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O2 Sensor Bung and Plug, Weld-In
Retail: $11.95
Sale: $11.29
Item #: SIE0008 -

    This universal bung can be welded into your exhaust system to allow the mounting of an Oxygen Sensor for real-time engine combustion readings.

    RC40 Front Muffler, Catalyst to Rear Box, Stainless, Millennium
    Retail: $147.95
    Sale: $124.50
    Item #: RC40-062 -

      RC40 intermediate silencer, between catatytic converter and rear box. Millennium range, stainless steel.

      RC40 Intermediate Muffler, catalytic converter cars, mild steel, Millennium
      Price: $119.95
      Item #: RC40-014 -

        When a catalytic converter is fitted, this is the intermediate silencer (resonator) and front pipe to mate with the converter. Mild steel, see RC40-062 for stainless.

        RC40 intermediate muffler-front pipe, mild steel, Millennium
        Retail: $95.95
        Sale: $83.48
        Item #: RC40-013 -

          Intermediate muffler in mild steel with front pipe. Use as is with Freeflow (SIE0074/C-STR816) header, or cut off the front to mate with LCB header. Millennium series.

          RC40 Original Rear Muffler Assembly
          Price: $99.95
          4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM 125.9500
          Item #: SIE0057 -

            This is the main component of the famed RC40 exhaust system. It is made from mild steel and includes intermediate resonator and rear muffler with interconnecting pipe and chrome tip.

            RC40 Rear Box and Cat Back Exhaust, Stainless
            Price: $219.95
            Item #: C-STR811S -

              Polished stainless steel RC40 single-box exhaust exhaust system fitted with a pipe to bolt straight on to the catalyst for cars built late 1991-on.

              RC40 Rear Muffler, Center exit, large bore, mild steel
              Price: $147.95
              Item #: RC40-012 -

                Mild steel rear muffler for RC40. Center exit, large bore 2.25" tailpipe with chrome tip. Millennium series.

                RC40 Rear Muffler, large bore, side exit, mild steel, Millennium
                Retail: $129.95
                Sale: $113.22
                Item #: RC40-010 -

                  Mild steel rear muffler for RC40 system. Side exit, 2.25" large bore tail pipe. Chrome tip. Millennium series.

                  RC40 Rear Muffler, Side Exit, Mild Steel
                  Price: $69.95
                  Item #: C-STR809 -

                    Rear muffler only from RC40 system in mild steel with chrome tip. Exits at the side behind the rear wheel. Use when building a single muffler system for louder, raspier

                    Rear Muffler, center exit, mild steel
                    Price: $139.95
                    Item #: RC40-011 -

                      The muffler that everyone wants! Mild steel center exit muffler, 1.75" inlet pipe, sized for 1275s. Chrome tip.

                      Tail Pipe Extension, RC40, Van, Estate, Pickup
                      Price: $45.00
                      Item #: RC40-005 -

                        13" tail pipe extension that can be added to selected mufflers on the longer-wheelbase Mini Van, Estate, or Pick Up models.