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Cole's top 10 classic Mini gift guide

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Ball Joint Separator, Large (STL0008)
Price: $59.95
In Stock
Item #: STL0008 -

    The lever action design of this sturdy tool will remove the most stubborn of ball joints, facilitating service of the front suspension. Ref: 660550, STL0008.

    Brake Bleed Tool (STL0083)
    Price: $58.50
    In Stock
    Item #: STL0083 -

      Provides the necessary equipment to bleed brakes or hydraulic clutch systems the way the professionals do it. Ref: MSA1000, STL0083.

      Car Cover, Outdoor (SAC0112T)
      Price: $179.95
      In Stock
      Item #: SAC0112T -

        Protect your classic Mini Cooper from the elements with this Coverbond waterproof yet breathable car cover. Custom tailored to fit all Mini Sedans.

        Cone Spring Compressor, Dual Threads (STL0010)
        Price: $149.95
        In Stock
        Item #: STL0010 -

          Sturdy service tool used to compress the rubber cone spring on dry suspension classic Minis. Ref: 660330, STL0010.

          Flywheel Puller Tool (STL0006)
          Price: $65.95
          In Stock
          Item #: STL0006 -

            An essential tool to remove the classic Mini's unusual taper-fit flywheel from the crankshaft. Ref: STL0006, CE1, 07.001.

            Haynes Repair Manual 1969-2001
            Price: See
            Item #: SBK0023 -

              From basic maintenance to a complete overhaul, this book covers it. For all classic Minis produced from 1969 through the end of the line in 2001. Keep your Mini in

              Haynes Repair Manual 59-69 (SBK0002)
              Price: $52.95
              In Stock
              Item #: SBK0002 -

              Get to know your classic Mk1 and Mk2 classic Mini a little better, with clear, step-by-step illustrated instructions the cover the dismantling, inspection, repair and refitting of the entire car.

              Poster, Fortech Racing History
              Price: $9.95
              8/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
              In Stock
              Item #: FORPOST1 -

                This limited-edition poster celebrates the Fortech Mini's historic four GT5 National Championship wins at the SCCA Runoffs

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