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Switch panels and dash accessories for the classic Mini and variants. See Dashboard Electrical for switches and accessories

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Bezel, Switch Panel, Mk1 (14A7172)
Price: $29.50
8/16/2018 2:00:00 AM 34.9500
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Item #: 14A7172 -

    Chrome surround to dress up the switch panel on the Mk1 classic Mini dash. Ref: 14A7172.

    Bezel, Switch Panel, Mk2-on (ALA6640)
    Price: $27.50
    7/12/2017 12:00:00 AM 28.9500
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    Item #: ALA6640 -

      Metal trim surround as fitted to Mk2 and later classic Minis. Used in conjunction with switch panel ALE2960. Ref: ALA6640.

      Bracket, Switch Plate to Body, Mk2-on (ALA6652/3)
      Price: $15.95
      5/24/2022 12:00:00 AM
      Pending Warehouse Check
      Item #: ALA6652/3 -

        Brackets that bolt to the lower dash rail and locate the switch panel within ALA6621 lower dash pad. Ref: ALA6652, ALA6653.

        Lower Dash Rail Adapter, Mk1 Switch Panel (SBO0431)
        Price: $20.95
        10/15/2019 12:00:00 AM 23.9500
        Pending Warehouse Check
        Item #: SBO0431 -

          Sheet metal adapter panel to reduce the large switch panel opening of Mk2-on lower dash rails to allow installation of Mk1 switch panel. Ref: MS029, SBO0431.

          Switch Panel, 1959-63 Mk1 (ADA3740)
          Price: $28.50
          Item #: ADA3740 -

            Switch and cable panel for pre-1963 Mk1 Mini and Cooper models. Old English White finish. Ref: ADA3740, 14E3386.

            Switch Panel, 1959-67 Mk1 (14E3386)
            Price: $28.95
            Pending Warehouse Check
            Item #: 14E3386 -

              Switch panel for the later Mk1 classic Mini models 1959-1967. Grey. Ref: 14E3386.

              Switch Panel, Mk1, Van/Pickup (24E7298)
              Price: $28.50
              Special Order
              Item #: 24E7298 -

                Switch panel in black as used in Mk1-on classic Mini Vans and Pickups with recirculating heater. Black finish. Ref: 24E7298.

                Switch Panel, Mk2 Van & Pickup (24E7299)
                Price: $45.50
                Pending Warehouse Check
                Item #: 24E7299 -

                  Switch plate fits classic Mini Vans and Pickups 1968-1970, and screws directly to the lower dash rail. Ref: 24E7299.

                  Switch Panel, Mk2-Mk3 (ALE2960)
                  Price: $35.95
                  Special Order
                  Item #: ALE2960 -

                    Lower dash rail switch panel as fitted to Mk2 cars and early Mk3, when the ignition switch was found in the center. Ref: ALE2960.

                    Switch Panel, Mk3 (
                    Price: $34.95
                    8/13/2019 12:00:00 AM 31.5000
                    Special Order
                    Item #: -

                      Switch panel for approximately 1970-1975 Mini with locking ignition switch on top of the column.

                      Switch Panel, Mk4-on, 4 switches (JPC2839)
                      Price: $28.95
                      Pending Warehouse Check
                      Item #: JPC2839 -

                        This switch mounting panel accepts four of the smaller rocker switches as used from about 1976-on. Ref: JPC2839, CZH4104.

                        Switch Panel, Mk4-on, 5 switches (FBX10012)
                        Price: $26.50
                        Pending Warehouse Check
                        Item #: FBX10012 -

                          Center dash switch panel in the style used from about 1976-on, with five (5) switch holes. Ref: FBX10012.

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