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Rear subframe parts and accessories for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants

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 Bolt, Rear Subframe Mount, Long
Price: $1.00
In Stock
Item #: SH605181 -

    Longer of the two bolts used on the rear subframe mounting trunion.

    Front Trunnion Pin, reproduction
    Price: $18.95
    Out of Stock
    Item #: 21A1440E -

      Economical aftermarket replacement for the factory part. Sold each, two (2) required.

      Hardware Kit, Rear Subframe, 1976-on
      Price: $9.95
      4/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 14.9500
      In Stock
      Item #: SSS0011B -

        A handy kit of nuts, bolts and heavy washers to install a rear subframe into a 1976-2000 classic Mini.

        Master Rear Subframe Mounting Kit
        Price: $149.95
        Out of Stock
        Item #: SSS0012 -

          Universal rear subframe mounting kit including two (2) small and two (2) large support trunnions; fits all years of classic Minis.

          Rear Subframe Mounting Kit, 1976-on
          Price: $64.95
          In Stock
          Item #: SSS0011 -

            Complete rubber and hardware kit for mounting 1976-on classic Mini rear subframes, excluding the mounting trunnion blocks.

            Rear Subframe Mounting Kit, pre-1976
            Price: $54.95
            In Stock
            Item #: SSS0003 -

              Hardware and rubber kit for mounting the rear subframe on pre-1976 classic Minis. Includes all parts except the trunnion blocks.

              Rear Rebound Buffer, wet
              Price: $16.95
              In Stock
              Item #: 21A1517 -

                Small rebound buffer limits upward movement of radius arm. Sold each, 2 required.

                Rear Subframe Trunnion Bushing, 1976-on, Front
                Price: $6.95
                11/16/2017 12:00:00 AM 7.9500
                In Stock
                Item #: 21A2560 -

                  Standard specification rubber bushing for front trunnions of rear subframes on 1976-on models.

                  Rear Subframe Trunnion Bushing, 1976-on, Front, Hard
                  Price: $12.95
                  Out of Stock
                  Item #: C-STR639 -

                    Almost-solid bushings to fit the the front-most rear subrame mounting trunion on 1976-2000 Minis. Replaces 21A2560; sold by the pair.

                    Rear Subframe Trunnion, 1976-on, refurbished
                    Price: $32.95
                    12/26/2018 12:00:00 AM
                    In Stock
                    Item #: 21A2558E -

                      Later type of rear subframe trunnion, which accepts the larger bushing, as fitted to cars starting in 1976.

                      Subframe Trunnion, Early
                      Price: $27.95
                      In Stock
                      Item #: 2A5819E -

                        These don't wear out, but they do rust and can be accident-damaged or get lost. Reproduction; sold each.

                        FAM6292E - Subframe, Dry Rear, Aftermarket
                        Price: $439.95
                        In Stock
                        Item #: FAM6292E -

                          Reproduction rear subframe for classic Minis 1959-1990; includes radius arm outer brackets

                          Subframe, Rear Hydrolastic
                          Price: $489.95
                          In Stock
                          Item #: 21A2160E -

                            Reproduction hydroelastic or wet rear subframe for the classic Mini

                            Tow Eye, Rear
                            Price: $49.95
                            In Stock
                            Item #: FOR041 -

                              This very strong tow eye bolts to the underside of the rear subframe. Aftermarket; sold each.

                              Trunnion Bush Kit, Rear Subframe, Polyurethane
                              Price: $19.95
                              7/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 24.9500
                              Out of Stock
                              Item #: C-STR638 -

                                This bushing kit replaces the 2A5818 half-bushing to tie the classic Mini's rear subframe more rigidly to the body shell.

                                Trunnion Bushing, Rear Subframe, Early
                                Price: $2.95
                                In Stock
                                Item #: 2A5818 -

                                  The rear subframe trunnions until 1976 used two of these half-bushings each, for a total of eight (8) on the early cars. After 1976, only the rear trunnions took these, so the quantity per car is four (4).