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Lock Nut, 3/8", Titan Roller Rocker
Price: $1.95

Item #: SEN0445 -

    Locking jam nut to fit Titan roller rocker, or any rocker using a 3/8” screw. Sold each.

    Nut, ARP 12 Point,  5/16-24
    Price: $2.95

    Item #: N51624 -

      High strength nut for use on forged rockers, rocker pedestals or exhaust manifold. Sold each.

      Price: $99.95

      Item #: FOR168 -

        Features a positive ratcheting grip system to ensure that it fits tightly and stays in place, plus a large o-ring to fit against the rocker cover spout and seal the oil in.

        Oil Filler Cap, fits SAC0016
        Price: $7.95

        Item #: SAC0137 -

          Replacement chrome cap for SAC0016 chrome metal rocker cover.

          Pushrod, 850 998 & 1098cc engines
          Retail: $19.95
          Sale: $16.79

          Item #: 2A0014 -

            Pushrod as used with small bore engines. Sold each.

            Rocker Adjusters, Swiftune
            Price: $5.95

            Item #: FOR152 -

              Improved material and precision machining gives a perfectly round contact with the push rod cup. Fits forged and roller.

              Rocker Adjusting Screw
              Retail: $3.99
              Sale: $3.36

              Item #: 12H3376 -

                Rocker adjusting screws are often worn but rarely inspected, both ends of this complex screw are often worn and in dire need of replacement.

                Rocker Adjusting Nut, 1/2" AF
                Price: $0.95

                Item #: NT605061 -

                  1/2" AF wide nut to fit the larger size rocker screw as used on all forged, sintered and later pressed steel versions that use the 12H3376 screw.

                  Rocker Arm Bushing
                  Retail: $5.75
                  Sale: $4.84

                  Item #: 2A0021 -

                    For accurate valve adjustment, you may need to replace these when you replace the rocker shaft to achieve correct clearances. There fit forged rocker arms and bushed roller rockers. Sold

                    Forged Rocker Arm, with Hardware
                    Price: $18.95

                    Item #: 12G1221E -

                      Reproduction of the forged Cooper/Cooper S rocker, with replaceable bronze bushing and original oil drillings to adjuster screw. Includes adjuster screw and lock nut. Sold each.

                      Rocker Assembly, A+ Sintered, Used
                      Retail: $35.00
                      Sale: $33.08

                      Item #: SEVU0034 -

                        Take-off set of the latest sintered rockers. These squared-off rockers are made by squeezing metal particles at high pressure and were used for several years until the end of

                        Rocker Assembly, Forged High Lift, 1.4 ratio
                        Price: $695.00

                        Item #: SEN0104 -

                          Forged steel rocker set in 1.4 ratio; ideal for both street and race applications, and avoids the high stresses and wear of 1.5 ratio.

                          High-Lift Forged Rocker Assembly
                          Retail: $269.95
                          Sale: $255.10
                          6/1/2017 12:00:00 AM 349.95
                          Item #: SEN0027 -

                            1.5:1 ratio "high-lift" forged rocker kit. The benefit of higher lift with certain cams is well documented. The improved rocker ratio speeds the opening of the valve for even greater

                            Roller Tip Rocker Set, 1275, High-Lift
                            Price: $437.95
                            10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 499.9500
                            Item #: C-AHT446 -

                              Bolting on high-lift rockers can give Mini engines much greater top-end power. 1.5 ratio rockers open the valves faster and further, while maintaining the same duration. The roller tip over

                              Rocker Assembly, Pedestal
                              Retail: $775.00
                              Sale: $719.29

                              Item #: SEN0289 -

                                New high performance 1.5 ratio high-lift alloy roller-tip roller rockers. Features pedestals with extensions so each rocker is within a pair of supports, this new design reduces flex.

                                Rocker Cover T-Bars, Chrome
                                Price: $14.95

                                Item #: SAC0071 -

                                  These chrome T-bars replace your factory rocker cover nuts so you can remove the cover without using tools. And they look good while doing it! Pair of T-bars only; for

                                  Rocker Cover w/ Cap, Chrome
                                  Retail: $49.95
                                  Sale: $47.20

                                  Item #: SAC0016 -

                                    A chrome all-metal replacement valve cover with chrome oil cap. A dressed-up version of the stock cover, for a tasteful under-bonnet look.

                                    Rocker Cover, aluminum, flat top, polished
                                    Price: $49.95
                                    5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 72.95
                                    Item #: SAC0001 -

                                      Attractive flat top polished aluminum rocker cover, with cooling fins. High top design works with some high lift rockers and camshafts. Installer is responsible for checking that clearance is obtained

                                      Rocker Cover, aluminum, flat top, powder coated
                                      Retail: $80.93
                                      Sale: $69.97

                                      Item #: FP26 -

                                        Attractive flat top, powder-coated painted finish in red or blue with polished aluminum ribs. High top design works with some high lift rockers and camshafts. Installer is responsible for checking

                                        Rocker Pedestal Shim .030"
                                        Price: $3.99

                                        Item #: C-2A515 -

                                          These .030" shims go underneath the rocker pedestals for small adjustments.

                                          Rocker Screw and Nut Set, Titan Rocker
                                          Retail: $9.95
                                          Sale: $9.40

                                          Item #: SEN0378 -

                                            3/8? diameter rocker screw with nut to fit Titan or similar roller rockers. Sold each, with a jam nut included.

                                            Rocker Shaft Lock Screw
                                            Price: $3.95

                                            Item #: 2A0258 -

                                              Locking screw at top of rocker pedestal to secure the shaft in the correct orientation. Head engages in special locking plate 2A0515 to prevent loosening.

                                              Rocker Shaft Spacer Spring
                                              Retail: $3.00
                                              Sale: $2.84

                                              Item #: 6K0556 -

                                                Rocker shaft spring (3) between rockers on every A series engine.

                                                Heavy-Duty Rocker Shaft
                                                Price: $29.95

                                                Item #: SEN0022HD -

                                                  Thick-walled (3.6mm), case- hardened rocker shaft. Ideal replacement for a standard rocker shaft, which quickly shows wear on the underside. Performance engines with strong valve springs can even break standard

                                                  Rocker Shaft, Race Spec, Swiftune
                                                  Price: $129.95

                                                  Item #: FOR151 -

                                                    Includes superior material and precise hardening, so the wear surface is hard but the core is not brittle, avoiding the common breakage at pedestal number one.

                                                    Rocker Shaft, Standard
                                                    Price: $25.95

                                                    Item #: 12A1950 -

                                                      Genuine Rover part. Replacing a worn rocker shaft can cure noisy valves. To check for wear, inspect the underside of the shaft. This can usually be done by backing off

                                                      Rocker Spacer Kit, w/ Spacers & Shims
                                                      Price: $26.95

                                                      Item #: C-AEG0392 -

                                                        Spacer kit re-designed in 2005 for correcting rocker alignment. This kit has been produced to help rocker pad and valve stem alignment plus reducing friction. The standard springs can be replaced with this special kit of three (3) spacers (two small and o

                                                        Rocker Stud, Long, ARP
                                                        Price: $5.50

                                                        Item #: AG3.125-1 -

                                                          The longer of the two rocker studs is used on the two outer pedestals. This is the high-strength version made by ARP.

                                                          Rocker Stud, Short, ARP
                                                          Price: $5.50

                                                          Item #: AG3.00-1 -

                                                            Shorter of the two rocker pedestal studs, used on the outer two pedestals. High-strength version made by ARP.

                                                            Shim, Rocker Shaft .010"
                                                            Price: $0.89

                                                            Item #: AEG0169 -

                                                              Originally fitted to help rocker pad to valve stem alignment and reduce friction, the standard springs can also be replaced with solid spacers and these shims. Sold individually.

                                                              Shim, Rocker Shaft .040"
                                                              Price: $0.95

                                                              Item #: AEG0168 -

                                                                Originally fitted to help rocker pad to valve stem alignment and reduce friction, the standard springs can also be replaced with solid spacers and these shims. Sold individually.

                                                                Shim/Lockplate, Rocker Pedestal
                                                                Price: $5.95

                                                                Item #: 2A0515-USED -

                                                                  Shim for use under rocker pedestal for maintaining rocker geometry. Can also be used as a locking plate on top of the rocker pedestal to secure 2A0258 rocker locking screw,

                                                                  Washer, Rocker Pedestal, ARP
                                                                  Retail: $1.45
                                                                  Sale: $1.23

                                                                  Item #: W516916 -

                                                                    ARP parallel-ground heavy-duty 5/16" flat washer. Used on rocker shaft pedestals, and included in SEN0409 and SEN0410 kits.