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Adjustable Steel Duplex Timing Set
Price: $169.95
Item #: CS8000 -

    Lightweight billet steel duplex timing gear set. It has a unique crank gear that has several keyways so it can be easily adjusted in two degree increments, which enables precise

    Belt Drive Kit, with Tensioner
    Price: $829.00
    Item #: FOR090 -

      This all-new product has been under development for some time, ensuring the highest quality construction and reliable performance. It has been exhaustively tested in the UK on

      Cam Key
      Price: $3.95
      Item #: WKN0505 -

        Standard replacement camshaft key. Fits any A-Series camshaft.

        Offset Cam Key
        Retail: $17.95
        Sale: $12.76-$17.95
        Item #: SEN0051 -

          Custom machined keys allow minute repositioning of the cam sprocket to enable precise adjustment of the cam timing. Can be used to correct timing of reground cams and to dial

          Cam Thrust Plate
          Price: $17.95
          Item #: AHU2379 -

            Triangular thrust plate controls fore-aft movement of the cam and keeps the timing chain in proper alignment. Should be replaced if excess movement is measured.

            Camshaft Gear Locktab
            Price: $1.85
            Item #: 2A0759 -

              If you are replacing your timing chain or just doing routine maintenance, a new locktab is sure to come in handy!

              Crank Sprocket, simplex
              Sale: $33.20
              Item #: 8G0725 -
              • DIY120318

              Crank sprocket for single-row timing chain installations. Original British Leyland part.

              Duplex Timing Set, Alloy
              Retail: $299.00
              Sale: $263.12
              Item #: C-AJJ3327SW -

                Race proven, aluminium centered infinitely adjustable Duplex timing set with steel outer gears for durability. Optimised gear design to minimise chain slack with the resulting improvement in camshaft and ignition

                Duplex Timing Set, Lightweight Adjustable
                Price: $229.95
                6/1/2017 12:00:00 AM 239.95
                Item #: C-AJJ3327 -

                  Machined and lightened steel sprockets with doweled vernier adjustment plate. Includes a quality AE duplex timing chain. Use with SEN0051A offset cam ket to achieve full adjustability in one degree

                  Locktab, crank pulley bolt
                  Price: $1.59
                  Item #: 12A0398 -

                    Metal lock tab for use with crank pulley bolt when one-piece pulley is fitted. Bend the side over to lock into the recess of the pulley. For two-piece Cooper S pulley

                    Oil seal, Timing Cover
                    Price: $5.45
                    Item #: 88G0561 -

                      All A-series and A-Plus engines used this front seal until about 1990. An improved front seal LUF10006 was fitted to engines after 1990.

                      Timing Cover Oil Seal, Improved
                      Price: $9.95
                      Item #: LUF10006 -

                        The timing cover seal was improved during the run of the A-Plus engine. It now features a double lip, and a scroll to swirl any oil back toward the seal.

                        Oil Slinger, timing gears
                        Price: $5.95
                        Item #: 12A1148 -

                          Flat metal disc on the bottom (crank) timing gear to help throw oil onto the chain.

                          Screw, Allen Head, Counter-Sunk
                          Price: $1.25
                          Item #: AEA0687 -

                            High-strength allen head screw, originally used on engine front-plates when duplex timing gears were used.

                            Screw, Front Plate to Mains Cap
                            Price: $0.47
                            Item #: 53K2016 -

                              Used on all A-series engines that had simplex chains (duplex used countersunk heads AEA687 for clearance). These screws fitted into the main bearing cap holding the front timing gear plate to the engine.

                              Simplex Timing Chain & Tensioner Kit
                              Price: $39.95
                              Item #: SEN0026 -

                                After 1979, all Minis were originally fitted with simplex timing chains and gears, with a tensioner to remove the slack as the chain wore. This kit includes the main components

                                Tensioner Ring, rubber, early simplex cam sprocket
                                Price: $5.95
                                Item #: 8G0549 -

                                  The early cam sprocket with two rubber tensioner rings is no longer made. However, if you still have the early sprocket, these rubber tensioner rings are available individually.

                                  Tensioner, Timing Chain, A+
                                  Price: $10.95
                                  5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 14.95
                                  Item #: 12G2621 -

                                    The rubbing block that takes the slack out of the single row timing chain used on A+ engines.

                                    Timing Belt, belt-drive conversion
                                    Price: $69.95
                                    Item #: SEN0048 -

                                      Standard belt for Mini Spares and other belt drive timing set conversion. Recommended to change every 20K miles.

                                      Timing Belt, belt-drive conversion, Kevlar
                                      Price: $99.00
                                      Item #: SEN0048HD -

                                        Race-quality imported drive belt for high RPM applications. Improves the reliability of the belt drive conversion for race and performance applications.

                                        Timing Chain Cam Sprocket
                                        Sale: $35.10
                                        Item #: 12G4337 -
                                        • DIY120318

                                        Replacement upper gear for the single-row timing chain setup.

                                        Timing chain cover, A+, w/ flat breather (not SPi)
                                        Retail: $119.95
                                        Sale: $111.62
                                        Item #: LJR103470 -

                                          Timing chain cover with breather can for A+ engines. This is a proper cover for a Mini, and it will fit all with A+ front plate except for the single

                                          Timing chain cover, A+, w/ flat breather, Used
                                          Price: $89.95
                                          Item #: LJR103470-USED -

                                            Timing chain cover with breather can for A+ engines. This is a proper cover for a Mini, and it will fit all with A+ front plate except for the single point injection cars which had extra pick up points attached for the ignition timing.

                                            Timing Chain Cover, A+, w/out Breather, Used
                                            Price: $59.95
                                            Item #: CAM4904-USED -

                                              Used timing cover without breather can for A+ engines with single chain and tensioner.

                                              Timing Chain Cover, A-Series, Used
                                              Price: $69.95
                                              Item #: 12G2506-USED -

                                                Used 10-bolt timing chain cover for A-Series engine. Rubber seal pushes in from the inside. No breather.

                                                Timing Chain Tensioner Plate
                                                Price: $22.95
                                                Item #: 12G2628 -

                                                  Formed metal bracket that secures the timing chain tensioner on A+ Mini and Metro engines

                                                  Timing Chain, Double Row, Heavy Duty
                                                  Price: $59.95
                                                  Item #: FOR104 -

                                                    Super quality German dual-row timing chain. A race-spec chain that reduces stretch and gives long life at high rpm. No master link to cause a catastrophic failure.

                                                    Timing Chain, duplex, reproduction
                                                    Price: $11.95
                                                    Item #: 2H4905E -

                                                      Dual row chains offer the advantage of less stretch and therefore more accurate cam timing.

                                                      Timing Chain, Single Row, Heavy Duty
                                                      Retail: $49.95
                                                      Sale: $39.96
                                                      Item #: FOR139 -

                                                        Highest quality German-made Iwis timing chain. No measurable stretch. Recommended to be used with tensioner.

                                                        Timing Chain, Single Row, Reproduction
                                                        Sale: $8.50
                                                        5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 9.95
                                                        Item #: 3H2127E -
                                                        • DIY120318

                                                        All 850-1098cc engines originally had a single-row timing chain, and they were reintroduced on later 1275 A+ engines. This is an aftermarket chain, for a genuine AE simplex chain see

                                                        Timing Cover Gasket, 10-bolt
                                                        Price: $2.95
                                                        Item #: 12A0956B -

                                                          Mini engines up to about 1979 used this gasket. See 12G2625B for 11-bolt timing covers.

                                                          Timing Cover Gasket, 11-bolt
                                                          Price: $3.49
                                                          Item #: 12G2625B -

                                                            After about 1979, most Mini engines had a revised 11-bolt cover that required this gasket.

                                                            Timing Gear Set, Duplex, Steel
                                                            Sale: $61.13
                                                            Item #: C-AJJ3323 -
                                                            • DIY120318

                                                            Standard replacement gears, or an economical upgrade to add duplex timing gears to your simplex engine. This cast gear set lengthens chain life, maintains more accurate timing and runs

                                                            Timing Gear Set, Simplex
                                                            Price: $59.95
                                                            Item #: SEN0013 -

                                                              Timing gears can wear on the teeth and should be replaced at rebuild time to remove slack in the chain and restore original timing. This is an aftermarket replacement for

                                                              Timing Sprocket, Cam, duplex
                                                              Price: $25.95
                                                              Item #: 12G1397 -

                                                                Cam sprocket for double-row chain, now made in cast or sintered material. See also C-AJJ3323 for complete duplex set.

                                                                Timing Sprocket, Crank, duplex
                                                                Price: $23.95
                                                                Item #: 12G1699 -

                                                                  Cast crank sprocket for duplex timing chain setup.