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Cole disassembles an HIF44 carburetor in preparation for a full rebuild

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Carb Repair Kit, Master, Single HIF44 (CRK162)
Price: $125.95
Pending Warehouse Check
Item #: CRK162 -

    Master repair kit for single HIF44 1.75'' carb with integral float chamber. Ref: CRK162.

    Carb Service Kit, HIF6 and HIF44 (CSK75)
    Price: $90.50
    9/16/2021 2:00:00 AM 90.5000
    Pending Warehouse Check
    Item #: CSK75 -

      Genuine SU Service kit for minor rebuild of SU HIF44 carb as fitted to most 1300cc classic Minis and Metros, except Turbo. Ref: CSK75.

      Gasket Set, HIF Carb (WZX1505)
      Price: $20.95
      Pending Warehouse Check
      Item #: WZX1505 -

        Complete basic gasket set for HIF carbs with integrated float chamber. Ref: WZX1505, WZX1505A, GSU0500.

        HIF44 / HIF6 Carb, New (SIE0038)
        Price: $999.95
        Pending Warehouse Check
        Item #: SIE0038 -

          The HIF44 / HIF6 1.75'' SU carburetor has generally become the carb of choice on 1275cc and larger engines. Ref: FZX3006, FZX1280, FZX1313, FZX1462.

          HIF6/ HIF44 Carb Assembly, Rebuilt
          Price: $1,149.95
          Special Order
          Item #: SEVR0001 -

            Custom rebuilt kit includes everything you need to convert to a single 1.75'' SU carburetor from twin carbs.

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