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Star Washer, Steering Wheel Nut
Price: $1.79
Item #: 53K3480 -

    Special star lock washer, fits steering wheel securing nut on 1959 through 1996 Minis.

    Steering Column Lowering Bracket
    Price: $7.45
    Item #: SAC0014 -

      Chrome-plated steering column lowering bracket that moves the steering wheel closer to the driver and to a more vertical position for comfort.

      Steering Wheel Adapter, Quick Release
      Price: $119.95
      Item #: SWABS -

        This snap-on boss will only fit M range Mountney wheels plus others with same bolt pattern. This is the snap-on part and you will still require SWABM boss to fit the steering wheel to the car.

        Steering Wheel Hub, 1997-2000
        Price: $139.95
        Item #: FOR110 -

          Steering wheel hub used to replace air bag-fitted steering wheel on MPi Minis. Fits Momo, Nardi, Abarth, Italvolanti, Indy, Raid steering wheels.

          Steering Wheel Hub, M-Range
          Price: $79.95
          Item #: SWABM -

            Steering wheel hub to fit pre-twin point injection cars for Mountney M range steering wheels, Jamex, Momo, BBs, Sparco, and others.

            Mountney Steering Wheel Hub Mount
            Price: $37.95
            4/18/2018 12:00:00 AM 39.9500
            Item #: STR0014 -

              This is the hub required to install a Mountney steering wheel in your Mini. Mk1 Horn button is fitted but will not be functional on Mk2-on where column switch is

              Steering Wheel Spacer Kit
              Retail: $84.95
              Sale: $71.49
              Item #: STR0053 -

                Sometimes it would be a lot nicer if the steering wheel were about an inch closer. This billet aluminum spacer fits between the wheel and mounting hub, spacing it an

                Steering Wheel, 13" Leather, Polished Spokes
                Price: $129.95
                Item #: 33SPLBH -

                  Mountney Classic 13" dished steering wheel with round holes in polished spokes. Grip is wrapped in black leather.

                  Steering Wheel, 13" Sport, Black Moulded
                  Price: $104.95
                  Item #: M34M3P -

                    Mountney Sport 13" (340mm) steering wheel. Moulded from sustainably raised Naugahyde.

                    Steering Wheel, 13" Vinyl w/ Hub
                    Price: $149.95
                    Item #: SWAB001 -

                      Mountney 13" Retro Classic Cooper look-alike; has a billet center boss and vinyl covering giving a great look and feel. Will not fit air bag twin-point-injection models (MPi); not for Mk1.

                      Steering Wheel, 13" Wood Rim
                      Price: $159.95
                      6/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 179.9500
                      Item #: 353SPW -

                        Mahogany rim 3-spoke 13" steering wheel with polished spokes. Hub adaptor STR0013 (to 1976) or STR0014 (1977-on) is required to mount this wheel in your Mini.

                        Steering Wheel, 13", Classic Wood
                        Price: $194.95
                        Item #: 33SPCW -

                          This Mountney steering wheel features a thin-grip wooden rim and narrow aluminum spokes for that classic sports car look. Not suitable for airbag-equipped Minis.