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Key Blank, Door, Boot & Ignition
Retail: $4.25
Sale: $3.77
Item #: KEY1 -

    FS key blank, as used on most door and boot handles, as well as dash-mounted ignition switches.

    Lens, Front Turn Signal Assembly, Moke & MG1100
    Retail: $23.95
    Sale: $21.08
    Item #: 54570651 -

      Clear lens with chrome ring for the front parking light and turn signal assembly, as used on the UK Mini Moke & MG1100 Sedan.

      Headlight Switch, Early Rocker w/ Spade Connectors
      Retail: $29.95
      Sale: $28.15
      Item #: 13H6322 -

        Rocker-type headlight switch with three spade connectors and chrome surround. This switch was used from 1969-1970 on some export market Minis, depending the country of origin.

        Turn Signal Assembly, Moke & MG1100, Front
        Price: $51.95
        Item #: 52573 -

          Front turn signal and parking lamp assembly for the classic Mini Moke and MG1100. It has clear lens for the signals with integral chrome ring.

          Voltage Regulator, Austin America
          Price: $38.95
          Item #: NCB130E -

            Replacment control box for Austin America and MG1100 for original RB340 Lucas unit.