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Blanking Plug, Camshaft Sensor, 1997-on
Retail: $9.95
Sale: $8.38
Item #: LDT100030 -

    Bolt-on cover plate plug for cam sensor hole on late Japanese market Minis, which did not use this sensor.

    Cam Timing Sensor, MPi
    Price: $109.50
    Item #: NSC100760 -

      Plastic-bodied cam timing sensor for engine management of MPI Minis. Fits in mechanical fuel pump hole in the block. Genuine Lucas product.

      Crank Position Sensor, SPi, MPi
      Price: $69.95
      Item #: ADU7340 -

        Fixes to the inner side of the flywheel housing to read the position of the flywheel and crankshaft; fits SPi and MPi.

        Inlet Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
        Price: $59.95
        Item #: NNK10001 -

          Modern computer-managed engines like those in SPi and MPi Minis require this inlet air temperature sender to send a signal to the engine at start-up so the right mixture is used for the ambient temperature.

          MAP Sensor, MPi
          Retail: $219.00
          Sale: $184.29
          Item #: MHK100600 -

            Sensor in the inlet manifold of MPi Mini. Feeds manifold pressure information to the ECU (electronic control unit).

            Oil Pressure Switch, MPi
            Price: $13.95
            Item #: GPS135 -

              Replacement oil pressure switch for 1997-on MPi Minis.

              Oxygen Sensor, SPi/MPi
              Price: $119.95
              Item #: MHK10004 -

                All modern cars use an oxygen sensor that reads off the exhaust to send signals to the main engine computer. This one fits both SPi and MPi Minis.

                Throttle Body, MPi
                Price: $349.95
                Item #: ABF622 -

                  Replacement for original 48mm throttle body in metal, due to the original plastic ones cracking or deforming. Otherwise a bolt-on replacement for the original one. Photo shown is