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Bracket, Boot Board on Rear Seat Bulkhead
Retail: $8.95
Sale: $7.88
Item #: 14A9780 -

    If your Mini does not have a boot board covering the spare tire, it is a handy thing to have. It will require the proper brackets for installation, which we sell in a set (CK948).

    Bracket, Boot Board, Center
    Price: $25.95
    Item #: 14A9782 -

      Center bracket for boot board, includes rubber catch for boot board clip (not included). Normally this bracket is riveted into place.

      Clip, seat fabric & lower dash trim (GHF1500) 14A4497, Seat Upholstery Clip (GHF1500)
      Price: $0.59
      Item #: GHF1500 -

        Clip used to attach fabric to metal seat frame. Sold each.

        Seat Base Diaphragm, Rubber
        Price: $60.95
        Item #: CZH3508E -

          Original-design rubber seat base diaphragm, complete with hooks. Used up to introduction of wire diaphragms, see C711, C716, and C719 for later applications. Aftermarket. Hooks available separately, see BHA5097.

          Hook, seat diaphragm (BHA5097) seat hook clip, Hook, seat diaphragm (BHA5097)
          Price: $0.89
          Item #: BHA5097 -

            Hook clip used to connect the seat diaphragm to the frame of the seat. Order a few extras for the ones that spring away from your work site, never

            Rear Seat Edge Trim, Grey (24A1276)
            Price: $16.95
            Item #: 24A1276 -

              Rear seat pan edge finisher. Pushes over the metal lip just in front of the rear seat. Reproduced in the original grey color that was used on Mini Saloons up to around 1990.

              Seat Back Diaphragm, 1960-1980
              Retail: $54.95
              Sale: $48.36
              Item #: C708 -

                This wire diaphragm will fit all Minis built between 1960 and 1993 (before the twin post headrest seats were introduced).

                Seat Back Diaphragm, Mk2 1967-70
                Price: $54.95
                Item #: C715 -

                  This is the original diaphram as fitted to the Mk2 Mini, and comes with the necessary springs to attach it to the seat frame.

                  Seat Base Diaphragm, wire, 1969-1993
                  Retail: $54.95
                  Sale: $48.36
                  Item #: C711 -

                    This part replaced the earlier CZH3508E rubber diaphragm, and was used as early as 1969, depending on the model. Check your seat before ordering. The diaphragm comes with the

                    Seat Base Webbing, 1993-2000
                    Price: $54.95
                    Item #: C719 -

                      Late Mini seat frames had a slightly different shape and therefore used a unique diaphragm in the seat base. Supplied each, with special hooks for installation.

                      Seat Bracket Set
                      Price: $9.95
                      Item #: SSE0051 -

                        Pair of aluminum brackets to allow some repositioning of the original seats to obtain more leg room or increased rake. Fit in standard brackets on the crossmember.

                        Seat Bracket
                        Price: $21.95
                        Item #: 24A1495 -

                          Seat bracket, attaches to crossmember for seat mounting and fore-aft adjustment. Sold each, two required per seat.

                          Seat Upholstery & Headliner Clip (front and back shown)
                          Price: $0.85
                          Item #: 14A8094 -

                            Individual clip to retain headliners and seat fabric to the seat frame. Sold each; image shows front and back of clip.

                            Seat Upholstery Clip, bag of twenty (20)
                            Price: $15.95
                            Item #: C707 -

                              Metal clip to attach fabric to standard seat frame. Bag of 20 pieces. For individual clips, see 14A8094.