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Bearing, input gear, outer support, Turbo
Price: $125.00

Item #: ADU6033 -

    When the Metro Turbo was introduced, and later in the ERA Mini Turbo, a larger and stronger bearing was introduced. It can only be used in the appropriate Turbo

    Clutch Diaphragm, Verto, Heavy Duty
    Price: $159.95

    Item #: GCC0679 -

      Genuine AP diphragm spring assembly for performance Verto-equipped cars. This has the highest clamping force of any non-racing Verto "pressure plate" assembly.

      Clutch Disc, Verto, 190mm, 1990-on, aftermarket
      Retail: $89.95
      Sale: $80.96

      Item #: GCP90832AF -

        Standard 190mm clutch disk for 1990-on 1275 Verto installations. Reliable AP Driveline or Quinton Hazell brands usually supplied. See also GCK2123AF 3-piece kit and fix all the wearing parts at

        Clutch Disc, Verto, 190mm, Heavy Duty
        Retail: $149.95
        Sale: $130.64

        Item #: C-AHT594 -

          190mm heavy-duty clutch disc recommended for high-performance engines equipped with the later Verto clutch.

          Clutch Disc, Verto, Borg & Beck, 180mm
          Retail: $79.95
          Sale: $63.96

          Item #: GCP0271AF -

            Most Verto clutch plates were made by Valeo, but many knowledgable Mini owners insist on this Borg & Beck (AP/Delphi) version. For 180mm disc application only, used up to 1990,

            Clutch Kit, Verto, 180mm disc, 1982-1990
            Price: $239.95

            Item #: STF0108 -

              AP/Borg & Beck were the sole OEM clutch suppliers for the Mini until the changeover to Valeo-made Verto ones. Most Mini enthusiasts prefer the AP/B&B product over the Valeo, and

              Clutch Kit, Verto, 180mm disc, 1982-1990, Aftermarket
              Price: $219.95

              Item #: STF0108E -

                Three-piece clutch kit for 1982-1990 Minis, or Minis updated with this or a Metro power unit. 180mm disc, as typically used on 998 engines. Aftermarket.

                Clutch Kit, Verto, 1990-on, including SPi/MPi
                Price: $239.95

                Item #: GCK2123AF -

                  An AP-made complete clutch kit for 1275-on Minis with 190mm clutch disc. This kit will fit all injected Minis also.

                  Clutch Release Arm, Verto, Aftermarket
                  Price: $26.95
                  5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM 34.95
                  Item #: DAM5355 -

                    Nearly all Verto clutch installations are readily identified by the very short clutch arm and the slave cylinder mounted on a slanted bracket. The distance between clevis pin centers is

                    Clutch Release Bearing, Verto
                    Price: $13.95
                    8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 14.9500
                    Item #: GRB0239 -

                      This unique design of release bearing was used only on Verto clutch assemblies. The floating-bearing is clipped to the plunger using clip DAM2413, which must be ordered separately.? Verto release

                      Dust Seal, primary gear
                      Price: $8.75

                      Item #: DAM2821 -

                        Dust seal presses on the splines of the primary gear to help keep clutch dust from wearing the rear main oil seal.

                        Flywheel Bolt, Verto, with locktab
                        Price: $16.95
                        12/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 17.95
                        Item #: DAM5922 -

                          This Verto clutch/flywheel component is different from the bolt on earlier Minis and includes an integral lockwasher.

                          Flywheel Bolt, Verto, with locktab, USED
                          Price: $14.95

                          Item #: DAM5922/3-USED -

                            Flywheel bolt and lock key assembly for Verto flywheel. The locktab is an integral part of the bolt, so is included.

                            Flywheel Housing A+, Used
                            Price: $165.00

                            Item #: DAM5785-USED -

                              Flywheel housing for Mini A-Plus. Used. Large idler bearing. Good, used condition.

                              Flywheel Housing, Fuel Injection, Used
                              Retail: $225.00
                              Sale: $189.34

                              Item #: TRD10013-USED -

                                Flywheel end housing with provision for flywheel position sensor. Good used condition.

                                Flywheel Locking Key, Verto, Reproduction
                                Price: $19.95

                                Item #: DAM5923E -

                                  Reproduction flywheel locking key for Verto flywheel assemblies. This is thinner than the one used on pre-Verto flywheels.

                                  Flywheel Locking Key, Verto, Used
                                  Price: $15.00

                                  Item #: DAM5923-USED -

                                    Used Verto flywheel locking key, for Mini engines from 1982-2000. Sold each.

                                    Flywheel Puller Tool
                                    Price: $47.95

                                    Item #: STL0006 -

                                      An essential tool for every Mini mechanic's tool kit. Removes the Mini's unusual taper-fit flywheel from the crankshaft, which is necessary for almost all engine, transmission or diff repairs.

                                      Gasket, Flywheel Housing
                                      Price: $5.95
                                      9/12/2017 12:00:00 AM 7.9500
                                      Item #: 22A2237B -

                                        Heavy paper gasket that forms the seal between the flywheel housing and the engine/transmission.

                                        Gasket, Flywheel Housing Breather
                                        Price: $1.95

                                        Item #: LVL10001B -

                                          Starting with 4 synchro boxes in late 1967, most Minis were fitted with a breather canister on top of the Flywheel housing to vent crankcase pressure. This gasket fits under

                                          KAD Flywheel Puller
                                          Price: $209.95

                                          Item #: STL0070 -

                                            For shops or owners who strip a lot of Mini engines, you may want to consider investing in this pro-grade KAD flywheel puller.

                                            Mounting Plate, Verto Slave Cylinder
                                            Price: $57.95

                                            Item #: DAM5992 -

                                              Bracket for supporting the slave cylinder on Verto clutch-equipped Minis.

                                              Plunger, Release Bearing, Verto
                                              Price: $34.95

                                              Item #: DAM5353E -

                                                Used on all Verto clutch setups except for a few very early 1000s using the long clutch release arm. Aftermarket.

                                                Pressure Plate, Verto Clutch, Heavy Duty
                                                Price: $139.95

                                                Item #: C-AEG485 -

                                                  Verto clutch pressure plate with 20% more clamping force than the standard unit. It is the correct configuration for the fuel-injected SPi or MPi, but can be used on carbureted Minis too.

                                                  Rear Main Seal Installer
                                                  Sale: $52.20
                                                  6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 65.95
                                                  Item #: STL0012 -
                                                  • DIY071818

                                                  Kit allows safe replacement of a leaky rear main crankshaft oil seal without the time consuming removal of the Flywheel housing. It can be done with the engine still in

                                                  Ring Gear, pre-Engaged Starter, 129 Teeth
                                                  Price: $69.95

                                                  Item #: PSF10003 -

                                                    Flywheel ring gear as found on later Verto flywheel assemblies using a pre-engaged starter. 129 teeth.

                                                    Spacer, Slaver Cylinder Bracket
                                                    Price: $7.95

                                                    Item #: DAM5992KIT -

                                                      Tubular spacer with bolt, to locate the DAM5992 Verto slave cylinder mounting bracket.

                                                      Stop Nut, Clutch Release Plunger
                                                      Price: $14.95

                                                      Item #: 22A0427 -

                                                        Flanged nut on the outside of the domed clutch cover that prevents excess travel.

                                                        Thrust Sleeve, Verto Clutch, Used
                                                        Price: $40.00

                                                        Item #: AHU1564-USED -

                                                          Precision-made, thin steel sleeve that fits over the shaft of the crankshaft pulley to restore the seal surface. This surface is frequently worn or pitted, which can lead to an oil leak at the timing cover seal.

                                                          Verto Flywheel Center
                                                          Price: $79.95

                                                          Item #: DAM5921 -

                                                            Replacement bolt-on center for Verto flywheel; needed when the tapered inner surface is found damaged once the flywheel has been removed.

                                                            Verto Flywheel Ring, Lightened, carb
                                                            Price: $329.95

                                                            Item #: C-AEG422 -

                                                              This steel outer ring saves four pounds compared to the stock cast iron Verto one. See C-AEG423 for SPI and C-AEG424 for MPI versions.

                                                              Verto Flywheel Ring, Lightened, MPi only
                                                              Price: $399.00

                                                              Item #: C-AEG424 -

                                                                + Special Order Item + This steel outer ring saves 4 pounds compared to the stock cast iron Verto one. Includes reluctor ring for engine management system.

                                                                Verto Flywheel Ring, Lightened, SPi only
                                                                Price: $479.00

                                                                Item #: C-AEG425 -

                                                                  For Single Point Injection (SPi) only! This steel outer flywheel ring saves 4 pounds compared to the stock cast iron Verto one. Includes reluctor ring for engine management system.