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Antenna Mast, Roof Mount, 1996-on
Retail: $31.95
Sale: $26.89
Item #: XUJ100070 -

    This is the detachable mast part of the roof antenna on twin point Minis, 1996-on; attaches to base XUF000020.

    Antenna, roof mount
    Price: $22.95
    Item #: SEL0104 -

      Roof-mount antenna, for that "radio-controlled" look. Chrome mast and head. Adjustable rake. Long cable to reach radio. Single hole must be drilled in roof for

      Antenna, wing/fender mounted
      Price: $14.95
      5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM 18.95
      Item #: SEL0105 -

        Radio antenna for wing (fender) mounting. Long cable to reach radio head. This is an aftermarket product that does the job of the original Rover version, but for much less.

        Plug, Rubber, 7/8", OE
        Price: $3.50
        Item #: 14A7091 -

          Thick, heavy rubber plug as used originally on Minis in 7/8" holes in the floors, Mk1-Mk2 radius arm cover plates, unused steering column hole and antenna holes.