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Cole unveils his latest project, and starts the disassembly process

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Bypass Hose Kit
Price: $3.49
In Stock
Item #: GZA2083 -

    Good quality convoluted bypass hose, which can be compressed to fit with the head still in place. Carry a spare for that emergency road-side repair. Clamps may vary from photo.

    Bypass Hose, Kevlar-reinforced
    Price: $4.95
    In Stock
    Item #: AEG0484K -

      A straight rubber hose reinforced with Kevlar fibers for strength and long life. For installations where the head has been removed. We recommend replacing this when the head gasket

      Bypass Hose, Silicone
      Price: $5.95
      In Stock
      Item #: C-GZA2083 -

        The magic in any of the silicone hoses is that they can be removed and reused many times. They seem to last forever! As changing a bypass hose is not

        Condensor, 25D
        Price: $3.90
        In Stock
        Item #: DCB101C -

          Condensor to fit 25D distributors, found in Minis up to 1974

          Crank Sprocket, simplex
          Price: $34.95
          In Stock
          Item #: 8G0725 -

            Crank sprocket for single-row timing chain installations. Original British Leyland part.

            Distributor, Lucas Model 25D, with Vacuum Advance
            Price: $119.95
            Out of Stock
            Item #: GEU930 -

              Lucas style 25D distributor with vacuum advance for pre-A+ motors. These dizzies feature an adjustment screw for fine tuning the timing.

              Fan, Plastic, 11-blade, Heritage
              Retail: $33.95
              Sale: $31.97
              In Stock
              Item #: 12G2129/HTG -

                Heritage has used the original tooling to remake the Mowog 11-blade fan. It is quieter than the aftermarket version and is exactly like the genuine fan supplied for many

                Oil Filter, Spin-on, Premium, Mahle
                Retail: $5.95
                Price: $4.76
                In Stock
                Item #: GFE0166-MAHLE -

                  Premium quality spin-on oil filter for classic Minis up to 1996. Made in Austria by Mahle.

                  Timing Chain Cam Sprocket
                  Price: $36.95
                  In Stock
                  Item #: 12G4337 -

                    Replacement upper gear for the single-row timing chain setup.

                    Timing Chain, Single Row, Heavy Duty
                    Price: $49.95
                    In Stock
                    Item #: FOR139 -

                      Highest quality German-made Iwis timing chain. No measurable stretch. Recommended to be used with tensioner.

                      Timing Chain, Single Row, Reproduction
                      Price: $8.95
                      5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 9.95
                      In Stock
                      Item #: 3H2127E -

                        All 850-1098cc engines originally had a single-row timing chain, and they were reintroduced on later 1275 A+ engines. This is an aftermarket chain, for a genuine AE simplex chain see

                        Timing Gear Set, Duplex, Steel
                        Price: $64.35
                        In Stock
                        Item #: C-AJJ3323 -

                          Standard replacement gears, or an economical upgrade to add duplex timing gears to your simplex engine. This cast gear set lengthens chain life, maintains more accurate timing and runs