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Handbrake Return Spring, later KAD rear disc brakes
Price: $11.95
Item #: RDCRS9390-NEW -

    Handbrake return spring for currently-produced KAD rear disc brakes. The same spring is used on either side.

    Handbrake Return Spring, Pair, early KAD rear disc brakes
    Price: $21.95
    Item #: RDCRS9390-OLD -

      Coiled handbrake return spring for original design KAD rear disc brakes. Different left and right; sold per pair.

      KAD 4-Pot Caliper Seal Kit
      Retail: $64.95
      Sale: $54.66
      Item #: KAD1012011 -

        Seal kit for KAD 4-pot aluminum front brake calipers.

        KAD 8.4" Brake Rotors, Vented & Slotted
        Price: $179.95
        Item #: KAD1013263 -

          Genuine KAD drilled and vented brake rotors in 8.4" size to suit 12"-13" wheels. These are specially machined inside the bell of the disc to eliminate the machining for clearance

          KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for 12-13" Wheels
          Price: $795.00
          Item #: KAD1012001 -

            KAD four-piston caliper to fit all classic Minis with solid 8.4" rotors. The calipers are CNC machined from HE30 (6082) extruded billets.

            KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for 7.5" Rotor, 10" Wheel
            Price: $795.00
            Item #: KAD1012004 -

              These calipers fit inside all 10" wheels, even steel Cooper S or Mamba wheels. Use with turned-down 8.4" rotors and drive flanges, or bolt onto 7.5" Cooper S brakes with

              KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for 7.75" vented rotor
              Price: $825.00
              Item #: KAD1012005 -

                The calipers are CNC machined from HE30 (6082) extruded billets, which has improved the caliper body stiffness over the previous sand cast caliper.

                KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for 7.9" rotor, 10" wheel
                Price: $795.00
                Item #: KAD1012000 -

                  KAD four-piston calipers to fit inside 10" wheels. Requires 8.4" rotor turned down to 7.9" and the appropriate drive flanges.

                  KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for 8.4" Vented Rotor
                  Price: $975.00
                  Item #: KAD1012003 -

                    KAD four-piston disc brake calipers to fit 8.4" vented rotors to the Classic Mini Cooper. Use with Metro brake pads, available separately.

                    KAD Alloy 4-Pot Calipers for Vented Rotors & 10" Wheels
                    Price: $885.00
                    Item #: KAD1012002 -

                      Use these KAD calipers to fit vented rotors inside 10" wheels.?Rotors must be turned down to 7.9" and used with their appropriate drive flange.

                      KAD Alloy Handbrake Quadrants
                      Price: $49.95
                      8/16/2018 12:00:00 AM 54.9500
                      Item #: KAD1013282 -

                        CNC-machined lightweight alternative to the standard steel pivot for the handbrake cable on the rear radius arm. Replace your stuck old quadrants with these drilled lightweight and racy aluminum ones.

                        KAD Caliper Spacer/o-ring Set for Vented Disc Conversion
                        Price: $99.00
                        Item #: SBR0069 -

                          A conversion kit is needed when KAD brake calipers are modified to accept thicker vented discs vs. solid discs. This includes the necessary spacers, o-ring seals and pad retainers.

                          KAD Rear Caliper Seal Kit, for pair
                          Retail: $64.95
                          Sale: $47.13
                          Item #: SBR0072 -

                            Genuine KAD kit for rebuilding one pair of rear KAD calipers. Includes the necessary seals and o-rings.

                            KAD Rear Disc Brake Conversion
                            Price: $1,395.00
                            Item #: KAD102070 -

                              This was developed to fill the need for a lightweight rear disc brake conversion with an effective mechanical handbrake to replace the standard drum brakes at the rear.The calipers are

                              KAD Rear Disc Brake Pads
                              Price: $69.95
                              Item #: RDCP9347 -

                                Special pads for use with KAD rear disc brake conversion. Ferodo Platinum.

                                Pedal Box Cable, Adjustable Brake Bias
                                Price: $129.95
                                Item #: KAD1012282 -

                                  Brake cable adjuster, for use with KAD1012280 adjustable brake bias pedal box. Allows adjustment from cockpit.

                                  Rear brake hose set, KAD rear discs
                                  Retail: $49.95
                                  Sale: $42.04
                                  Item #: RDCBH9456 -

                                    Pair of brake hoses to fit KAD rear brake conversion for the classic Mini. Braided stainless steel.