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Flip Top Aston Gas Cap Cover, Aluminum
Price: $51.95

Item #: SAC0030 -

    This flip-up cap conceals a locking gas cap. It is held to a Rover style, flat gas cap with set screws. Once installed it is removed along with the cap.

    Flip Top Aston Gas Cap Cover, Chrome
    Price: $51.95

    Item #: MSA1145 -

      This 60's style flip-top cap attaches the Mini's fuel tank neck and covers a standard Rover locking gas cap. It installs easily with set-screws, and when you flip the cap

      Flip Top Gas Cap, John Cooper, Non-Locking (SIE0363 for left hand tank shown)
      Price: $119.95
      8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 119.9500
      Item #: SIE0362/3 -

        Fuel cap fashioned from a lightweight alloy with a beautifully polished finish and includes a brass ring adapter.

        Fuel Cap, Locking, Vented
        Price: $42.95

        Item #: SIE0318 -

          Give your Mini that retro look while you keep your pricey fuel in your tank where it belongs with this locking, old-style gas cap. Includes two keys.

          Gas Cap Gasket, Fiber/Cork, Moke
          Price: $11.95

          Item #: SIE0307 -

            Replacement fiber and cork gasket for the Moke fuel tank cap; with paper masking.

            Gas Cap, Locking, Stainless, Non-vented
            Price: $23.95
            8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 24.95
            Item #: SIE0319 -

              This nice polished stainless steel cap keeps your pricey fuel where it belongs. Used on Minis from 1970-on.

              Gas Cap, Outside Grip
              Price: $21.95

              Item #: BHH0178 -

                Grips the outside of the tank neck. Fits Canadian Minis 1972-1976, and late 1971 Austin America.

                Gas Cap, Stainless
                Price: $19.95

                Item #: 18G8601 -

                  Standard gas cap as supplied on most Minis. Highly polished stainless steel as pictured.

                  Locking fuel cap, concealed key, Vented (SIE0320) locking gas cap, locking petrol cap, Locking fuel cap, concealed key, Vented (SIE0320)
                  Price: $32.95

                  Item #: SIE0320 -

                    This stylish locking vented gas cap is modeled after the caps found on more expensive classic cars. As shown, the key slot is concealed by a swingdoor.Stainless steel.

                    Locking Gas Cap, chrome, vented
                    Price: $24.95

                    Item #: GSS154A -

                      Locking fuel cap with keys from Rover's original supplier. Modern-looking vented cap secures your gas from theft.

                      Seal, Gas Cap, Poly
                      Price: $6.95

                      Item #: 21A2109 -

                        Special thick poly washer replaced the original one for gas cap installation in order to prevent leakage when the old washer has deteriorated.