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Banjo, SU electric fuel pump, inlet/outlet
Retail: $9.95
Sale: $9.40
Item #: AUB0663 -

    Black plastic plastic inlet /outlet "banjo" on the SU electric and electronic fuel pumps. These are exposed to damage and can become brittle with age.

    Bracket, Fuel Pump to Subframe
    Price: $21.95
    Item #: 21A0750 -

      Metal bracket with captive nuts for mounting the electric fuel pump to the rear subframe.

      Clamp, Electric Fuel Pump Mounting
      Price: $21.95
      Item #: 21A0632 -

        This band clamp with stud attaches the fuel pump to the mounting bracket on the rear subframe. Use with 21A0750 bracket and AHH6708 rubber.

        Electric Fuel Pump, Aftermarket
        Price: $119.95
        6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 134.9500
        Item #: AUF0214E -

          A mid-price aftermarket electric pump to fit the same brackets and mounting location of SU pump. Proven to be a reliable alternative to the original SU pumps.

          Fuel Pump Blanking Plate
          Price: $11.95
          Item #: FOR034 -

            Fuel pump blanking plate. Made of stainless steel, for use when removing mechanical fuel pump. Covers the hole in the engine block.

            Fuel Pump, Electric, SU
            Price: $159.95
            1/7/2019 12:00:00 AM 164.9500
            Item #: AUF0214 -

              Genuine SU fuel pump as used on all Minis with electric pumps until about 1990. This is the traditional design that uses replaceable points. Plastic banjo outlets. Works with positive

              Fuel Pump, mechanical, 1990s 1275cc w/ HIF38 carb
              Price: $119.95
              Item #: WND10005 -

                Original equipment SU mechanical fuel pump, as used on 1990-on 1275cc cars fitted with HIF38 carb. This pump is identified by the 5/16" inlet pipe.Spacer/insulator AUB5040 may be reqired for

                Fuel Pump, mechanical, aftermarket
                Price: $54.95
                Item #: AZX1818E -

                  We offer a choice of aftermarket or original SU fuel pumps. This one is supplied by Quinton Hazell, a reliable independent British distributor. Use spacer AUB5040 (order separately) to maintain

                  Fuel Pump, Mechanical, SU
                  Price: $109.95
                  Item #: AZX1818 -

                    Original equipment mechanical fuel pump, manufactured by SU. Fits most Minis equipped with mechanical pump, except 1990s Cooper and 1275cc models, see AZX1817 and WND10005 for these applications.AUB5040 spacer is

                    Fuel Pump, Mechanical, SU, 1990s HIF44 models
                    Retail: $119.95
                    Sale: $94.96
                    Item #: AZX1817 -

                      In the 1990s, Cooper models with HIF44 carbs were fitted with a slightly different mechanical fuel pump. Genuine SU. Use AZX1818 for all cars pre-1990, and WND10005 for cars after

                      Fuel Pump, MPi & SPi
                      Price: $289.95
                      Item #: WFX100810 -

                        The fuel injection Minis use a high pressure fuel pump mounted inside the tank. Once the fuel injection was upgraded from SPI to MPI, this more powerful pump was required.

                        Fuel Pump, SPi
                        Price: $289.95
                        Item #: WFX10045 -

                          Once fuel injection was introduced with the SPI Mini, a higher pressure pump was required. This OEM pump mounts in the tank. Special Order

                          Isolator, Rubber, Pump Mounting
                          Price: $5.99
                          Item #: AHH6708 -

                            This improved rubber fuel pump isolator replaces the earlier foam type. It reduces vibration which can shorten the life of the pump.

                            Mounting Bracket, Fuel Pump, Moke
                            Price: $33.95
                            Item #: ACB9249 -

                              Mini Moke fuel pump mounting bracket, with mounting bolts.

                              Seal, Fuel Pump to Tank, SPi & MPi, Rover
                              Price: $42.95
                              Item #: EDP9317 -

                                Heavy rubber seal that goes on top of the gas tank on fuel injected Minis, and seals the fuel pump mounting flange to the tank.

                                Seal, SU fuel pump, inlet/outlet banjo (AUB0676) Classic Mini Cooper electric fuel pump banjo seal, Seal, SU fuel pump, inlet/outlet banjo (AUB0676)
                                Retail: $1.47
                                Sale: $1.39
                                Item #: AUB0676 -

                                  Rubber seal found under the plastic banjos on all SU electric and electronic fuel pumps. Sold each.

                                  Spacer, Mechanical Fuel Pump
                                  Price: $16.95
                                  Item #: AUB5040 -

                                    This spacer is needed when a new mechanical fuel pump is fitted. When SU changed from the 700 series pump to the current design, it required the use of a

                                    SU electric fuel pump points
                                    Price: $29.95
                                    Item #: AUB6106 -

                                      Replacement points for the set under the plastic cap of OEM SU electric fuel pumps. Used on all models except electronic pumps. Genuine SU normally stocked.

                                      SU Electric Pump Diaphragm
                                      Retail: $49.95
                                      Sale: $47.20
                                      Item #: WZX1710 -

                                        If the diaphragm on your pump fails but it still runs, this kit is the fix. Includes the AUB6097 diaphragm with a spindle length of 2.375" and gasket. Check