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Bypass Hose Kit (12A1093-MS)
Price: $5.50
Pending Warehouse Check
Item #: 12A1093-MS -

    Good-quality convoluted bypass hose, which can be compressed to fit with the head still in place. Ref: 12A1093-MS, 12A1093MS, 12A1093, GZA2083.

    Bypass Hose, Silicone (C-GZA2083)
    Price: $8.95
    Pending Warehouse Check
    Item #: C-GZA2083 -

      The magic in any of the silicone hoses is that they can be removed and reused many times; they seem to last forever! Ref: C-GZA2083.

      Condensor, 25D (DCB101C)
      Price: $5.50
      Pending Warehouse Check
      Item #: DCB101C -

        Condensor to fit 25D distributors, found in classic Minis up to 1974. Ref: DCB101C, DCB101, GSC2111.

        Crank Sprocket, Simplex (8G0725)
        Price: $31.50
        Pending Warehouse Check
        Item #: 8G0725 -

          Reproduction crank sprocket for single-row timing chain installations. Ref: 8G725, 8G0725, CC38.

          Distributor, Lucas Model 25D, w/ Vacuum Advance (GEU930)
          Price: $121.50
          3/23/2020 2:00:00 AM 119.9500
          Pending Warehouse Check
          Item #: GEU930 -

            Lucas-style 25D distributor with vacuum advance for pre-A+ motors, with an adjustment screw for fine tuning the timing. Ref: GEU930, 41403, ULT0141V.

            Fan, Plastic, 11-blade, Heritage (12G2129/HTG)
            Price: $46.50
            Pending Warehouse Check
            Item #: 12G2129/HTG -

              Heritage has used the original tooling to remake the Mowog 11-blade fan exactly like the original. Ref: 12G2129, 12G2129/HTG.

              Timing Chain Cam Sprocket (12G4337)
              Price: $38.95
              Pending Warehouse Check
              Item #: 12G4337 -

                Replacement upper gear for the single-row timing chain setup. Ref: 12G4337, CC39.

                Timing Chain, Single Row (3H2127E)
                Price: $10.50
                5/18/2017 2:00:00 AM 9.95
                Pending Warehouse Check
                Item #: 3H2127E -

                  Single-row timing chain as used on all 850-1098cc engines, and later 1275 A+ engines; aftermarket. Ref: 3H2127, TS52.

                  Timing Chain, Single Row, Heavy Duty (FOR139)
                  Price: $45.50
                  4/13/2021 2:00:00 AM 47.9500
                  Pending Warehouse Check
                  Item #: FOR139 -

                    Highest-quality German-made Iwis single-row timing chain; fits A-series and A+ classic Minis equipped with single-row setup.

                    Timing Gear Set, Duplex, Steel (C-AJJ3323)
                    Price: $62.95
                    5/3/2020 2:00:00 AM 64.3500
                    Pending Warehouse Check
                    Item #: C-AJJ3323 -

                      Standard replacement gears, or an economical upgrade to add duplex timing gears to your simplex engine. Ref: C-AJJ3323.

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