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Cole starts the assembly of the remote gearbox

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Bearing, 1st gear, 4 synchro
Price: $29.95
8/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 33.9500
In Stock
Item #: AAU1815 -

    Beginning in 1968, all 4-synchro boxes had a split needle roller bearing under 1st gear.

    Bolt, Final Drive Wheel to Differential, Standard
    Price: $3.00
    In Stock
    Item #: ATA7043 -

      This is an aftermarket high-tensile shouldered bolt for holding the final drive ("crown") wheel to the differential housing.

      Detent Ball
      Price: $1.95
      In Stock
      Item #: BLS0107 -

        Detent Ball. 3 & 4 Synchro Gearbox.

        Detent Spring, Synchonizer Hub, 4 sync
        Price: $3.25
        In Stock
        Item #: 22G2262 -

          Detent Spring inside of synchro hubs in 4-synchro gearbox. Use six (6) per gearbox. Sold each.

          Diff Thrust Washer, Fiber
          Price: $5.95
          In Stock
          Item #: BTA0101 -

            The large-diameter fiber thrust washer for the output shafts on all standard classic Mini differentials.

            Differential Cage, A+, Used
            Price: $60.00
            5/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
            In Stock
            Item #: DAM6027-USED -

              Used, A+ differential cage, which utilizes the improved DAM5071 spider gear thrust washers.

              Final Drive Gear Set, 3.44
              Price: $209.95
              12/4/2018 12:00:00 AM 259.9500
              In Stock
              Item #: STF0036 -

                Ring and pinion final drive gears, tooth count 18/62, 3.44 ratio, as used on Mini Cooper S, plus many 998cc Minis from 1970-on.

                First Motion Shaft, 4-Synchro
                Price: $94.95
                Out of Stock
                Item #: 22G1093 -

                  First motion, or input shaft, for 4-synchro transmission, including remote shift and pre-A+ rod change. 17 teeth. New old stock.

                  Gear, First/Reverse
                  Price: $169.95
                  8/20/2019 12:00:00 AM 189.95
                  In Stock
                  Item #: 22G1096 -

                    First/reverse gear, fits all 4-synchro gearboxes including Rod Change. Aftermarket.

                    Gear, Third 4 Synchro
                    Price: $139.95
                    In Stock
                    Item #: 22G1095 -

                      Third gear, 4 synchro transmission. 21 teeth. Pre-A+ only.

                      Locktab, Final Drive Crown Wheel
                      Price: $4.95
                      In Stock
                      Item #: ATA7385 -

                        Metal locktab to retain the six bolts that attach the crown wheel to the differential. Sold each.

                        Mainshaft, 4-synchro to 1979
                        Price: $219.95
                        Out of Stock
                        Item #: 22G0833 -

                          The 14mm nose of the mainshaft is its weak point, and can be badly worn or pitted. Always replace the mainshaft if this wear is present,

                          Output Shaft, Pot Joint
                          Price: $64.95
                          6/30/2020 12:00:00 AM 79.95
                          In Stock
                          Item #: DAM3114 -

                            Output drive shaft from differential for use with inner CV joints. The teeth very rarely wear badly, but the side cover bushes sometimes ruin the shaft, causing those dreaded oil

                            Used Remote Shift Assembly
                            Price: $250.00
                            5/15/2019 12:00:00 AM 309.9500
                            In Stock
                            Item #: SEVU0056 -

                              22A250 Mini Cooper-type remote shift assembly. Includes shift lever and all associated parts. Used.

                              Second Gear
                              Price: $174.95
                              In Stock
                              Item #: 22G1094 -

                                Second gear, for 4-synchro gearbox and early rod change. Aftermarket.

                                Synchronizer Hub, 1st-2nd gear, 4-synchro
                                Price: $369.95
                                Out of Stock
                                Item #: DAM7455 -

                                  First/second gear synchonizer hub assembly for all 4-synchro tranmissions. Replaces 22G2263. See also DAM7455-RING for outermost slider ring only.

                                  Synchronizer Hub, 3rd-4th Gear, 4-synchro
                                  Price: $329.95
                                  In Stock
                                  Item #: DAM7456 -

                                    Third and fourth synchronising hub for all four synchromesh (4-synchro) classic Mini gearboxes

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