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Cole starts his new project by installing a "turbo" camshaft

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244/264 Camshaft, Elgin, Mild Road
Price: $349.00
In Stock
Item #: ELG001 -

    This cam has a 244 degree intake and a 264 degree exhaust duration and intake valve lift of .327'' with an exhaust lift of .327'' with 1.25 ratio rockers

    264/268 Camshaft, Fast Road, 998-1275 (SEN0293)
    Sale: $240.30
    12/5/2020 2:00:00 AM 249.9500
    In Stock
    Item #: SEN0293 -
    • DIY070221

    264/268 degree mild road cam for 998-1275 classic Minis. Ground on new European-made blank; use with standard lift rockers. A good choice for torque and economy; sold outright, no exchange.

    276 Camshaft, Kent Fast Road
    Retail: $467.50
    Sale: $444.97
    Out of Stock
    Item #: MD276M -

      All Kent cams are ground on new wide lobe billets. 270/280 degrees duration, .360''/.388'' valve lift. Timing 29/61-66/34. RPM range 1500-7000.

      286 Camshaft, Kent Fast Road
      Price: $409.95
      In Stock
      Item #: MD286M -

        280/290 degrees duration, .388''/.400'' valve lift. Timing 34/66-71/39. RPM range 2000-7500.

        286 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, Kent
        Price: $549.95
        In Stock
        Item #: MD286SP -

          Kent 286 Scatter Pattern cam, ground on a new Kent blank. New blanks are rifle drilled then cross drilled to provide oil for each lobe. We recommend a drop of

          Elgin 262/280 Camshaft, fast road, slot drive (ELG103)
          Price: $350.00
          In Stock
          Item #: ELG103 -

            Slot drive Elgin cam, specially developed with more exhaust lift and duration for engines 1300cc or larger.

            Lifter (Cam Follower), Chilled Iron, set/8
            Price: $139.95
            10/17/2019 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
            In Stock
            Item #: SEN0004 -

              Set of eight (8) heat-treated chilled iron lifters with oil hole for improved cam lubrication. RC62-65 face hardness, with precision radius to match cam lobe taper.

              Lifter (Cam Follower), Isky Copy, set/8
              Price: $99.95
              3/19/2019 2:00:00 AM 54.9500
              In Stock
              Item #: SEN0077 -

                Chilled iron cam follower designed to minimize float and jump normally seen in original cam followers which ultimately causes power loss.

                Lifter (Cam Follower), Isky Copy, set/8
                Price: $59.95
                10/30/2019 12:00:00 AM
                Out of Stock
                Item #: SEN0029 -

                  Set of eight (8) AE-style chilled cast iron lifters, reground to give the optimum radius to provide the correct rotation on the camshaft in use.

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