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Bolt, Remote Shift Housing, long
Price: $1.79

Item #: HDWB2722 -

    Long bolt at front of remote shift housing to attach it to the diff housing. Two required.

    Bolt, Remote Shifter Housing, Short
    Price: $0.95

    Item #: HDWB2721 -

      Coarse-thread bolt for Cooper remote housing to attach it to the rear of the differential. Use two (2) per car.

      Bracket Kit, Rod Change Shifter Conversion
      Price: $56.95

      Item #: FOR036 -

        This bracket kit will allow you to install the rod change shifter when converting from remote shift to rod change shift. All hardware and installation instructions included. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS >

        Bushing, KAD Remote shift lever
        Price: $16.95

        Item #: 22G389/KAD -

          Replacement nylon bushing to fit the bottom of a KAD quick-shift lever for remote shift.

          Bushing, Remote Shift Lever
          Price: $16.95

          Item #: 22G0389 -

            This anti-rattle bushing has been reproduced to original factory spec. If you have an early Mini with the remote type gearbox and your shift lever is wobbly or buzzy, the current bush is probably worn out or missing.

            Bushing, Rod Change Housing, Shift Selector Extension Rod
            Price: $4.95

            Item #: STF0014 -

              Control rod bushing for rod change. This small shell bearing is used to restore a worn shifter housing; it presses into the bores of the rod change shifter box for restoring solid, precise movement.

              Change Rod Linkage Coupler
              Price: $39.95

              Item #: 42H1116 -

                Thick-wall metal coupling sleeve to connect rod change shifter to gearbox selector pin. Use with two (2) RPS1416 roll pins.

                Change Rod Linkage Coupler, Quick-Change
                Price: $72.95
                8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 89.9500
                Item #: STF0120 -

                  Quickly and easily remove or install the linkage on rod-change transmissions.

                  Gasket, Magic Wand Shift Lever
                  Price: $0.99

                  Item #: 22A0133 -

                    22A133 paper packing/gasket below the shift lever retainer on the Mini 850's magic wand shift lever.

                    Gear Change Rod, 1990-on
                    Retail: $19.95
                    Sale: $18.69

                    Item #: UKN10023 -

                      Shift rod portion of the rod-change shift linkage. 22-1/4? long, as used 1990-on.

                      Handbrake & Shift Boot Kit, Leather
                      Price: $89.95

                      Item #: SEVK002 -

                        Dress up kit in leather for your interior - this special kit includes the shift boot and handbrake boot in black leather. Shift boot fits Rod Change shifters.

                        KAD Quick Shift Kit, Remote
                        Price: $129.95

                        Item #: KAD1013219 -

                          The KAD quickstick gear lever is the original and the best, although often copied. Alters fulcrum point of gearlever to give fast precise shift, and is easily fitted.

                          KAD Quick Shift Kit, Rod Change, Improved
                          Price: $224.95

                          Item #: KAD1013216 -

                            The new, improved genuine KAD QuickStick replaces your original shift lever, and incorporates many improvements. Reverse is selected by lifting a collar rather than pulling up the whole lever; it

                            Lower Gearbox Stablilizer Bracket, Right Hand
                            Price: $11.95

                            Item #: 21A2763 -

                              External bracket that bolts to right-hand side of gear case. Same part as C-STR401.

                              Lower Gearbox Stablilizer Bracket, RH, Used
                              Price: $9.95

                              Item #: 21A2763-USED -

                                Used, original external bracket that bolts to right-hand side of gear case for the lower engine stabilizer bar.

                                Mount, Remote Shift Extension, Aftermarket
                                Price: $9.95

                                Item #: 21A0956E -

                                  For budget-minded repairs, we offer an aftermarket product to keep the cost down. Use with bracket 21A0745.

                                  Remote Mount Bolt, 1100, Austin America Shifter
                                  Price: $1.97

                                  Item #: 22G0081 -

                                    Shouldered bolt used to attach the MG 1100 / Austin America 1300 front shifter mount to the front of the remote and the back of the diff housing. Use 8

                                    Remote Shift Assembly, Refurbished
                                    Price: $350.00

                                    Item #: SEVU0056-REB -

                                      22A250 Mini Cooper-type remote shift assembly, as used beginning in 1964. Includes chrome shift lever and all associated parts. Thoroughly cleaned, inspected, lubricated, and small parts replaced as necessary.

                                      Used Remote Shift Assembly
                                      Price: $309.95

                                      Item #: SEVU0056 -

                                        22A250 Mini Cooper-type remote shift assembly. Includes shift lever and all associated parts. Used.

                                        Remote Shift Detent Plug Assembly, Used
                                        Price: $16.95

                                        Item #: 22A0085-USED -

                                          This detent assembly enters the left side of the remote shifter housing that was fitted until 1973. It contains a plunger and a spring, which apply tension to the internal gear change rod to prevent it from vibrating and making a racket.

                                          Remote Shift Detent Spring
                                          Price: $1.95

                                          Item #: AEG3123 -

                                            Spring for the anti-rattle detent on the left rear side of the shift housing.

                                            Remote Shift Detent, brass
                                            Price: $4.95

                                            Item #: 22A0084 -

                                              Small detent is spring loaded to tension the main shifter rod and prevent vibration.

                                              Remote Shift Housing, bare
                                              Retail: $110.00
                                              Sale: $92.57

                                              Item #: 22A0250-USED -

                                                Mini Cooper-type remote shift housing. Used.

                                                Remote Shift Plug, half-moon
                                                Price: $9.45

                                                Item #: 22A0285 -

                                                  Rubber plug at front of remote shift housing keeps out road grit.

                                                  Remote Shift Rear Bracket
                                                  Price: $39.95

                                                  Item #: 21A0745 -

                                                    The metal bracket that supports the rear of the cast remote shifter housing on Cooper and Cooper S. Use with rubber mounts 21A0956 and 21A0956E (shown, but not included). Not

                                                    Remote Shift Reverse Lockout
                                                    Retail: $36.95
                                                    Sale: $34.61
                                                    7/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 39.9500
                                                    Item #: STF0007 -

                                                      Fabricated adapter prevents accidental engagement of reverse gear.

                                                      Remote Shifter Bushing, flange pivot ball
                                                      Price: $13.95

                                                      Item #: 22G0292 -

                                                        Nylon bushing for the large pivot ball on the remote shifter gear lever. This is used on remote shifter assemblies as used after 1964. For cars with earlier shifter assembly,

                                                        Retainer, Remote Shift Boot
                                                        Price: $24.95

                                                        Item #: 14A9942 -

                                                          Although some bad reproductions of these were made domestically, we have always supplied the UK part for this application. It has the proper contours of the original part.

                                                          Retainer, Remote Shift Lever, Used
                                                          Price: $15.00

                                                          Item #: 22G290-USED -

                                                            Circular metal retainer for remote shift gear levers, for remote-shift Minis from 1964-1973. Used, condition may vary.

                                                            Retainer, rod change shift boot
                                                            Price: $21.95

                                                            Item #: FJN10003 -

                                                              Metal retainer for CZH4278 rod change shift boot.

                                                              Retainer, Shift Boot, Moke
                                                              Retail: $33.95
                                                              Sale: $31.80

                                                              Item #: 24A1444 -

                                                                Moke shift boot metal retainer ring.

                                                                Rod Change Reverse Light Switch
                                                                Price: $15.95

                                                                Item #: 36557 -

                                                                  Switch installs into rod change shifter housing to trigger light when reverse is engaged.

                                                                  Rod Change Roll Pin
                                                                  Price: $1.50

                                                                  Item #: RPS1416 -

                                                                    This roll pin is used in both the coupling at the gearbox end of the shift rod and also to secure the lever socket on the main rod.

                                                                    Rod Change Shift Housing Steady Bush
                                                                    Price: $19.95

                                                                    Item #: 42B0413 -

                                                                      Rubber and metal sleeve bushing in rear of rod change shift box. Sold each, two (2) required.

                                                                      Rod Change Shift Lever Retainer, Used
                                                                      Price: $20.00

                                                                      Item #: 22G1434-USED -

                                                                        Metal cup that retains the shift lever in rod change shift assembly. Used.

                                                                        Rod Change Shift Linkage, Rebuilt
                                                                        Price: $295.00

                                                                        Item #: DAM3671-REB -

                                                                          Rod change shift linkage, reconditioned by Seven Enterprises. The housing is modified to accept replaceable bushings to restore smooth and accurate operation. Critical parts are inspected and selected for best

                                                                          Rod Change Steady Rod Bushing
                                                                          Price: $16.95

                                                                          Item #: 13H7286 -

                                                                            Bushing found on forward end of the rod-change shifter steady rod where it attaches to the back of the gearbox. This is a reproduction part, and for longest life,

                                                                            Rubber Mount, Rod Change Shift Housing
                                                                            Price: $6.95

                                                                            Item #: 22G2205 -

                                                                              The rod change was introduced in 1973 and the floor of the Mini was flattened for the new hanger strap and mounts. Two of these small spool type mounts secure

                                                                              Rubber Plug, Remote Shift Housing
                                                                              Price: $12.95

                                                                              Item #: 22A0271 -

                                                                                Large rubber plug on left rear of remote housing allows access to the shift rod and socket.

                                                                                Sandwich Mount, 1100/1300 remote gearbox
                                                                                Price: $89.95

                                                                                Item #: 22G0245 -

                                                                                  Special mount between the rear of the differential housing and front of the remote shifter extension on ADO16 models. This part was never originally fitted to Minis, but some

                                                                                  Shift Boot, 1961-64 997 & 1071 Cooper & S
                                                                                  Price: $74.95

                                                                                  Item #: 14A9941 -

                                                                                    Correct gear shift boot for the first remote-shift Minis, the 997 Cooper and 1071 Cooper S. Used from 1961 through 1964.

                                                                                    Shift Boot, lower, Magic Wand
                                                                                    Price: $14.95

                                                                                    Item #: 22A1380 -

                                                                                      Lower boot attached directly to the gearbox for "magic wand" shifters. Essential to keep grit out of the mechanism.

                                                                                      Shift Boot, Magic Wand
                                                                                      Price: $20.95
                                                                                      10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 35.9500
                                                                                      Item #: 14A6860 -

                                                                                        If your shifter comes through the floor near the gas pedal, you have the infamous "Magic Wand". We have the boot for this old shifter, and it is important to

                                                                                        Shift Boot, Remote Shift
                                                                                        Price: $47.95
                                                                                        5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 49.95
                                                                                        Item #: 22A0608E -

                                                                                          This boot is important as it helps keep exhaust fumes and road grit out of the car. Fits all classic Minis with the round tunnel and remote shifter.

                                                                                          Shift Boot, Remote Shift, Leather, 1962-1973
                                                                                          Price: $46.95

                                                                                          Item #: BHH2006 -

                                                                                            This leather shift boot fits all Mk1, Mk2 and early Mk3 cars built with the early tunnel arrangement, but fitted with the remote control gear change (i.e. not 'Magic Wand'!) which basically brought the gear knob in much easier reach of the driver and made for a faster and more positive gear chang

                                                                                            Shift Boot, Rod Change
                                                                                            Price: $49.95

                                                                                            Item #: CZH4278 -

                                                                                              Rubber shift boot for rod change transmission Minis, as fitted to cars from 1973-on. This is the right boot for you if your Mini has a flat-top transmission tunnel. Use

                                                                                              Shift Boot, Rod Change, Leather
                                                                                              Price: $49.95

                                                                                              Item #: BHH2005L -

                                                                                                Luxurious leather shifter boot for all rod change shifters. Long-lasting thick hide with heavy-duty stitching.

                                                                                                Shift Boot, Rod Change, Leather, 1993-2000 Cooper models
                                                                                                Price: $46.95

                                                                                                Item #: BHH2008 -

                                                                                                  This leather rod change shift boot was fitted to the Mini Cooper range of the 1990-95 period and is available in a choice of colors and with contrasting stitching on some.