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Battery accessories for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants.

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Anchor Tab, Battery Cover Strap
Price: $14.95
Pending Warehouse Check
Item #: 14A7880 -

    Anchor tab for the battery cover securing strap. Bolts to the boot floor in a classic Mini Saloon (sedan) to the same captive nut that secures the ground strap

    Battery Box, Aftermarket (SBO0048)
    Price: $62.95
    Pending Warehouse Check
    Item #: SBO0048 -

      An economical alternative to the Rover box (14A6499) is this reproduction part. It fits well and will give good service. Ref: MS31, 14A6499, SBO0048.

      Battery Box, OEM
      Price: $157.50
      12/18/2020 12:00:00 AM 144.9500
      Pending Warehouse Check
      Item #: 14A6499 -

        This part is prone to rusting out due to battery acid. Now available as a British Motor Heritage Mini product. Ref: 14A6499.

        Battery Brace, Estate
        Price: $20.95
        Special Order
        Item #: SBO0698 -

          Battery brace that attaches to the subframe mounting panel under the rear seat of the classic Mini Estate.

          Battery Cable Floor Channel, Heritage (24A1463)
          Price: $41.95
          Pending Warehouse Check
          Item #: 24A1463 -

            Metal channel that is welded to the bottom of the floor panel to protect the battery cable. Ref: 24A1463.

            Battery Cable, Front to Rear (YTA10037)
            Price: $83.95
            6/9/2022 12:00:00 AM 89.95
            Pending Warehouse Check
            Item #: YTA10037 -

              127'' length cable that runs from the battery to the solenoid. Suitable for negative or positive ground cars. Ref: YTA10037.

              Battery Cover Kit, Van & Pick Up
              Price: $104.95
              Pending Warehouse Check
              Item #: 14A7827 -

                Unique to the classic Mini Van and Pickup, this cover fits the battery that fits underneath the load floor. Ref: 14A7827, PT3013.

                Battery Cover, as Original (5L0877)
                Price: $52.50
                11/16/2022 12:00:00 AM 52.95
                Pending Warehouse Check
                Item #: 5L0877 -

                  Original-style classic Mini Saloon (sedan) battery cover, made to Rover specification. Ref: 5L877, 5L0877, YJM100020.

                  Battery Cover, Reproduction
                  Price: $57.95
                  Pending Warehouse Check
                  Item #: PT3010A -

                    Reproduction battery cover for classic Mini Saloons (sedans) 1959-2000. Ref: PT3010A, 5L877, 5L0877E.

                    Battery Ground Strap (5L888)
                    Price: $10.50
                    11/30/2021 12:00:00 AM 10.9500
                    Pending Warehouse Check
                    Item #: 5L888 -

                      Heavy duty braided steel battery ground strap, 12'' long. Ref: 5L888, 5L888MS.

                      Battery Hold-down (HAM2457)
                      Price: $18.95
                      2/1/2022 12:00:00 AM 19.95
                      Pending Warehouse Check
                      Item #: HAM2457 -

                        Metal bar that attaches to j-bolts on each side of the battery and is screwed down tight to hold your battery in place. Ref: HAM2457, 34G2065.

                        Battery J-Bolt, Estate, Pickup and Van (24A134)
                        Price: $7.50
                        Pending Warehouse Check
                        Item #: 24A134 -

                          Correct length battery-retaining J-bolt to tie-down the battery on the classic Mini Estate, Van, and Pickup. Ref: 24A134.

                          Battery J-Bolt, Front (5L1159)
                          Price: $5.50
                          Pending Warehouse Check
                          Item #: 5L1159 -

                            Front bolt for use with the battery hold-down clamp to secure your battery. Ref: 5L1159.

                            Battery J-Bolt, Rear (5L1158)
                            Price: $4.95
                            Pending Warehouse Check
                            Item #: 5L1158 -

                              Rear bolt for use with the battery hold-down clamp to secure your battery. Ref: 5L1158.

                              Battery Kill Switch, Deluxe (SEL0057)
                              Price: $47.50
                              4/27/2020 12:00:00 AM 43.95
                              Pending Warehouse Check
                              Item #: SEL0057 -

                                FIA-approved battery cut-off switch; includes two universal keys and instructions. Ref: MW002.

                                Grommet, 1, Harness Through Bulkhead & Battery Cable Through Floor (5L0023)
                                Price: $3.50
                                Pending Warehouse Check
                                Item #: 5L0023 -

                                  Large rubber grommet to fit 1'' hole for passage of wires, hoses, pipes etc. The center hole is 7/32''. Ref: 5L23, 5L0023.

                                  Ground Strap, Engine (2K8617)
                                  Price: $13.50
                                  6/4/2018 2:00:00 AM 9.9500
                                  Pending Warehouse Check
                                  Item #: 2K8617 -

                                    Extra-length braided strap looks original but allows more flexibility with mounting locations. Ref: 5L1137, CMB115, 2K8617.

                                    Strap, Battery Cover (14A7776)
                                    Price: $20.95
                                    7/26/2017 2:00:00 AM 18.9500
                                    Pending Warehouse Check
                                    Item #: 14A7776 -

                                      Rubber strap to hold the battery cover in place; as original. Ref: 14A7776.

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