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Aluminum Sport Pedal Set, 1976-96
Price: $26.95
Item #: SAC0011 -

    These aluminum alloy pedals will help you with spirited driving and look great, too. Grippy pattern keeps your feet in place.

    Brake Lamp Switch, 1976-on
    Price: $6.95
    Item #: 13H3735 -

      Starting in 1981, the brake pressure switch was moved to the pedal box location.

      Brake Lamp Switch, 1976-on, Lucas
      Price: $12.95
      Item #: 13H3735HD -

        Beginning in 1976, the brake pressure switch was fitted to the pedal box location. This premium example should have a longer life expectancy than the standard.

        Brake Pedal, 1990-on, RHD, direct servo
        Price: $60.00
        Item #: SEV02464 -

          Pedal for RHD cars using direct acting servo after 1990.

          Bushing, Pedal Shaft
          Price: $8.95
          Item #: 2A3034 -

            The bushing inside the pivot eye of the pedal can wear, leading to sloppy brake action. Sold each.

            Clevis Pin Assembly, 1989-on Brake Pedal
            Price: $18.95
            Item #: NAM8540 -

              Clevis pin with nylon bushing to fit the brake pedal on 1989 and later Minis with the horizontal brake master cylinder.

              Nut, mechanical brake light switch
              Price: $11.95
              Item #: BMK1903A -

                Nut to retain 13H3735 brake lamp switch in 31G0842 pedal bracket. For cars after hydraulic brake switch.

                Pedal Assembly, Used, Early
                Retail: $175.00
                Sale: $157.50
                Item #: SEVU0021 -

                  Brake and clutch pedal assembly for Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 Minis, up to 1975. Has the small, rectangular pedals; later Minis, Mk4-on, had six-sided pedals. Good used condition.

                  Pedal Box Cable, Adjustable Brake Bias
                  Price: $129.95
                  Item #: KAD1012282 -

                    Brake cable adjuster, for use with KAD1012280 adjustable brake bias pedal box. Allows adjustment from cockpit.

                    Pedal Pad, Brake & Clutch, 1990-on
                    Price: $5.95
                    Item #: SZU10001 -

                      Revised shape pedal pad introduced in 1990. Fits both brake and clutch. Sold each.

                      Pedal Pad, Brake and Clutch to 75, throttle 76-96
                      Price: $2.45
                      Item #: GPR0104 -

                        Rectangular rubber pedal pad fits brake and clutch pedals to 1975, and throttle pedal from 1976-on. Black.

                        Pedal Pad, brake and clutch, 1976-1990
                        Price: $2.95
                        Item #: GPR0107 -

                          Six-sided rubber pad fits brake and clutch. Sold each.

                          Pivot Shaft Nut
                          Price: $0.95
                          Item #: GHF0222 -

                            Self-locking nut for the threaded end of the pedal pivot shaft.

                            Pivot Shaft, brake and clutch pedals
                            Price: $65.95
                            Item #: 2A5880 -

                              Pivot shaft for brake and clutch pedal box assembly. This part is seldom replaced, but can be damaged if the 2A3034 bushing at the top end of the brake or clutch

                              Rubber Boot, Brake Pedal Push Rod, 1989-on
                              Price: $9.95
                              Item #: NAM8567 -

                                Brake pedal push rod boot for all models after 1989-90 where the servo is incorporated into the master cylinder.

                                Sport Pedal Set
                                Price: $79.95
                                Item #: SAC0052 -

                                  Good-looking, oversized, sturdy pedals improve pedal feel; made specifically for the classic Mini, so they're not too big for the small pedal space. Brushed stainless steel.