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Bracket, Smiths PCV Valve
Price: $6.00
Item #: 12G0609 -

    Upright metal steady bracket for the Smiths PCV valve, as fitted to twin carb Minis. Use with 13H5191 Smiths valve.

    Carb Spacer, 1.75"
    Price: $15.95
    Item #: MFA446 -

      Carb-to-manifold spacer with facility for fitting a vacuum gauge. Suitable for HS6 and HIF44. 6.3mm thick.

      Carb Spacer, HS6/HIF44, 6mm thick
      Price: $17.95
      8/6/2018 12:00:00 AM 19.9500
      Item #: 610849 -

        Most single HIF44 installations use a 1/2" thick phenolic spacer between the carb and the inlet manifold.

        Clip, Choke Cable, HS4 Carb
        Price: $7.00
        Item #: 13H3472 -

          Metal clip that holds the choke cable to the 12G766 abutment plate.

          Coarse Thread Stud, stainless
          Price: $1.95
          Item #: CHS2515C -

            Coarse thread mounting stud in stainless, 2" long. Ideal for HIF carb on C-AHT770 manifold or other applications. Sold each.

            Diaphragm, Smiths PCV Valve
            Price: $9.50
            Item #: 27H7758 -

              Replacement rubber diaphragm for Smiths PCV valve.

              Fitting, Intake Manifold
              Price: $15.95
              Item #: 12H1405 -

                Vacuum fitting for intake manifold. Used for the takeoff for Smiths PCV valve or brake servo.

                Heat Shield Kit, twin HS4, Black
                Price: $42.95
                Item #: SIE0122 -

                  Heat shield kit in black for twin HS4 (1.5") carb set.

                  Heat Shield Kit, twin HS4, stainless
                  Retail: $42.95
                  Sale: $40.80
                  Item #: SIE0122SS -

                    Heat shield kit in stainless for twin HS4 (1.5") carb set.

                    Inlet Manifold, twin HS2 SU, Maniflow
                    Price: $359.95
                    Item #: SUA2-3 -

                      Fabricated inlet manifold for twin SU HS2 carbs. This manifold gives a useful 3-5 HP performance increase over the cast aluminum manifolds. A quality Maniflow product, made in U.K.

                      Inlet Manifold, twin SU, Maniflow
                      Price: $350.00
                      Item #: C-AEG490 -

                        Special fabricated inlet manifold for twin H4, HS4 or HIF4/38 carbs. Bore is 1.5" at the carb flange. This manifold gives a useful performance increase over the cast aluminum manifolds.

                        Intake and exhaust manifold, HS4, Used
                        Price: $95.00
                        Item #: 12G787-USED -

                          One piece cast iron intake and exhaust manifold for use with single SU HS4 carburetor. Used condition.

                          Intake Manifold, 3.5" Weber
                          Price: $299.95
                          Item #: SIE0241 -

                            3.5" long intake manifold for Weber 40 or 45DCOE. Allows for Weber carb installation without modifying your Mini's firewall.

                            Intake Manifold, 4" Weber, Competition
                            Price: $289.95
                            Item #: SIE0254 -

                              Aluminum intake manifold kit for 45DCOE Weber. Developed for competition use.

                              Intake Manifold, 5" Weber
                              Price: $299.95
                              Item #: SIE0242 -

                                5" long intake manifold for Weber 40 or 45DCOE. Maniflow’s tubular steel manifolds out-perform the aluminum versions!

                                Intake Manifold, Single 1.5" and 1.75"
                                Price: $64.95
                                Item #: C-AHT770 -

                                  Modern design cast-aluminum intake manifold for use with single HS4, HIF4/HIF38, HS6, HIF6/HIF44 SU carburetor on 1380cc and smaller Mini engines. Provision for water heating included. Will clear most LCB

                                  Intake Manifold, Single 1.75" Maniflow
                                  Price: $329.95
                                  Item #: C-AHT770M -

                                    A no-nonsense, no-frills manifold for the 1-3/4" S.U. HIF6 / HIF44 carburetor. Has no vacuum take-off. Not water heated. This genuine Maniflow intake manifold is made just for performance. Tubular

                                    Intake Manifold, Twin HS4, Genuine
                                    Price: $209.95
                                    9/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 229.9500
                                    Item #: AUE1015 -

                                      Aluminum inlet manifold to fit twin 1.5? HS4 SU carburetters onto the Mini. Made by SU to the original specifications.

                                      Intake Manifolds, Split Weber
                                      Price: $279.95
                                      Item #: C-AHT775 -

                                        Fabricated steel inlet manifolds for Weber carburetors. These are made by Maniflow and are specifically designed for right-hand drive installations. Sold as a pair.

                                        Intake/Exhaust Port Cover
                                        Price: $29.95
                                        Item #: FOR051 -

                                          Blanking plate to cover the intake and exhaust ports on your spare engine during transport.

                                          Linkage Plate, HS4, Used
                                          Retail: $35.00
                                          Sale: $33.08
                                          Item #: 12G0766-USED -

                                            Used abutment plate for single HS4 carburetor. This plate has the mounting stud for the original air filter and also locates the throttle and choke cables.

                                            Manifold, Intake, Twin HS2 Carbs
                                            Price: $119.95
                                            1/19/2018 12:00:00 AM 129.95
                                            Item #: C-AEG488 -

                                              Cast aluminum intake manifold for twin carbs. This intake manifold has been carefully produced to minimize cross-port flow interference caused by the balance tube and has generous radii in all

                                              Manifold, Intake, Twin SU HS4-HS6
                                              Price: $119.95
                                              Item #: C-AEG0489 -

                                                Cast alloy type, fits twin SU carbs, either HS4 or HS6. This intake manifold has been carefully produced to minimize cross-port flow interference caused by the balance tube and has

                                                O-Ring Mounting Plate, DCOE Weber
                                                Price: $6.95
                                                Item #: MAG230 -

                                                  Original Misab mounting plate for side draft 40, 45, or 48 DCOE Weber. The integral rubber o-ring helps prevent vibration and fuel frothing. Two (2) required; sold each.

                                                  PCV Valve, Smiths
                                                  Price: $59.95
                                                  Item #: 13H5191 -

                                                    This valve is needed on most nearly all twin carb models such as MG midget, MGB and of course Cooper S models to pass emissions control tests, but a properly operating valve has no adverse effect on performance, but may improve it.

                                                    Plug, Manifold Vacuum Port & Cylinder Head Temp Sender
                                                    Price: $3.99
                                                    Item #: 88G0619 -

                                                      Threaded metal plug to fit the vacuum port on original and aftermarket inlet manifolds and also the temperature sending unit hole in the cylinder head.

                                                      Soft Mount Kit, Weber
                                                      Price: $34.95
                                                      Item #: 99005.145 -

                                                        Use this mounting kit for 45DCOE or 45DCOE side draft Weber carbs.

                                                        Spacer, HS2
                                                        Price: $16.95
                                                        Item #: 1G2623 -

                                                          Spacer for 1.25" HS2 carb. Approximately .210" thick. Use three (3) 1G2624 gaskets per carb for most installations.

                                                          Stud, Twin HS2 Manifold
                                                          Price: $3.95
                                                          Item #: CHS2614 -

                                                            This is the proper stud to use in the aluminum intake manifold for twn HS2 carbs. 3/8", fine thread on one end, course on the other. Can also be use as the stud for spin-on filter housing.

                                                            Weber Single Cable Linkage Kit, Deluxe
                                                            Price: $215.00
                                                            Item #: SIE0253 -

                                                              Deluxe Weber DCOE on-carb linkage assembly. Super low profile sliding linkage with adjustment of 22-48mm for full opening and easy throttle return tension.

                                                              Weber Top Mount Linkage
                                                              Price: $109.95
                                                              7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM 126.9500
                                                              Item #: SIE0024 -

                                                                This competition linkage kit bolts to the top of a DCOE Weber carb, giving smooth, predictable throttle control.