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Brake Adjusting Combo Wrench
Price: $11.95
Item #: STL0011 -

    Has a 1/4" hex on one end for rear bleed valves, and a sturdy 5/16" open end on the other end for adjusting screws.

    Brake Fluid, Castrol GT LMA, Quart
    Item #: SBR0029 -

      Unique formula engineered to provide outstanding performance in todays high temperature braking systems. Provides optimum braking response. Exceeds DOT3 and DOT4 specifications.

      Brake Fluid, Castrol LMA DOT4, 12oz
      Item #: SBR0028 -

        LMA stands for Low Moisture Affinity, which helps overcome one of the drawbacks of convention brake fluid. Standard fluid absorbs a lot of moisture from the atmosphere, which deteriorates its

        Brake Fluid, Castrol SRF Racing, 1 Liter
        Item #: SBR0037 -

          CASTROL SRF Racing Brake Fluid is an ultra high performance product formulated specifically to satisfy the ever increasing stresses placed upon the braking systems used road racing.

          Brake Fluid, Lockheed DOT4, 500ml
          Price: $9.95
          Item #: SBR0141 -

            DOT4 Brake fluid specifically formulated for use with the natural rubber seals in your brake hydraulics. 500ml bottle.

            Brake Light Switch, Hydraulic, to 1976
            Price: $11.95
            Item #: C16062 -

              If your Mini has no brake lights the switch is the most likely culprit. The pressure of the brake fluid activates this switch which screws into a fitting on the

              KAD 4-Pot Caliper Seal Kit
              Retail: $64.95
              Sale: $54.66
              Item #: KAD1012011 -

                Seal kit for KAD 4-pot aluminum front brake calipers.

                KAD Rear Caliper Seal Kit, for pair
                Retail: $64.95
                Sale: $47.13
                Item #: SBR0072 -

                  Genuine KAD kit for rebuilding one pair of rear KAD calipers. Includes the necessary seals and o-rings.

                  Mini Brake Adjuster Tool, Small
                  Price: $2.95
                  Item #: STL0047 -

                    Pocket-sized rear brake adjuster. When the rear brake adjusters are in perfect working order this small wrench is all you need.