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Gasket Set, Transmission
Price: $17.95
11/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 21.9500
Item #: AJM0804B -

    Quality set from a reliable manufacturer and used in our assembly shop. Suitable for Rod Change or Remote. The rear main oil seal and diff output shaft seals are

    Gasket, Diff Housing, lower
    Price: $0.95

    Item #: 2A3506 -

      Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section only. Fits pre-rod change models. For rod change, use 22G1836B.

      Gasket, Diff Housing, Upper
      Price: $0.95

      Item #: 2A3505 -

        Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Upper section only. Fits all.

        Gasket, Diff Side Cover Gasket
        Price: $1.50

        Item #: 22A1611 -

          This is an aftermarket version of the diff side cover gasket. See TRK10004B for improved gasket.

          Gasket, Flywheel Housing
          Price: $5.95
          9/12/2017 12:00:00 AM 7.9500
          Item #: 22A2237B -

            Heavy paper gasket that forms the seal between the flywheel housing and the engine/transmission.

            Gasket, Flywheel Housing Breather
            Price: $1.95

            Item #: LVL10001B -

              Starting with 4 synchro boxes in late 1967, most Minis were fitted with a breather canister on top of the Flywheel housing to vent crankcase pressure. This gasket fits under

              Gasket, Front Cover, Automatic
              Retail: $17.50
              Sale: $15.40

              Item #: GUG705562GM -

                Gasket for the large, front cover plate on the classic Mini and Austin America automatic transmission.

                Gasket, Gearbox Diff Housing, Lower, Rod-Change
                Price: $1.47

                Item #: 22G1836 -

                  Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section, fits rod change only. Shown next to the same part for the pre-rod change gearbox

                  Gasket, Gearbox Diff Side Cover, Improved
                  Price: $4.95

                  Item #: TRK10004B -

                    This latest version of the side cover gasket comes with built-in sealant attached to the paper.

                    Gearbox Speedo Gear Cover Gasket
                    Retail: $0.97
                    Sale: $0.91

                    Item #: 2A3627B -

                      This is for the small removable plate accessing the cable drive gear at the radiator end of the gearbox. Same as 2A3627B.

                      Magic Wand Shift Lever Gasket
                      Retail: $0.99
                      Sale: $0.87

                      Item #: 22A0133 -

                        22A133 paper packing/gasket below the shift lever retainer on the Mini 850's magic wand shift lever.

                        Gasket, Oil Pickup Pipe
                        Price: $0.95

                        Item #: 22A0542B -

                          Use one inside the gear case and one on the access plate at the right rear of the gear case.

                          Gasket, Remote Shift Lever
                          Price: $0.85

                          Item #: 22A0394B -

                            Paper gasket that fits on top of the remote shift housing, below the shift lever assembly.

                            Gasket, Speedo End Cover
                            Price: $2.95

                            Item #: 22A0541 -

                              The removable aluminum cover at the left (radiator side) of the gearbox uses this gasket against the gearcase.

                              Gasket, Speedometer Cable Cover
                              Retail: $1.95
                              Sale: $1.83

                              Item #: 2A3628B -

                                Fits under the threaded speedo cable fitting on the gearbox. Included in transmission gasket kit.

                                O-Ring, Block to Transmission
                                Price: $1.49

                                Item #: TRS1317 -

                                  O-ring fits in a machined recess on the top of the gearbox to seal oil coming up from the sump to the oil pump. You'll get no oil pressure if

                                  O-Ring, Oil Pickup Pipe
                                  Retail: $2.50
                                  Sale: $2.20

                                  Item #: 22A0341 -

                                    O-ring fits between the oil pickup pipe and the strainer box.

                                    O-Ring, Side Cover, Rod Change
                                    Price: $0.69

                                    Item #: 22G1417 -

                                      O-ring that seals the detent assembly under the right hand side cover on the rod change transmission.

                                      Oil Seal Cover, Rod Change Gearbox
                                      Price: $4.50

                                      Item #: DAM3022 -

                                        Rubber dust cover for the rod change oil seal; prevents road debris attacking the seal.

                                        Oil Seal Kit, Rod Change Gearbox
                                        Price: $12.95

                                        Item #: MSSK050 -

                                          More appropriately refered to as an "Anti Oil Leak Kit", this handy kit updates early Rod Change boxes to the later design, while replacing common problem area seals. Included are:

                                          Oil Seal, Rear Main, Red
                                          Price: $6.95
                                          11/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 8.9500
                                          Item #: 13H2934 -

                                            Crankshaft rear seal that presses into the flywheel housing. OE spec, with scroll markings on inner lip. Suitable for competition use. See also 13H2934E for a NAK seal and LUF10006

                                            Rear Main Seal Installer
                                            Price: $54.95
                                            6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 65.95
                                            Item #: STL0012 -

                                              Kit allows safe replacement of a leaky rear main crankshaft oil seal without the time consuming removal of the Flywheel housing. It can be done with the engine still in

                                              Rod Change Shift Rod Seal
                                              Price: $2.95

                                              Item #: AHU1672 -

                                                It is inevitable that a rod-change shift Mini will develop a leak where the shift rod comes into the back of the transmission. The seal is fairly easy to

                                                Seal, Automatic Transmission Shift Rod, 1971-on
                                                Price: $7.50

                                                Item #: 13H6585 -

                                                  Oil seal for gear selector shaft on automatic transmissions after 1971. Rod diameter 5/16".

                                                  Oil Seal, small
                                                  Price: $4.95

                                                  Item #: SEN0046 -

                                                    Small oil seal for belt drive timing kit with metal housing. Seal ID/gear shaft is 32mm. For kit with plastic housing, use BELTSEAL3.

                                                    Seal, Belt drive, upper (SEN0045) Oil Seal, large (SEN0045)
                                                    Price: $5.95

                                                    Item #: SEN0045 -

                                                      Large oil seal for belt drive timing kit.

                                                      Seal, Diff Output Flange, Cooper S
                                                      Price: $3.75
                                                      12/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 4.7500
                                                      Item #: AHU1082 -

                                                        Also called diff side cover seals, this is the larger of the two available and is designed for the flange output shafts used with Hardy-Spicer u-joints. Order 22A1611

                                                        Seal, Diff Output Shaft, Yoke and Pot Joint
                                                        Price: $5.95
                                                        11/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 6.9500
                                                        Item #: ADU5738 -

                                                          These seals are from the OE manufacturer, in a compliant rubber with oil scroll. Also called diff side cover seals, this application leaks over time and requires replacement on occasion.

                                                          Seal, Front Hub, Outer
                                                          Price: $3.40

                                                          Item #: GHS0101 -

                                                            Outer wheel bearing grease seal on the front swivel hub of both drum and disc brake models. Use one per hub along with GHS0173 inner seal.

                                                            Seal, Gearbox Front
                                                            Retail: $4.95
                                                            Sale: $4.64

                                                            Item #: AHU1959 -

                                                              Black flexible seal that sits in the semi-circular cutout at the front of the gear case.

                                                              Seal, Gearbox Front, Rover-Type
                                                              Price: $9.95

                                                              Item #: CAM6548 -

                                                                A rigid version of the half-moon seal between the engine block and gearbox, as developed by Rover.

                                                                Seal, Inner, Flange Drive
                                                                Price: $5.49

                                                                Item #: 22A1566 -

                                                                  Some Cooper S and all automatics used a flanged diff output shaft that required these special internal oil seals. If your output flange has a bolt from the outside

                                                                  Seal, Output Shaft, Early Automatic
                                                                  Price: $15.95

                                                                  Item #: 22A1616 -

                                                                    This seal is used only on the automatics fitted with Hardy-Spicer driveshaft couplings. Not used on later cars equipped with inner CV joints.

                                                                    Pre-rod Change shift rod seal
                                                                    Price: $4.95

                                                                    Item #: 13H0577 -

                                                                      This seals the top of the control rod that exits the gearbox on pre-rod change models.

                                                                      Seal, Speedometer Cable Drive (NCK0105A) Seal, Speedometer Cable Drive (NCK0105A)
                                                                      Price: $4.95

                                                                      Item #: NCK0105A -

                                                                        This very small seal fits inside the cover for the speedometer cable drive gear. It is not included in the transmission gasket set.

                                                                        Sump Gasket Set, Mini 1959-1995
                                                                        Price: $5.95

                                                                        Item #: GUG3007SG -

                                                                          Set of paper gaskets to go between the block and gearbox on all Minis 1959-1995. Also order TRS1317 o-ring and AHU1959 front "half-moon" oil seal to do this job.

                                                                          Sump Gasket, Twin Point only
                                                                          Retail: $6.95
                                                                          Sale: $6.53
                                                                          5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 9.95
                                                                          Item #: TRK100290EVA -

                                                                            Fits MPi engine blocks only. Thin paper gasket that goes between the block lower flange and the top flange of the gearbox case. Also order TRS1317 o-ring and