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Carb Needle, Spring-Loaded, BBW
Price: $19.95
6/20/2017 12:00:00 AM 21.95
Item #: CUD1144 -

    Recommended needle for use on 1275 engines fitted with HIF6/HIF44 carb, LCB header and K&N air filter.

    Carb Needle, Spring-Loaded, BCA
    Retail: $19.95
    Sale: $17.36
    6/20/2017 12:00:00 AM 21.95
    Item #: CUD1148 -

      BCA needle for SU HIF6/ HIF44. Typically used as a richer needle for 1380.

      Carb Repair Kit, Master, single HIF44
      Price: $99.00
      Item #: CRK162 -

        Master repair kit for single HIF6 or HIF44 1.75" carb with integral float chamber. Kit includes new throttle shaft, bushings, butterfly, .100" jet, float needle/seat and gaskets/seals needed to complete

        Carb Service Kit, HIF6 and HIF44
        Price: $74.95
        Item #: CSK75 -

          Genuine SU Service Kit for minor rebuild of SU HIF44 carb as fitted to most 1300cc Minis and Metros, except Turbo. Also fits the HIF6 carb that is frequently adapted

          Carb Spacer, 1.75"
          Price: $15.95
          Item #: MFA446 -

            Carb-to-manifold spacer with facility for fitting a vacuum gauge. Suitable for HS6 and HIF44. 6.3mm thick.

            Damper Assembly, SU HIF44
            Price: $22.95
            Item #: LZX1505 -

              Black plastic screw top with damper/plunger for the U.S. HIF carburetor.

              Dashpot Spring, SU, HIF, red
              Price: $10.95
              Item #: AUD4355 -

                Large diameter red spring as used in most HIF carbs. 4.5 ounce spring rate. Some early HIF 4s used the smaller diameter spring from the HS carb.

                Dashpot Spring, SU, HIF, yellow
                Price: $10.95
                Item #: AUD4398 -

                  Large diameter yellow spring as used in most HIF carbs. 8 ounce spring rate. Some early HIF 4s used the smaller diameter spring from the HS carb.

                  Float Kit, all single HIF
                  Price: $24.95
                  Item #: WZX1509 -

                    This genuine SU kit includes new plastic float, the o-ring, and gaskets required to replace the carb. Fits HIF38 and HIF 44.

                    Float Lid Base, HIF
                    Price: $34.95
                    Item #: JZX1005 -

                      New float lid base for the bottom HIF38, HIF44 and HIF6 carbs.

                      Float Needle & Seat, HIF
                      Price: $21.95
                      Item #: VZX1099 -

                        Fuel control needle and seat asembly for HIF38, HIF44, and some HIF4 carbs. Viton tipped needle resists deterioration by modern fuel with alcohol and other additives. Sold each.

                        Gasket set, HIF carb
                        Price: $19.95
                        Item #: WZX1505 -

                          Complete basic gasket set for HIF carbs with integrated float chamber. Includes the gaskets, seals (including throttle shaft seals), o-rings and locktabs to do a through rebuild. Economical aftermarket supplier.

                          Gasket, HIF44 / HIF6 Carb Elbow
                          Retail: $0.97
                          Sale: $0.82
                          Item #: 12H4271 -

                            Gasket between carb and air cleaner allow elbow.

                            Gasket, HIF6/44 carb flange
                            Price: $0.95
                            Item #: 88G0429 -

                              Mounting gasket for HIF6 and HIF44 1.75" carb. Sold each.

                              HIF carb linkage plate, stainless
                              Price: $39.95
                              Item #: FOR021 -

                                Stainless heat shield/linkage plate for HIF carburetors. The OEM plate CAM4942 for HIF6/44 is no longer available. Will never rust.

                                HIF Float Pivot Pin
                                Price: $22.50
                                Item #: WZX1450 -

                                  Pivot pin for float in HIF carbs. Includes washer.

                                  HIF44 / HIF6 Carb, New
                                  Price: $729.95
                                  Item #: SIE0038 -

                                    The HIF44 / HIF6 1.75" SU has generally become the carb of choice on 1275s and larger engines.

                                    HIF6/ HIF44 Carb Assembly, Rebuilt
                                    Price: $695.00
                                    Item #: SEVR0001 -

                                      Give your 1275 or larger engine the fuel it requires for maximum horsepower. This kit includes everything you need to convert to a single 1.75" SU carburetor from twin carbs.

                                      Jet Tube Assembly, HIF6/44, .100", White
                                      Retail: $32.95
                                      Sale: $28.71
                                      Item #: WZX1453 -

                                        Jet tube assembly .100", white color ID, HIF6/44. The .100" jets are identified by a groove cut into the top end.

                                        Spacer, HIF6/44 to manifold
                                        Price: $23.95
                                        Item #: 12B0561B -

                                          Phenolic spacer for HIF6/HIF44 1.75" carb. Approximately .50" thick. Use gasket 88G0429.

                                          Spacer, HIF6/44 to manifold, Used
                                          Price: $10.95
                                          Item #: 12B0561B-USED -

                                            Phenolic spacer for HIF6/HIF44 1.75" carb. Approximately .50" thick. Use gasket 88G0429.

                                            SU Carburetor Dashpot, Polished HS4
                                            Price: $50.00
                                            Item #: DASHPOT2 -

                                              Enjoy a great look in your engine bay with a beautifully polished dashpot (vacuum chamber) for your HS4 SU.

                                              Sundries Kit, SU HIF Carburetor
                                              Price: $21.95
                                              Item #: SIE0078 -

                                                A very handy kit of special screws, springs, and pivot pin. Invaluable if you have misplaced any of these.

                                                Throttle Lever Arm, SU HIF Carb
                                                Price: $17.95
                                                Item #: LZX1739 -

                                                  Cam-type throttle lever for the HIF Carburetor. As supplied on SIE0038.

                                                  Wire Ring Circlip, SU HIF Carburetor
                                                  Retail: $1.95
                                                  Sale: $1.56
                                                  Item #: JZX1586 -

                                                    Fits around the stem of the damper to prevent the damper from dropping out of the dashpot cover. Fits SU HIF carburetors.