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Shock absorbers and accessories for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants.

The shock absorbers' job is to keep the tires from bouncing up and down, so that the rubber remains in contact with the road. For a car that is street-driven in a grown-up fashion, choose a standard shock like the Boge or KYB Gas Adjust. High-performance cars should have an adjustable shock like GAZ or SPAX. Choose one of the premium quality AVO for competition use.

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Front Shock Pin, Lower (C-AJJ3361)
Price: $20.95
6/4/2018 2:00:00 AM 16.9500
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Item #: C-AJJ3361 -

    Uprated front lower shock pin. Ref: C-AJJ3361, 2A4337HD.

    Nylock Nut, 3/8-24, Various Applications
    Price: $0.50
    Pending Warehouse Check
    Item #: GHF0223 -

      3/8-24 nylon nut, as used on shock absorbers, 2A4362 fulcrum pin. Ref: GHF223, GHF0223.

      Rear Shock Upper Bushing Kit, KYB/Unipart (C2542)
      Price: $11.50
      Pending Warehouse Check
      Item #: C2542 -

        Kit contains two (2) rubber bushings with metal collars and retainer nuts. Ref: C2542.

        Rubber Cap, Rear Shock Pin, Van/Estate/Pickup (21A640)
        Price: $8.95
        Pending Warehouse Check
        Item #: 21A0640 -

          Bullet-shaped rubber cap for top of rear shock pin in classic Mini Van/Estate/Pickup models. Ref: 21A640, 21A0640.

          Shock Absorber, Adjustable, Lowered, GAZ (C-STN236/7)
          Price: $131.50
          Pending Warehouse Check
          Item #: C-STN236/7 -

            GAZ premium gas-filled performance shocks, for cars lowered 2'' or more from standard. Ref: C-STN236, C-STN237.

             Shock Absorber, Adjustable, Standard, GAZ
            Price: $136.50
            Pending Warehouse Check
            Item #: C-STN231/3 -

              GAZ premium gas-filled performance rear shock, for standard-height vehicles; choose front or rear. Ref: C-STN231, C-STN233.

              Shock Absorber, KYB Excel-G (342001/342002)
              Price: $68.50
              4/3/2020 12:00:00 AM 51.9500
              Pending Warehouse Check
              Item #: 342001/2 -

                Gas-pressurized shocks from KYB, uprated 25% from their premium oil-filled version; non-adjustable. Ref: 342001, 342002, GSA388G, GSA389G.

                Shock Absorber, KYB Gas-A-Just (KYB Gas)
                Price: $76.50
                Pending Warehouse Check
                Item #: KYB-Gas -

                  Pressurized KYB self-adjusting slimline shock absorbers for standard ride-height road classic Minis. Ref: 552018, 552019, GSA388A, GSA389A.

                  Shock Absorber, KYB, Premium (KYB)
                  Price: $34.95
                  Pending Warehouse Check
                  Item #: KYB -

                    Affordable, quality shocks to reduce your classic Mini maintenance budget; an ideal upgrade for road cars! Ref: 442001, 442002, GSA71541, GSA71542, GSA388-KYB, GSA389-KYB.

                    Shock Absorber, SPAX Adjustable
                    Price: $165.95
                    Pending Warehouse Check
                    Item #: SPAX -

                      Spax gas shocks are made in the UK and have been used on performance classic Minis for many years. On-car adjustable, with 14-point adjustment.

                      Shock Absorber, Spax, Van/Estate/Pickup (C-STR308)
                      Price: $178.50
                      Pending Warehouse Check
                      Item #: C-STR308 -

                        Special gas-filled SPAX rear unit for the long-wheelbase classic Mini models, giving more length and travel. Ref: GM3, C-STR308

                        Shock Absorber, Standard Gas, Bilstein (SSS0037/38)
                        Price: $48.50
                        10/15/2020 2:00:00 AM 46.9500
                        2/7/2019 2:00:00 AM
                        Pending Warehouse Check
                        Item #: SSS0037/38 -

                          German-made premium quality OE replacement gas-filled shock absorber for the classic Mini. Standard ride height. Ref: 19-221694, 19-221700.

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