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Cole replaces the choke cable on a friend's classic Mini

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Cable Trunnion, Choke and HIF carbs (AUE0034)
Price: $3.95
In Stock
Item #: AUE0034 -

    AUE metal cable trunnion connector for choke cable and HIF throttle cables. Includes screw. Ref: AUE34, AUE0034.

    Choke Cable, 46 (BHH0526)
    Price: $21.95
    In Stock
    Item #: BHH0526 -

      Universal choke cable, 46'' length. Plastic knob marked ''lock''. Ref: BHH526, BHH0526, BHH653.

      Choke Cable, Mk1, Choke/Lock Knob (21A1204)
      Price: $57.95
      12/15/2019 2:00:00 AM 52.95
      In Stock
      Item #: 21A1204 -

        Cable as found on Mk1 classic Minis, typically with twin carbs. Black bakelite knob, marked ''CHOKE'' and ''LOCK''. Ref: 21A1204.

        Choke Cable, Mk3-Mk4 (21A2329)
        Price: $21.95
        In Stock
        Item #: 21A2329 -

          Choke cable for most late classic Minis, with international symbol for ''choke'' on the end; will fit all classic Minis up to about 1990. Ref: 21A2329, NAM6834.

          Clip, Choke Cable, HIF6 (CZK6491)
          Price: $3.30
          5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 5.95
          In Stock
          Item #: CZK6491 -

            This clip locks the choke cable to the linkage plate on the HIF6/HIF44 linkage plate. Ref: CZK6491.

            Clip, Choke Cable, HS4 Carb (13H3472)
            Price: $7.95
            In Stock
            Item #: 13H3472 -

              Metal clip that holds the choke cable to the 12G766 abutment plate.

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