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Dowel, Transmission Speedometer End Cover
Price: $2.95
Item #: 22A13 -

    Dowel that fits into the transmission housing and locates the speedometer drive housing cover. Sold each.

    Gasket Set, Transmission
    Price: $17.95
    11/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 21.9500
    Item #: AJM0804B -

      Quality set from a reliable manufacturer and used in our assembly shop. Suitable for Rod Change or Remote. The rear main oil seal and diff output shaft seals are

      Gasket, Diff Housing, lower
      Price: $0.95
      Item #: 2A3506 -

        Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section only. Fits pre-rod change models. For rod change, use 22G1836B.

        Gasket, Diff Housing, Upper
        Price: $0.95
        Item #: 2A3505 -

          Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Upper section only. Fits all.

          Gasket, Diff Side Cover Gasket
          Price: $1.50
          Item #: 22A1611 -

            This is an aftermarket version of the diff side cover gasket. See TRK10004B for improved gasket.

            Gasket, Flywheel Housing
            Price: $5.95
            9/12/2017 12:00:00 AM 7.9500
            Item #: 22A2237B -

              Heavy paper gasket that forms the seal between the flywheel housing and the engine/transmission.

              Gasket, Flywheel Housing Breather
              Price: $1.95
              Item #: LVL10001B -

                Starting with 4 synchro boxes in late 1967, most Minis were fitted with a breather canister on top of the Flywheel housing to vent crankcase pressure. This gasket fits under

                Gasket, Front Cover, Automatic
                Price: $17.50
                Item #: GUG705562GM -

                  Gasket for the large, front cover plate on the classic Mini and Austin America automatic transmission.

                  Gasket, Gearbox Diff Housing, Lower, Rod-Change
                  Price: $1.47
                  Item #: 22G1836 -

                    Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section, fits rod change only. Shown next to the same part for the pre-rod change gearbox

                    Gasket, Gearbox Diff Side Cover, Improved
                    Price: $4.95
                    Item #: TRK10004B -

                      This latest version of the side cover gasket comes with built-in sealant attached to the paper.

                      Gasket, Gearbox Speedo Gear Cover
                      Price: $0.95
                      Item #: 2A3627B -

                        This is for the small removable plate accessing the cable drive gear at the radiator end of the gearbox. Same as 2A3627B.

                        Gasket, Magic Wand Shift Lever
                        Price: $0.99
                        Item #: 22A0133 -

                          22A133 paper packing/gasket below the shift lever retainer on the Mini 850's magic wand shift lever.

                          Gasket, Oil Pickup Pipe
                          Price: $0.95
                          Item #: 22A0542B -

                            Use one inside the gear case and one on the access plate at the right rear of the gear case.

                            Gasket, Remote Shift Lever
                            Price: $0.85
                            Item #: 22A0394B -

                              Paper gasket that fits on top of the remote shift housing, below the shift lever assembly.

                              Gasket, Speedo End Cover
                              Price: $2.95
                              Item #: 22A0541 -

                                The removable aluminum cover at the left (radiator side) of the gearbox uses this gasket against the gearcase.

                                Gasket, Speedometer Cable Cover
                                Price: $1.95
                                Item #: 2A3628B -

                                  Fits under the threaded speedo cable fitting on the gearbox. Included in transmission gasket kit.

                                  O-Ring, Block to Transmission
                                  Price: $1.49
                                  Item #: TRS1317 -

                                    O-ring fits in a machined recess on the top of the gearbox to seal oil coming up from the sump to the oil pump. You'll get no oil pressure if this is missing!

                                    O-Ring, Oil Pickup Pipe
                                    Price: $2.50
                                    Item #: 22A0341 -

                                      O-ring fits between the oil pickup pipe and the strainer box.

                                      O-Ring, Side Cover, Rod Change
                                      Price: $0.69
                                      Item #: 22G1417 -

                                        O-ring that seals the detent assembly under the right hand side cover on the rod change transmission.

                                        Oil Seal Cover, Rod Change Gearbox
                                        Price: $4.50
                                        Item #: DAM3022 -

                                          Rubber dust cover for the rod change oil seal; prevents road debris attacking the seal.

                                          Oil Seal Kit, Rod Change Gearbox
                                          Price: $8.95
                                          11/15/2018 12:00:00 AM 12.9500
                                          Item #: MSSK050 -

                                            More appropriately referred to as an "Anti Oil Leak Kit", this handy kit updates early Rod Change boxes to the later design, while replacing common problem area seals.

                                            Oil Seal, Rear Main, Red
                                            Price: $6.95
                                            11/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 8.9500
                                            Item #: 13H2934 -

                                              Crankshaft rear seal that presses into the flywheel housing. OE spec, with scroll markings on inner lip. Suitable for competition use. See also 13H2934E for a NAK seal and LUF10006

                                              Rear Main Seal Installer
                                              Price: $54.95
                                              6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 65.95
                                              Item #: STL0012 -

                                                Kit allows safe replacement of a leaky rear main crankshaft oil seal without the time consuming removal of the Flywheel housing. It can be done with the engine still in

                                                Rod Change Shift Rod Seal
                                                Price: $2.95
                                                Item #: AHU1672 -

                                                  It is inevitable that a rod-change shift Mini will develop a leak where the shift rod comes into the back of the transmission. The seal is fairly easy to

                                                  Seal, Automatic Transmission Shift Rod, 1971-on
                                                  Price: $7.50
                                                  Item #: 13H6585 -

                                                    Oil seal for gear selector shaft on automatic transmissions after 1971. Rod diameter 5/16".

                                                    Seal, belt drive, lower
                                                    Price: $4.95
                                                    Item #: SEN0046 -

                                                      Small oil seal for belt drive timing kit with metal housing. Seal ID/gear shaft is 32mm.

                                                      Seal, Belt drive, upper (SEN0045) Oil Seal, large (SEN0045)
                                                      Price: $5.95
                                                      Item #: SEN0045 -

                                                        Large oil seal for belt drive timing kit.

                                                        Seal, Diff Output Flange, Cooper S
                                                        Price: $3.95
                                                        12/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 4.7500
                                                        Item #: AHU1082 -

                                                          Also called diff side cover seals, this is the larger of the two available and is designed for the flange output shafts used with Hardy-Spicer u-joints. Order 22A1611

                                                          Seal, Diff Output Shaft, Yoke and Pot Joint
                                                          Price: $5.95
                                                          11/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 6.9500
                                                          Item #: ADU5738 -

                                                            These seals are from the OE manufacturer, in a compliant rubber with oil scroll. Also called diff side cover seals, this application leaks over time and requires replacement on occasion.

                                                            Reproduction Seal, Diff Output Shaft, Yoke and Pot Joint
                                                            Price: $3.95
                                                            Item #: ADU5738E -

                                                              A quality reproduction seal for the differential output shaft made by well known manufacturer NAK. Fits all pot joint and rubber universal joint yoke side covers.

                                                              Seal, Front Hub, Outer
                                                              Price: $3.40
                                                              Item #: GHS0101 -

                                                                Outer wheel bearing grease seal on the front swivel hub of both drum and disc brake models. Use one per hub along with GHS0173 inner seal.

                                                                Seal, Gearbox Front
                                                                Price: $3.95
                                                                Item #: AHU1959 -

                                                                  Black flexible seal that sits in the semi-circular cutout at the front of the gear case.

                                                                  Seal, Gearbox Front, Rover-Type
                                                                  Price: $9.95
                                                                  Item #: CAM6548 -

                                                                    A rigid version of the half-moon seal between the engine block and gearbox, as developed by Rover.

                                                                    Seal, Inner, Flange Drive
                                                                    Price: $5.49
                                                                    Item #: 22A1566 -

                                                                      Some Cooper S and all automatics used a flanged diff output shaft that required these special internal oil seals. If your output flange has a bolt from the outside

                                                                      Seal, Output Shaft, Early Automatic
                                                                      Price: $15.95
                                                                      Item #: 22A1616 -

                                                                        This seal is used only on the automatics fitted with Hardy-Spicer driveshaft couplings. Not used on later cars equipped with inner CV joints.

                                                                        Seal, Shift Rod, pre-Rod Change
                                                                        Price: $4.95
                                                                        Item #: 13H0577 -

                                                                          This seals the top of the control rod that exits the gearbox on pre-rod change models.

                                                                          Seal, Speedometer Cable Drive
                                                                          Price: $3.00
                                                                          6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 4.9500
                                                                          Item #: NCK0105A -

                                                                            This very small seal fits inside the cover for the speedometer cable drive gear. It is not included in the transmission gasket set.

                                                                            Sump Gasket Set, Mini 1959-1995
                                                                            Price: $5.95
                                                                            Item #: GUG3007SG -

                                                                              Set of paper gaskets to go between the block and gearbox on all Minis 1959-1995. Also order TRS1317 o-ring and AHU1959 front "half-moon" oil seal to do this job.

                                                                              Sump Gasket, Twin Point only
                                                                              Retail: $6.95
                                                                              Sale: $6.46
                                                                              5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 9.95
                                                                              Item #: TRK100290EVA -

                                                                                Fits MPi engine blocks only. Thin paper gasket that goes between the block lower flange and the top flange of the gearbox case. Also order TRS1317 o-ring and