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Fuel filters and accessories for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants.

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Fuel Filter, late MPi (GFE7057)
Price: $26.50
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Item #: GFE7057 -

    Fuel filter for injected classic Mini MPi models, from WD169573. 19mm hex fittings on each end. Ref: GFE7057, WJN101190, GFE7118, WJN101191.

    Fuel Filter, Plastic, pre-1992 (SMI0062)
    Price: $6.50
    12/10/2020 2:00:00 AM 5.9500
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    Item #: SMI0062 -

      Plastic fuel filter for in-line installation; stepped diameter inlet/outlet for use with different fuel hose sizes. Aftermarket.

      Fuel Filter, SPi & Early MPi (GFE7059)
      Price: $31.50
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      Item #: GFE7059 -

        The high fuel pressures of injected classic Minis requires special filters that handle the pressure and provide the fine filtering to keep your expensive gas doing its job effectively. Ref: GFE7059, GFE7020, GFE7119.

        Fuel Pipe, Fuel Filter to Engine, SPi & MPi (WKB10018)
        Price: $83.95
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        Item #: WKB10018 -

          Fuel hose with special end pipe and fittings for all SPi and MPi classic Minis up to chassis number WD169574. Ref: WKB10018.

          Seal, Fuel Filter, SPi (EDP9976)
          Price: $0.95
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          Item #: EDP9976 -

            O-ring seal used when replacing fuel filters on SPi (single-point) or early MPi (multi-point injection) classic Minis. Ref: EDP9976.

            Universal Fuel Filter, Metal (SMI0062D)
            Price: $13.95
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            Item #: SMI0062D -

              Universal metal fuel filter kit, sized correctly for the classic Mini. Not for use with fuel-injection models.

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