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Bolt, Spin-on Oil Filter Head
Price: $0.95
Item #: HDWS274 -

    Replaces long stud when converting to spin-on filter assembly. Two (2) required.

    Fitting, oil cooler hose to early filter head
    Price: $9.95
    Item #: AHA6423 -

      Male-male fitting that screws into early oil filter heads with 1/4 NPT pipe thread fitting. This includes early spin-on filter head 12A2032. This fitting is used when oil cooler

      Fitting, oil cooler hose to TAM2097 filter head
      Price: $12.95
      Item #: SCO0006 -

        Male-male fitting for TAM2097 spin-on filter head for oil cooler hose conversion. The threaded section into the filter head is a small-diameter parallel pipe thread and the outer thread is

        Spin-on Oil Filter Head Fitting
        Retail: $26.95
        Sale: $22.91
        Item #: TAM2119 -

          The earliest version of the spin-on adapter was 12A2032, which was replaced by the later TAM2097 filter head. SPI and later Minis used the LPX10026/LPX10027 filter head.

          Oil Filter Head Gasket, canister-type
          Price: $1.45
          Item #: 88G0402 -

            This goes betweeen the filter head and the block on earlier Minis equipped with a canister-type oil filter. See 12A2035B for spin-on filter type.

            Gasket, Spin-on Oil Filter Head
            Price: $0.99
            Item #: 12A2035B -

              Most later Minis have spin-on filters and many early ones have been upgraded for convenience of maintenance. This is the proper one for a spin-on filter head. Use 88G0402B

              Oil Pipe, Block to Filter Head, Used
              Retail: $25.00
              Sale: $21.25
              Item #: TAM2106-USED -

                Metal oil pipe that runs from the oil outlet on the block to the oil filter head. Fits A-series engine blocks up to 1990, excluding automatics.

                Plate, Under Canister Oil Filter
                Retail: $14.95
                Sale: $12.71
                Item #: 17H1148 -

                  This very important stamped steel plate and its associated spring hold the oil filter canister tight against the filter head.

                  Remote Oil Filter Head
                  Retail: $79.95
                  Sale: $67.96
                  Item #: C-STR0443A -

                    The Mini engine bay is crowded to begin with and on race cars there is often even less space. This bracket accepts a universal spin-on filter and can be fitted

                    Drain Plug Washer w/ Seal
                    Price: $2.69
                    Item #: 17H2281 -

                      O-ring seal to fit the center bolt on the Purolator oil filter canister. The Purolator filter is recognized as the one with the aluminum housing.

                      Spin-On Oil Filter Head, No Bypass
                      Retail: $159.95
                      Sale: $149.97
                      Item #: C-TAM2097 -

                        This spin-on filter head is machined out of a single billet of aluminum - not cast like the original item. It has a larger diameter inlet than the original,

                        Stud, canister oil filter head to block
                        Price: $1.25
                        Item #: 53K0615 -

                          Stud to retain canister type oil filter head to the block. Sold each.