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Bolt, Engine Front Bracket to Radiator Support + Wet Front Subframe
Price: $1.79
Item #: HBZ0534 -

    These long bolts pass horizontally through the cast engine mounting bracket (12G1318) under the front pulley and hold the main radiator support bracket.

    Bolt, Upper Radiator Mounting, 1974-on
    Price: $0.80
    Item #: GHF0117 -

      Metric bolt as used in one-piece radiator housings at the top where it connects to the engine. Use with CAM4415 metal sleeve and 11G0227 bushing. Use two (2) per radiator.

      Bushing, lower radiator mounting
      Price: $3.75
      Item #: CAM4618 -

        Lower radiator rubber bushing, as used in one-piece metal radiator housings; this is the part you need if your radiator housing has the single horizontal lower bolt. Sold each, two (2) required.

        Bushing, radiator mounting, late, poly
        Price: $3.99
        Item #: CAM4618P -

          Poly version of the obsolete lower radiator bushing, as used in one-piece metal radiator housings starting in 1974. Sold each, two required.

          Inner Fender Radiator Cowl
          Price: $64.95
          9/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 79.9500
          Item #: SBO0067 -

            Metal frame that attaches to left front inner fender to duct air from the radiator through the inner fender. High-quality aftermarket part.

            Inner Fender Radiator Grille, Reproduction
            Retail: $44.95
            Sale: $42.48
            Item #: SBO0066 -

              Reproduction of the stamped radiator grille panel that is part of the left inner fender of early Mini models. Fitted only before electric cooling fans.

              Lower Radiator Bracket, 1974-on
              Price: $23.95
              Item #: 12A2153 -

                Lower radiator mounting bracket that bolts on top of the engine front bracket. Uses horizontal bolt 12G4270 for radiator shroud lower attachment.

                Lower Radiator Bracket, 1974-on, Used
                Retail: $20.00
                Sale: $18.10
                Item #: 12A2153-USED -

                  Lower radiator mounting bracket that bolts on top of the engine front bracket; refurbished.

                  Lower Radiator Bracket, 998, Reproduction
                  Retail: $19.95
                  Sale: $18.85
                  Item #: 22A0029 -

                    Lower radiator bracket as used on 998 Minis with two-piece radiator shroud. Not to be used on Cooper or Cooper S, which are fitted with vibration damper lower pulley.

                    Lower Radiator Bracket, 998, Used
                    Retail: $60.00
                    Sale: $50.49
                    Item #: 22A0029-USED -

                      The original 998 Mini used a thin stamped front crankshaft pulley. It required a different front bracket for mounting the radiator as compared to the later 2-piece Cooper S pulley with separate damper or the thick one piece damper

                      Lower Radiator Bracket, Cooper and S
                      Price: $24.95
                      Item #: 12A0293 -

                        Used only. Formed metal lower radiator bracket for use with two-piece radiator surround. The shape is different than the one used on 850 Minis, as the Cooper and Cooper s

                        Mounting Bracket, Engine & Radiator, 850-998, Used
                        Retail: $74.95
                        Sale: $71.96
                        Item #: 22A30-USED -

                          Metal bracket on the end of the gearbox that carries the engine mount and also the radiator support mount. For early 850 & 998 with pressed-steel pulley. Used.

                          Radiator Bracket, 998 Upper, One Piece Radiator Surround
                          Price: $26.95
                          Item #: CAM4619 -

                            Upper radiator bracket for classic 1098, 998, or 850 Minis that have a one-piece radiator surround. Not for Clubman models.

                            Radiator Bracket, Stainless Steel, 1275
                            Price: $25.95
                            Item #: FOR022 -

                              Fortech designed stainless steel upper radiator bracket. This bracket will fit any 1275 engine. Use with 11G227 grommet.

                              Radiator Bracket, upper, 1275
                              Price: $19.95
                              Item #: 12G0617 -

                                Special upper radiator bracket as used on 1275 Cooper S models. It is also frequently required when fitting a 1275 engine to a car previously equipped with any non-1275 engine.

                                Radiator Bracket, upper, 1275 Cooper S, stainless
                                Price: $28.95
                                Item #: 12G0617S -

                                  A stainless steel reproduction of the 1275 Cooper S upper radiator bracket. See 12G0617 for application details.

                                  Upper Radiator Bracket, 1990-1996
                                  Price: $24.95
                                  Item #: PCU10135 -

                                    Upper radiator bracket used on 1990-1996 on Minis fitted with a sandwich plate under the thermostat housing, and a single mounting point at the thermostat end.

                                    Radiator Bracket, Upper, 858, 998
                                    Price: $19.95
                                    1/24/2018 12:00:00 AM 21.95
                                    Item #: 12A0201 -

                                      Upper radiator bracket between the radiator and cylinder head on small bore Minis. Fits Mini 850, 997, 998, & 1098.

                                      Radiator Conversion Bracket, Early to Cooper S
                                      Retail: $39.95
                                      Sale: $31.96
                                      Item #: SCO0088 -

                                        Bracket for converting early (two-piece) lower radiator housing to Cooper/S spec. For use when the engine has been fitted with a one- or two-piece harmonic damper instead of the original 850/998 stamped front pulley.

                                        Radiator Cowl Bolt, Lower Bracket, 1974-on
                                        Price: $1.45
                                        Item #: 12G4270 -

                                          This is the bolt that goes through ARP1073 spacer on lower radiator mount on cars from 1974 with a one piece cowl.

                                          Radiator Grommet
                                          Price: $1.95
                                          Item #: 11G0227 -

                                            Rubber grommet for stepped radiator bolt.

                                            Radiator Grommet, Lower, MPi
                                            Price: $9.25
                                            Item #: EAP8708 -

                                              Lower radiator support grommet for 1997-2000 MPi Minis. These Minis have the radiator mounted in the front. Two (2) required, sold each.

                                              Radiator Grommet, Upper, MPi
                                              Price: $2.49
                                              Item #: EJP1483 -

                                                Upper radiator mounting grommet for 1997-2000 MPi Minis. These Minis have the radiator mounted in the front. Two (2) required, sold each.

                                                Radiator Housing, one piece, Used
                                                Price: $65.00
                                                Item #: ARP1174-USED -

                                                  Secondhand bare one-piece radiator cowl, as used on all 1974-on Minis. Can be used on earlier Minis too, in place of the two-piece shroud, but you must have the

                                                  Radiator Housing, One-Piece
                                                  Price: $139.95
                                                  Item #: ARP1174 -

                                                    This is the one-piece metal shroud that supports the radiator on 1974 and later Minis; replaced the two-piece shroud used on earlier Minis.

                                                    Radiator Housing, Two-piece, Cooper
                                                    Price: $149.95
                                                    Item #: ARA2768-2770 -

                                                      Two piece radiator shroud for Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 Cooper and Cooper S. This includes the 997 & 998 Cooper, 970, 1071, and 1275 Cooper S. Faithful reproduction.

                                                      Radiator Housing, Two-Piece, non-Cooper
                                                      Price: $149.95
                                                      Item #: ARA2768-2769 -

                                                        Two piece radiator shroud for Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 standard Minis, 1959-73. This includes 850 and 998 non-cooper. Faithful reproduction.

                                                        Radiator Mounting Bolt, 2-piece shroud
                                                        Price: $7.95
                                                        Item #: 11G0228 -

                                                          Special shouldered bolt for attaching radiator housing to upper and lower mounting brackets. Use with 11G0227 rubber grommet. Fits early 2-piece shroud only, 4 total fitted per car. See ARA1117

                                                          Radiator Mounting Screw, two piece shroud
                                                          Price: $0.95
                                                          Item #: ARA1117 -

                                                            Early Minis had a two-piece radiator housing with upper and lower sections. The radiator was held in place by screws that passed through the housing into the side frame of the radiator.

                                                            Radiator Top Bracket Sleeve
                                                            Price: $2.60
                                                            Item #: CAM4415 -

                                                              This sleeve is used with the 11G0227 grommet on all one-piece radiator surround top brackets.

                                                              Rubber Seal, Radiator Shroud
                                                              Price: $10.95
                                                              12/27/2018 12:00:00 AM 12.9500
                                                              Item #: 14A7286E -

                                                                This is the 1.5" wide rubber seal around the radiator housing on the inner fender of MkI through Mk3 Minis. For the budget-minded, this is an aftermarket seal, but identical