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Ram Pipe, 1.5? SU, Short, H4/HS4
Price: $69.95
Item #: SIE0017 -

    Short velocity stacks are ideal for engines putting out power at higher RPM (over 7,000) or when fitting inside an air filter. Fits HS4 or H4 1.5" SU.

    Soft Mount Kit, SU H4, HS2
    Price: $155.00
    Item #: FOR146 -

      Pair of rubber isolating spacers for vintage race Minis using period correct SU H4 carburetors. By eleminating vibration, helps to eliminate high rpm vibration-related misfires.

      SU H4 Float Extension Kit
      Price: $175.00
      Item #: FOR147 -

        For vintage race Minis using period-correct SU H4 carburetors. Kit includes two float bowl extensions, four gaskets, and two longer bolts.

        SU H4 Float Extension Kit w/ Small Floats
        Price: $279.00
        Item #: FOR148 -

          For vintage race Minis using period-correct SU H4 carburetors; these float bowl extensions with floats help to eliminate fuel surge on the track.