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KAD engines and engine components for the classic Mini, Mini Cooper, and variants

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Engine Stabilizer Rod, Adjustable Race
Price: $114.95
In Stock
Item #: KAD1013283 -

    This adjustable upper engine steady rod is left- and right-hand threaded with spherical rod ends, and provides rigid engine location. Can be lengthened and shortened for engine positioning without removal.

    Flywheel Bolt, pre-Verto
    Price: $36.95
    In Stock
    Item #: KAD1011235 -

      KAD-made improved flywheel bolt for high-performance applications. For pre-Verto installations.

      KAD Aluminum Flywheel, Inertia Starter
      Price: $649.95
      In Stock
      Item #: KAD1011200 -

        Lightweight alloy flywheel and backplate package from KAD

        Flywheel, KAD Aluminum, pre-Engaged Starter
        Price: $649.95
        In Stock
        Item #: KAD1011200-PE -

          Aluminum alloy flywheel with replacable sintered steel center and thing ring gear for pre-engaged starter applications

          KAD Adjustable Lower Engine Steady Kit
          Price: $229.95
          Out of Stock
          Item #: KAD1011370 -

            A pair of double-threaded steadies to rigidly connect the gearbox to the subframe to reduce engine movement. Spherical rod ends at each end eliminate rubber bushings, but will transmit

            KAD Aluminum Flywheel Backplate
            Price: $349.95
            In Stock
            Item #: KAD1011220 -

              Lightweight, CNC-machined aluminum alloy flywheel backplate from KAD

              KAD Flywheel Puller
              Price: $259.95
              7/31/2020 12:00:00 AM 279.95
              In Stock
              Item #: STL0070 -

                Professional-grade flywheel puller, with hardened steel threaded center bolt to allow use with air tools to speed disassembly.

                Timing Belt, KAD Twin-Cam
                Price: $109.95
                1/8/2020 12:00:00 AM
                In Stock
                Item #: CB9311 -

                  Replacement timing belt for classic Minis with KAD twin-cam heads