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Bracket, hydro line & brake pipe
Retail: $29.95
Sale: $26.36
Item #: 21A1522 -

    For Hydrolastic cars only, this bracket clamps under the clutch pipe and top engine steady bulkhead bracket to retain the brake line and hydrolastic pipe.

    Bump Stop, Hydro Front
    Price: $34.95
    Item #: 21A1598 -

      Stock bump stop used on the front upper control arms of all hydrolastic cars. Sold each. See C-AJJ4007 for progressive bump stop kit.

      Competition Bump Stop Kit, front
      Price: $44.95
      Item #: C-AJJ4007 -

        Designed for hydrolastic cars, this kit stops the upper arm from crashing into the subframe under rough conditions. The steel brackets can be modified for use on dry cars, and

        Competition Bump Stop Kit, rear
        Price: $52.95
        Item #: C-AJJ3313 -

          Duplicating the Special Tuning design, the kit includes mounting brackets and bump rubbers. For hydrolastic cars, to prevent bottoming in arduous rally conditions, but can be adapted to dry arms.

          Competition Bump Stop Rubber, Replacement (AHH9158) Bump Stop Rubber, competition, Competition Bump Stop Rubber, Replacement (AHH9158)
          Price: $9.95
          5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM 17.95
          Item #: AHH9158 -

            Replacement rubber snubbers for competition bump stop kits. Sold each.

            Dust Boot, Hydrolastic Displacer
            Retail: $19.95
            Sale: $17.97
            Item #: 21A1496 -

              One of the jewels of the Mini's engineering was the hydrolastic suspension. If your Mini is equipped with "wet" suspension we can help you preserve it. This rubber dust cover

              Dust Sleeve Retainer, hydrolastic, front
              Retail: $13.95
              Sale: $12.28
              Item #: 21A1487 -

                Stamped metal retainer on firewall to retain dust sleeve around displacer hose.

                Hydolastic Fluid Pipe, Replacement, Plastic
                Price: $67.95
                Item #: FSP3 -

                  A universal fit replacement for the rigid metal pipes; rustproof nylon front-to-rear line with end fittings. Sold each, two (2) required.

                  Hydrolastic Fluid
                  Price: $79.95
                  Item #: MORRIS05 -

                    Hydrolastic fluid, sold in 5 litre can. Proper and exact lubricant and freeze-protection properties for any car with Hydrolastic suspension.

                    Hydrolastic Pipe, Replacement
                    Price: $99.00
                    Item #: SSS0080 -

                      Comes in a roll of easy-bend copper tubing in two sections as shown to make fitment easier. Includes all fittings. Buy two of this item to replace all the hydro

                      Hydrolastic Valve
                      Price: $19.95
                      Item #: 13H1705 -

                        Found on the back of the rear subframe, this valve is where the hydro fluid is admitted to the system. Two used per car.

                        Radius Arm Bump Stop, wet (21A1520) Radius Arm Bump Stop, wet, Radius Arm Bump Stop, wet (21A1520)
                        Price: $18.95
                        Item #: 21A1520 -

                          Dome shaped bump stop that mounts to the top of hydrolastic radius arm to prevent bottoming out. Two required per car. See also C-AJJ3313 progressive bump stop kit.

                          Radius Arm Stub Axle, Wet, Left Hand
                          Retail: $75.00
                          Sale: $66.00
                          Item #: 21A1490 -

                            New-old-stock rear stub axle for hydrolastic suspension Mini. Left hand.

                            Rear Rebound Buffer, wet (21A1517) Rear Rebound Buffer, wet, Rear Rebound Buffer, wet (21A1517)
                            Price: $16.95
                            Item #: 21A1517 -

                              Small rebound buffer limits upward movement of radius arm. Sold each, 2 required.

                              Sleeve, Hydrolastic Hose
                              Retail: $27.95
                              Sale: $22.36
                              Item #: 21A1515 -

                                Protective nylon sleeve to prevent chafe of the hydrolastic displacer hose. A total of four (4) were fittted to front and rear of "wet" Minis. Now available again as a reproduction part.

                                Sleeve, Hydrolastic Hose, Used
                                Price: $14.95
                                Item #: 21A1515-USED -

                                  Used-condition protective nylon sleeve to prevent chafe of the hydrolastic displacer hose. A total of four (4) were fittted to front and rear of "wet" Minis.

                                  Strut Pin, Rear, Hydrolastic Only
                                  Price: $9.95
                                  Item #: 21A1704 -

                                    Internal pin inside the rear end of the rear subframe tubular strut on hydrolastic Minis only. Attaches the strut to the suspension displacer unit.

                                    Subframe, Rear Hydrolastic
                                    Retail: $425.00
                                    Sale: $374.00
                                    Item #: 21A2160E -

                                      Hydrolastic or "wet" suspension was one of the unique features of the Mini, so we encourage their preservation. This aftermarket subframe allows an economical option for replacing a rusty or

                                      Upper Control Arm, RH, hydrolastic, used
                                      Retail: $75.00
                                      Sale: $66.00
                                      Item #: 21A1479-USED -

                                        Hydrolastic parts are mostly all obsolete as new parts, but we keep the most commonly needed parts in stock in good, used condition. The hydrolastic upper arms of the