheel, necessary for engine repairs. Works with Verto and Pre-Verto Flywheels. Made in

                          Grease, Synthetic, Red Line
                          Price: $19.95
                          Item #: FOR070 -

                            Red Line Synthetic Grease We recommend Red Line's CV2 grease for the Mini's wheel bearings and CV joints. It withstands very high temperatures and clings well to the bearing surfaces.

                            Hinge Pin Bush Installation Tool
                            Price: $18.95
                            Item #: STL0088 -

                              To remove and replace the Mk1-2 external door hinge pin bush, this is the tool you will need.

                              Jack, Saloon, late, used
                              Price: $78.00
                              Item #: CHM0064-USED -

                                Inverted-T Mini Saloon jack, as fitted to most Minis. Now obsolete and stocked only as a USED part in serviceable condition. This jack inserts into the jack socket underneath the

                                KAD Flywheel Puller
                                Price: $189.95
                                Item #: STL0070 -

                                  For shops or owners who strip a lot of Mini engines, you may want to consider investing in this pro-grade KAD flywheel puller.

                                  Mini Brake Adjuster Tool, Small
                                  Price: $2.95
                                  Item #: STL0047 -

                                    Pocket-sized rear brake adjuster. When the rear brake adjusters are in perfect working order this small wrench is all you need.

                                    18G1240 - Pot Joint Remover
                                    Price: $53.95
                                    Item #: 18G1240 -

                                      Readily separates inner cv, or "pot" joints from the differential. Hammer on the free end to pop the joint out of the diff.

                                      Rear Main Seal Installer
                                      Price: $54.95
                                      6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 65.95
                                      Item #: STL0012 -

                                        Kit allows safe replacement of a leaky rear main crankshaft oil seal without the time consuming removal of the Flywheel housing. It can be done with the engine still in

                                        Socket, 1.5", for ball joint replacement
                                        Price: $21.95
                                        Item #: STL0038 -

                                          Deep socket in 1.5" size as needed for ball joint replacement. Also useful on pre-Verto flywheel bolt and main shaft pinion nut inside transmission.

                                          Socket, Tuner Lug Nut
                                          Price: $5.95
                                          Item #: SWT0120-T -

                                            This is the special socket that is included in SWT0120 Tuner Lug Nut Set. Keep one in the tool box and carry one in the car for emergencies.

                                            Steering Joint Separator, small
                                            Retail: $31.00
                                            Sale: $27.28
                                            Item #: STL0023 -

                                              This "C" clamp device makes easy work of removing the track rod end from the steering arm without doing damage to the the taper pin.

                                              SU Carb Wrench
                                              Price: $5.95
                                              Item #: STL0001 -

                                                The SU Carburetor is simple to adjust, but very difficult to reach on the Mini. Make mixture adjustments on your Mini easier with the famous SU Wrench. Fits HS2 and

                                                SU Tool Kit
                                                Price: $25.95
                                                Item #: STL0034 -

                                                  This SU Tool Kit contains the special float height dowels, gauges, centering devices and all important mixture wrench, and comes in a pocket-size pouch with detailed instructions.

                                                  Synchrometer Carb Flow Meter
                                                  Price: $79.95
                                                  Item #: STL0108 -

                                                    Easy to read flowmeter allows accurate adjustment of multi carb. These precision instruments are designed to measure the flow directly on the air intake of the carburetor with less air

                                                    Tap, thread restorer, crankshaft
                                                    Retail: $59.95
                                                    Sale: $52.76
                                                    Item #: STL0016 -

                                                      A tap in a hard-to-find size to clean the threads at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft.

                                                      Valve Spring Compressor, Mini-Size
                                                      Price: $54.95
                                                      Item #: STL0015 -

                                                        This professional quality 8" valve spring compressor is just the right size for dismantling A-Series cylinder heads, without use of adapters etc. If you buy one at Sears or Pep

                                                        Wheel Bearing Pre-Assembly Tool
                                                        Price: $4.95
                                                        Item #: STL0032 -

                                                          Use this tool instead of the split taper collar when initially torquing the CV nut. This ensures that the wheel bearings and drive flange are properly seated, without risk of false torque reading due to the tapered collar binding.

                                                          Wheel Cylinder Circlip Tool
                                                          Price: $26.95
                                                          Item #: STL0087 -

                                                            This simple tool makes a tricky job easy. This is the tool to fit the circlip on the rear wheel cylinder. Comes with instructions. Help prevent scratching the fresh paint

                                                            Windshield Filler Strip Tool
                                                            Price: $21.95
                                                            Item #: 18G468 -

                                                              This handy and inexpensive tool is the one you will need to install the troublesome windshield seal lock strip. For our pro-quality tool, see STL0026.

                                                              Windshield Filler Strip Tool, Universal, Pro Quality
                                                              Price: $23.95
                                                              Item #: STL0026 -

                                                                Pro quality rubber-handled tool for installing the filler strip in the front and rear windscreens. Includes adapters to fit many different cars. Made in England.