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Drain Plug Washer, Copper
Price: $1.95
Item #: AED0172 -

    Copper washer for oil drain plug. Should be replaced every second or third oil change to help prevent drips.

    Gasket, oil filter housing, automatic
    Retail: $3.95
    Sale: $3.48
    Item #: GUG705552GM -

      Gasket for oil filter housing on automatic transmission-equipped cars. Compare the shape to your old gasket before ordering.

      Oil Filter Element, Paper
      Price: $9.95
      Item #: GFE0103 -

        Original specification Minis are still found with the early canister oil filter arrangement. This filter has a paper element. If originality is not an objective, you may want to consider

        Oil Filter, Austin America Automatic
        Retail: $29.95
        Sale: $26.36
        Item #: GFE0122 -

          Special canister filter element for the America with automatic transmission. We have found a small supply of New Old Stock UK-made filters that are specific to this installation.

          Oil Filter, Spin On, for MPi Cooler Adapter Kit
          Retail: $9.95
          Sale: $8.76
          Item #: GFE9999 -

            Special "shorty" spin-on oil filter, approx. 2" tall x 3" diameter. Fits only fuel-injected MPi Minis that have had the MPi oil cooler conversion kit SCO0089 installed.

            Oil Filter, Mini Automatic
            Price: $14.95
            Item #: GFE0104 -

              The Mini automatic transmission requires the use of a special canister oil filter; GFE0104 is good for all years of classic Mini (1959-2000) with automatic transmission.

              Oil Filter, Spin On, 1997-on
              Price: $6.50
              5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM 8.95
              Item #: GFE0280 -

                Late Minis with multi-point injection and front-mounted radiator used this filter, which screws directly to the block. Genuine Unipart or Rover quality.

                Oil Filter, Spin On, Aftermarket
                Price: $4.95
                Item #: GFE0443 -

                  Spin-on oil filter for classic Minis up to 1996. European-made by UFI to OE specifications.

                  K&N Oil Filter
                  Price: $14.95
                  Item #: SEN0014 -

                    This spin-on oil filter from K&N is perhaps the best filter available. It traps particles down to 10-20 microns in size, and flows 12-16 GPM. A very handy feature is

                    Oil Filter, Spin-on, Premium, Mahle
                    Price: $5.95
                    Item #: GFE0166-MAHLE -

                      Premium quality spin-on oil filter for classic Minis up to 1996. Made in Austria by Mahle.

                      MOC1018 - Pump-to-Filter Oil Hose, 12A engine, 2x 11/16UNF
                      Retail: $132.95
                      Sale: $117.00
                      Item #: MOC1018 -

                        After about 1990, all Mini engines used an external oil pipe with rubber ferrules that are known to leak or blow out in heavy use. You can avoid risk of

                        Oil Hose, pump-to-filter, 5/8UNF X 11/16UNF
                        Retail: $132.95
                        Sale: $117.00
                        Item #: MOC1019 -

                          For a nicer engine bay, you may want to consider this stainless braided oil hose, which replaces the original rigid pipe.

                          Oil Hose, pump-to-filter, 5/8" UNF and 1/4" NPT
                          Retail: $132.95
                          Sale: $113.01
                          Item #: TAM2106-HD -

                            For a nicer engine bay, you may want to consider this stainless braided oil hose, which replaces the original rigid pipe. This fits the pre-1992 block with 5/8" UNF outlet

                            Plate, Under Canister Oil Filter
                            Retail: $14.95
                            Sale: $12.71
                            Item #: 17H1148 -

                              This very important stamped steel plate and its associated spring hold the oil filter canister tight against the filter head.

                              Drain Plug Washer w/ Seal
                              Price: $2.69
                              Item #: 17H2281 -

                                O-ring seal to fit the center bolt on the Purolator oil filter canister. The Purolator filter is recognized as the one with the aluminum housing.

                                Seal, Oil Filter Bolt
                                Price: $1.59
                                Item #: 7H1948 -

                                  Seal under cupped washer oil filter canister bolt.

                                  Spin-on Oil Filter Housing, Used
                                  Price: $48.95
                                  8/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 66.9500
                                  Item #: 12A2032-USED -

                                    Replaces clumsy multi-part canister-type oil filter, so you can use a readily removable spin-on unit. This is a used part. Casting number may vary. To install, the long studs from

                                    Spin-on Oil Filter Kit, Used
                                    Price: $74.95
                                    Item #: SEVK010 -

                                      Everything you need to convert your cannister/element type oil filter system to the modern spin-on cartridge type. Includes a good used 12A2032 filter head, New filter, gasket, and bolts for