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Cole teases his upcoming start-to-finish engine rebuild project and goes over the different sections of the classic Mini engine.

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244/264 Camshaft, Elgin, Mild Road
Price: $349.00
In Stock
Item #: ELG001 -

    This cam has a 244 degree intake and a 264 degree exhaust duration and intake valve lift of .327'' with an exhaust lift of .327'' with 1.25 ratio rockers

    Cam Bearing Set, 850-1098, Cooper S and Automatic
    Price: $24.95
    In Stock
    Item #: 28G0133E -

      Cam bearing set with a narrow bearing at the oil pump end. Use on engine blocks with removable tappet covers: 850, 997, 998, 1098, and Mini Cooper S.

      Cam Bearing Set, 850-1098, Cooper S, and Automatic, AE
      Price: $29.95
      Out of Stock
      Item #: 28G0133 -

        OEM spec cam bearings from the current manufacturer Glyco. As part of manufacturing consolidation, parent company Federal Mogul has eliminated the AE/Glacier brand known to Mini owners and now produces

        Head Stud Set, 9-Stud, ARP
        Price: $189.95
        In Stock
        Item #: SEN0409 -

          Complete set of ARP head and rocker studs for 9-stud A-Series and A+ engines. Includes 12-point nuts and paralell-ground hardened washers for precise fitting.

          Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, for Aluminum Valve Covers (SAC0135)
          Price: $14.50
          4/2/2018 12:00:00 AM 12.5000
          In Stock
          Item #: SAC0135 -

            Chrome vented cap to fit SAC0001/FP26 valve cover, and also FP26-Red/Blue covers.

            Oil Pump, A+ slot drive, 998cc
            Price: $37.95
            8/27/2019 2:00:00 AM 32.9500
            In Stock
            Item #: GLP0139 -

              The 998cc A+ engine uses a pump with slightly shorter drive tongue compared to the 1275cc. Stock replacement pump.

              Timing Gear Set, Simplex
              Price: $59.95
              3/23/2020 2:00:00 AM 59.9500
              In Stock
              Item #: SEN0013 -

                Replacement for the standard single-row ''simplex'' timing gears on any A+ classic Mini engine. Includes crank and cam sprockets and timing chain

                Valve Stem Keeper, Single Groove
                Price: $3.95-$7.90
                10/2/2017 12:00:00 AM 2.9500
                In Stock
                Item #: 88G0459 -

                  Single half keeper for single groove valve; also called collets, cotters, and top clips. Fits type B and type C single-groove valves.

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