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Throttle pedals and accessories for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants.

See also Brake Pedals or Clutch Pedals

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Accelerator Pedal Cover, 1976-96 (A200016)
Price: $16.50
Out of Stock
Item #: A200016 -

    Oversize "Sports Pedal" style gas pedal cover for Mk4 classic Minis built from 1976-96; gives your car the look of the 1997-onwards Sports Pack Minis

    Accelerator Pedal, Hopkirk-style, 1977-95
    Price: $14.95
    In Stock
    Item #: A200015B -

      A slightly larger size than the standard size Hopkirk pedal pad; mounts over existing pedal surface and fits all classic Minis

      Accelerator Pedal, Paddy Hopkirk, up to 1976
      Price: $20.95
      In Stock
      Item #: SAC0162D -

        Get that rally look and improve your heel-and-toe technique with a Paddy Hopkirk footprint-shaped metal pad on the gas pedal. Official Hopkirk model, for Mk1 and Mk2 classic Minis

        Aluminum Sport Pedal Set, 1976-96
        Price: $31.95
        In Stock
        Item #: SAC0011 -

          These aluminum alloy pedals will help you with spirited driving and look great, too. Grippy pattern keeps your feet in place.

          Pedal Pad, Brake and Clutch to 75, throttle 76-96
          Price: $2.50
          In Stock
          Item #: GPR0104 -

            Rectangular rubber pedal pad fits brake and clutch pedals to 1975, and throttle pedal from 1976-on. Black; sold each.

            Pedal Pad, Throttle, Early
            Price: $3.95
            10/30/2020 12:00:00 AM 4.50
            In Stock
            Item #: GPR0105 -

              Black rubber accelerator pad for 1959-1975 classic Minis.

              Sport Pedal Set
              Price: $79.95
              In Stock
              Item #: SAC0052 -

                Good-looking, oversized, sturdy pedals improve pedal feel; made specifically for the classic Mini, so they're not too big for the small pedal space. Brushed stainless steel.

                Throttle Cable, 1995-1996 SPi, Left Hand Drive
                Price: $21.95
                12/17/2019 2:00:00 AM 24.9500
                In Stock
                Item #: SBB102500 -

                  54'' throttle cable for the later 1995 and 1996 fuel-injected SPi classic Mini. Includes cable and outer sheath assembly.

                  Throttle Cable, MPi, Left-Hand Drive
                  Price: $32.95
                  In Stock
                  Item #: SBB103720E -

                    Throttle cable with threaded end for left-hand drive 1997-on MPi classic Minis. 38'' length.

                    Throttle Pedal Stop
                    Price: $17.95
                    7/15/2019 12:00:00 AM 18.9500
                    In Stock
                    Item #: 21A349 -

                      This rubber cushioned pedal stop bolts to the lower bolt of the pedal box and prevents the throttle pedal from lifting too high.

                      Throttle Pedal, LHD, 1976-on, USED
                      Price: $99.95
                      In Stock
                      Item #: FAM7873-USED -

                        The classic Mini gas pedal was revised in 1976 and, of course, the left-hand drive pedal is different from the right-hand drive. USED pedal, ideal for right-hand conversion