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4-Bolt Center Main Cap With Thrust 1300
Retail: $250.00
Sale: $212.50

Item #: FOR042-CENTER -

    This steel 4-bolt center main cap is the best way to counteract the flexing of the Mini's 3-main bearing crank, and is considered a must for race application. Fits all 1300 A+ or Austin America blocks.

    Air Filter, for Weber DCOE
    Price: $119.00

    Item #: 99217.250QB -

      Low profile, efficient air filter for 45 DCOE Weber Carb. Slips over the standard ram pipe, and allows air flow over and around the lip of the ram pipe.

      ARP Diff Bolt
      Price: $10.99

      Item #: SEN0127 -

        Super-duty ARP bolt to attach the crown wheel to the diff cage. Sold each.

        ARP Main Cap Nut, 7/16", 12 point
        Retail: $5.95
        Sale: $5.06

        Item #: N71620 -

          ARP heavy-duty main cap stud nut. Flanged 12-point design for maximum clamping force.

          Ball Joint, MG Metro
          Retail: $19.95
          Sale: $16.96

          Item #: GSJ269 -

            Ball joint assembly for the 1984-on MG Metro. This has a larger diameter pin than the Mini, hence will cannot be used on a standard Mini.

            Belt Drive Kit, with Tensioner
            Price: $829.00

            Item #: FOR090 -

              This all-new product has been under development for some time, ensuring the highest quality construction and reliable performance. It has been exhaustively tested in the UK on

              Billet Crankshaft, 1071 Cooper S (FOR150)
              Price: $3,595.00

              Item #: FOR150 -

                Billet EN40B steel crankshaft made in the UK, to fit an original 1071 Cooper S Block.

                Bolt Set, Flywheel Straps & Clutch, Heavy Duty
                Price: $39.95
                8/16/2017 12:00:00 AM 44.9500
                Item #: FOR059 -

                  High-strength stepped bolts to replace stock 2A3657 and 2A3659 flywheel strap / backplate bolts. Made from EN16 steel. Sold in a set of six (6) bolts.

                  Brake Pads, Cooper S, Competition
                  Price: $150.00

                  Item #: C-8G8993A -

                    Brake pad set for Cooper S 7.5" brakes. Carbon Metallic material. Suitable for full-race applications only.

                    Center Main Cap Strap, 1300/A+
                    Price: $79.95

                    Item #: FOR052 -

                      The center main bearing cap is barely adequate for a stock engine due to the flexibility and whip of the Mini's crank. For performance engines it is common to

                      Clutch arm and plunger set, Heavy Duty, pre-Verto
                      Price: $209.95

                      Item #: FOR128 -

                        Race-quality tuftrided clutch arm kit made in EN24T for use with heavy orange or grey clutch diaphragm. Special design plunger and I-beam arm have larger contact points for greater strength

                        Connecting Rod, Pauter, A+, set/4
                        Price: $1,195.00

                        Item #: SEN0011/SET -

                          Specially-designed chrome moly-forged con rods that give maximum support exactly where it is needed.

                          Crank Vibration Damper
                          Price: $495.00

                          Item #: FOR098 -

                            Competition-quality crankshaft damper, made itn the USA by BHJ. Used by race teams in the U.S. and Europe; conventional in design, but contains BHJ's proprietary damping material inside.

                            Distributor Hold-down Clamp, A+, Stainless
                            Retail: $21.95
                            Sale: $19.32

                            Item #: FOR049 -

                              A nice stainless steel hold-down clamp for points-type A+ distributor, with graduated markings for advance calibration. Laser cut from stainless steel. Not suitable for black-box electronic distributor models.

                              Fan Belt, No Charging System
                              Price: $9.95

                              Item #: GCB10725 -

                                For race applications when the alternator/generator is removed. Use with large diameter water pump pulley and standard diameter crank pulley. Made in England.

                                Flywheel Bolt Kit, Billet
                                Retail: $64.95
                                Sale: $57.16

                                Item #: FOR016 -

                                  Billet flywheel bolt and lock key in high grade steel for race applications. There is a nice radius under the bolt head, and a matching radius on the lock key.

                                  Flywheel Clutch Strap, Swiftune, set/9
                                  Price: $59.95

                                  Item #: FOR106 -

                                    Heavy duty clutch strap set from Swiftune. Set includes nine straps.

                                    Fuel Pump Blanking Plate (FOR034) Fuel Pump Blanking Plate (FOR034)
                                    Price: $9.95

                                    Item #: FOR034 -

                                      Blanking plate, made of stainless steel, for use when removing mechanical fuel pump. Covers the hole in the engine block.

                                      Gearset, Ultra Close Ratio, Dog Engagement
                                      Price: $3,195.00

                                      Item #: STF0041 -

                                        Developed in the UK by Swiftune and manufactured by renowned gear specialists Quaife. Dog-engagement gear set for rod-change transmission. Tall first gear for rolling starts gives you four useable gears

                                        Gearset, Ultra Close Ratio, Dog Engagement, Remote shift
                                        Price: $3,195.00

                                        Item #: STF0041-REMOTE -

                                          Dog engagement gearset for remote transmission. Tall first gear gives you four usable gears on the track. Includes special billet steel shift forks. Gear ratios are 1.692, 1.441, 1.197, 1:1.

                                          Hardware & Brackets, Rear Sway Bar
                                          Retail: $159.00
                                          Sale: $135.15

                                          Item #: FOR013-X -

                                            Installation kit for our FOR013 rear sway bar. Includes heim-jointed drop links, bracket to bolt them to the rear brake back plates, and bushing assemblies to fit 5/8" sway bar.

                                            Hardy Spicer Output Flanges for ATB LSD (FOR094) SW-ATBH/SOF, Hardy Spicer Output Flanges for ATB LSD (FOR094)
                                            Price: $399.00

                                            Item #: FOR094 -

                                              These flanges are required if you want to use the Quaife ATB LSD with Cooper S Hardy Spicer U-Joints. They snap in place just like the inner CV joints, and

                                              Idler Gear, Straight-Cut, pre-A+
                                              Retail: $250.00
                                              Sale: $184.77

                                              Item #: STF0020 -

                                                Straight-cut idler gear for Jack Knight gear sets. For pre-A+ gearbox/flywheel housings with .75" idler shaft. 31 teeth, for use with either 1.00 or 1.04 to 1 ratios.

                                                Intake/Exhaust Port Cover (FOR051) Intake/Exhaust Port Cover (FOR051)
                                                Retail: $29.95
                                                Sale: $25.46

                                                Item #: FOR051 -

                                                  Blanking plate to cover the intake and exhaust ports on your spare engine during transport.

                                                  Layshaft bearing, for 2013 Swiftune gear set
                                                  Price: $22.95

                                                  Item #: FOR142 -

                                                    Oversized layshaft bearing. Fits only Swiftune gear sets manufactured 2013 or later.

                                                    Layshaft Bearing, Swiftune Quaife only
                                                    Price: $34.95

                                                    Item #: FOR153 -

                                                      Unique-sized layshaft bearing to fit Quaife-manufactured dog-engagement gesarset. 24mm OD, 18mm ID.

                                                      Limited Slip Differential, Evolution
                                                      Price: $995.00

                                                      Item #: STF0100 -

                                                        This Evolution limited slip is an updated and advanced version of the old popular Salisbury clutch-type LSD. It has improved clutch material and a unique design for smooth transitions between

                                                        Limited Slip Differential, Quaife ATB
                                                        Price: $1,295.00

                                                        Item #: FOR092 -

                                                          Now a limited slip diff that is ideal for FWD cars! The all-gear mechanism of the Quaife ATB eliminates the grabby behavior of earlier plate and pawl diffs, and reduces

                                                          Nut, Cylinder Head Stud, 12 Point
                                                          Retail: $1.95
                                                          Sale: $1.66

                                                          Item #: FOR068 -

                                                            High tensile strength nut for cylinder head stud. 12 point.

                                                            Oil Cooler, AN Fittings 10-Row
                                                            Retail: $169.95
                                                            Sale: $144.46

                                                            Item #: 7011525 -

                                                              10-row oil cooler with -10 AN fittings for race application. Made by in the UK by Mocal. Quality black finish.

                                                              Push Rod, 1275, Competition
                                                              Price: $21.95

                                                              Item #: FOR080 -

                                                                A tubular, chrome moly push rod is a favorite among racers, but because of the larger diameter there is frequently a clearance issue at high lift. The Fortech pushrod is

                                                                Rebound Buffer, Tall (FOR035) Rebound Buffer, Tall (FOR035)
                                                                Price: $26.95

                                                                Item #: FOR035 -

                                                                  This oversized rebound buffer is recommended for cars that have been severely lowered, or any car converting to coil springs. The buffer pad is taller, thereby limiting suspension droop. Long

                                                                  Ring & Pinion, LSD, 3.9
                                                                  Price: $595.00

                                                                  Item #: STF0050 -

                                                                    Semi Helical crownwheel ring and pinion for Limited slip differential. Very good all around gear for vintage racing on 10" wheels. This crownwheel and pinion has been designed to fit

                                                                    Ring & Pinion, LSD, 3.7
                                                                    Price: $649.00

                                                                    Item #: C-BTA1248M -

                                                                      Competition quality 3.7:1 ratio final drive ring & pinion gears to fit limited slip differential. Crown wheel is 20% wider for greater surface contact with the pinion to spread the load.

                                                                      Ring & Pinion, STD/LSD, 4.23, Swiftune
                                                                      Price: $795.00

                                                                      Item #: FOR141-LSD -

                                                                        The 4.2 is a good final drive ratio for short tracks or racers with 13? wheels. These are semi-helical for maximum strength and superbly manufactured by Quaife, one of the UK's leading transmission manufacturers. Tooth count is 55 and 13. They are available to fit standard or LSD-type differentials.

                                                                        Ring & Pinion, STD/LSD, 3.7, Quaife
                                                                        Retail: $795.00
                                                                        Sale: $675.75-$795.00

                                                                        Item #: SW-TR37 -

                                                                          3.7 final drive ratio, semi-helical for maximum strength; available to fit standard or LSD-type differentials.

                                                                          Ring & Pinion, STD/LSD, 3.9, Swiftune (STD shown)
                                                                          Retail: $795.00
                                                                          Sale: $675.75

                                                                          Item #: SW-TR39 -

                                                                            The 3.9 is a good all-around final drive ratio for the Vintage racer. These are semi-helical for maximum strength and superbly manufactured by Quaife, one of the UK's leading transmission manufacturers.

                                                                            Ring Set JE 1275 +040 1.2 1.5 3.0
                                                                            Price: $120.00

                                                                            Item #: JE1275-RING -

                                                                              Set of 1275 +040 piston rings, made by JE. Ring sizes are 1.2mm. 1.5mm, and 3mm.

                                                                              Rocker Adjusters, Swiftune
                                                                              Price: $5.95

                                                                              Item #: FOR152 -

                                                                                Improved material and precision machining gives a perfectly round contact with the push rod cup. Fits forged and roller.

                                                                                Rocker Shaft, Race Spec, Swiftune
                                                                                Price: $129.95

                                                                                Item #: FOR151 -

                                                                                  Includes superior material and precise hardening, so the wear surface is hard but the core is not brittle, avoiding the common breakage at pedestal number one.

                                                                                  Rod Bearing Set, 1300 & A+,  Mahle Race VP2+, STD
                                                                                  Price: $229.95

                                                                                  Item #: VPR91306RACE STD -

                                                                                    Competition-grade rod bearing set for the large-journal, 1300-series engine including A+. Standard size.

                                                                                    Seal Only, 1275 MG Midget Rear Main Seal Conversion
                                                                                    Retail: $99.95
                                                                                    Sale: $84.96

                                                                                    Item #: RIC777/S -

                                                                                      Viton seal to fit the RIC777 rear main oil seal conversion commonly fitted to 1275 MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite.

                                                                                      Starter, Competition Gear Reduction
                                                                                      Price: $449.95

                                                                                      Item #: FOR109 -

                                                                                        Strong, compact, permanent magnet gear reduction starter for pre-Verto flywheels. Internal solenoid.

                                                                                        Steel Center Main Cap, Cooper S, 4-bolt
                                                                                        Price: $195.00

                                                                                        Item #: SEN0050 -

                                                                                          Steel four-bolt center main cap for Cooper S blocks. Accepts original studs, with provisions to add additional 3/8" diameter bolts.

                                                                                          Steel Main Bearing Cap Set
                                                                                          Price: $429.95

                                                                                          Item #: FOR166 -

                                                                                            Machined set of steel main caps, featuring a 4-bolt center main. A must for high-revving race engines!

                                                                                            Steel Main Cap Set, Cooper S
                                                                                            Retail: $595.00
                                                                                            Sale: $505.75

                                                                                            Item #: SEN0049 -

                                                                                              Custom-machined set of steel main caps to fit Cooper S blocks only. Thrust washer is cut into the cap but must be finished to the correct size. Line-boring required.

                                                                                              Straight-Cut Roller Drop Gear Set, 1.00:1, A+, Swiftune
                                                                                              Price: $955.00

                                                                                              Item #: FOR100 -

                                                                                                Swiftune 1275 straight-cut drop gear set, ratio 1.00:1. Features full roller idler gear. This requires A+ gear case and flywheel housing with 1.375" bearing bores, but eliminates the weak original

                                                                                                Straight-cut Roller Drop Gear Set, 1.00:1, pre-A+, Swiftune (FOR101) Straight-cut Roller Drop Gear Set, 1.00:1, pre-A+, Swiftune (FOR101)
                                                                                                Price: $995.00

                                                                                                Item #: FOR101 -

                                                                                                  Swiftune 1275 straight-cut drop gear set, ratio 1.00:1. Features full roller idler gear. This requires pre-A+ gear case and flywheel housing with 1.065" bearing bores, but eliminates the weak original