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Grille Button Set, chrome
Price: $17.95
Item #: MS99 -

    A pair of chrome grille buttons for quick removal of the Mini grille for oil changes and servicing. A traditional and useful Mini accessory.

    Grille Insert Panel, Van & Pickup
    Price: $84.95
    Item #: SBO0040 -

      Mini Utility Vehicles, the Van and Pickup, used the same front panel with the pressed steel non-removable grille. This weld-in repair panel is to be used to repair a damaged grille

      Grille Panel, Late Moke
      Price: $199.00
      Item #: HYE0880 -

        Removable grille panel as used on Australian and Portugese Mokes. Special order, lead time may be required.

        Grille Stiffener, Cooper S
        Price: $19.95
        Item #: SBO0680 -

          Diagonally mounted sheet metal brace to reinforce the grille opening on Cooper S models with oil cooler.

          Grille Surround Extension Clip, Mk1
          Price: $1.00
          Item #: ADA3583 -

            Small clip made in stainless that retains the Mk1 grille extension whiskers. Order two (2) per side; sold each.

            14A7782, both sides shown
            Price: $16.95
            8/30/2017 12:00:00 AM 21.9500
            Item #: 14A7782/3 -

              This extension for the Mk1 grill surround is commonly called the "whisker" and is often missing. Choose right- or left-hand side.

              Grille Surround, Mk1, for Use on Replacement Front Panel
              Price: $149.95
              8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM 164.9500
              Item #: 14A7781-RETRO -

                Mk1 "mustache" grille surround, can also be used on Mk2 and later front panels. Fits best on replacement front panels or later cars to achieve the look of the earlier Mk1 style.

                Grille Surround, Mk2-on
                Price: $22.50-$45.00
                Item #: ALA6508/9 -

                  Mk2 Minis (1968) introduced the style of grille trims that were used until the end of Mini production. Choose right- or left-hand side.

                  Upper Grille Surround, Mk2-on
                  Price: $36.95
                  Item #: ALA6559 -

                    Starting with Mk2 Minis, the grille's upper trim was mounted to a lip on the bonnet.

                    Grille, Austin Cooper and S, Mk1
                    Price: $159.95
                    8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM 167.9500
                    Item #: 24A0198 -

                      Excellent reproduction of the grille originally fitted to Mk1 Austin Cooper and Cooper S models. For Mk1 Morris Cooper grille, see 24A2158.

                      Grille, Mk1. Austin 850
                      Retail: $149.95
                      Sale: $130.46
                      Item #: 14A7299 -

                        Used originally on non-Cooper Austin Mk1 models, this distinctive grille has a "woven wicker" look. High quality reproduction.

                        Grille, Mk1, Morris Cooper and S
                        Price: $129.95
                        8/22/2017 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
                        Item #: 24A2158 -

                          Fewer Morris Cooper models are found than Austins. The Mk1 Morris Cooper and S models had this upscale grille that featured polished slats mounted at a downward angle. Top quality

                          Grille, Mk1, Morris Cooper and S, with Lamp Openings
                          Retail: $159.95
                          Sale: $151.96
                          8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM 169.9500
                          Item #: 8B12506 -

                            Lamp-carrying grille in the style of Mk1 Morris Cooper; if you want to fit flush-mount driving lamps into your grille, this is the one to use. Round 6" cut-outs accept a pair of lamps (not included); highly polished stainless steel slats.

                            Grille, Mk1, Morris Cooper, for internal bonnet release
                            Price: $129.95
                            Item #: 24A2159 -

                              For those who want to retrofit a Mk1 style grille to a later Mini, this Morris Cooper grille is ideal. No access hole for bonnet release.

                              Grille, Mk2-on, Austin Mini
                              Price: $109.95
                              Item #: ALA6654 -

                                A high-quality reproduction grille with eleven (11) slats. Has finger hole for bonnet release. Note that the Cooper version of this grille is slightly different, see ALA6668.

                                Grille, Mk2-on, Black
                                Price: $99.95
                                6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 109.9500
                                Item #: CZH4015E -

                                  This is the black version of the straight slat Mk2-on grille. It was used on many of the special edition Minis, but can be fitted to any 1968-2000 Mini.

                                  Grille, Mk2-on, Cooper
                                  Price: $89.95
                                  8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM 109.9500
                                  Item #: ALA6668 -

                                    Attractive reproduction grille that can be used as a replacement or upgrade grille for many classic Mini models.

                                    Grille, Mk2-on, Cooper, internal bonnet release
                                    Price: $99.95
                                    6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 109.95
                                    Item #: ALA6669 -

                                      This grille is the same appearance as ALA6668 Cooper grille, but has no finger access hole for bonnet release. Top slat is full width for use with internal cable bonnet

                                      Grille, Mk2-on, stainless
                                      Price: $129.95
                                      7/11/2018 12:00:00 AM 149.95
                                      Item #: 8B12504 -

                                        This grille is an upgraded version of ALA6668 / DHB10151MMM. It features stainless slats instead of polished aluminum, and is heavier in construction. Has bonnet release opening, but is available

                                        Grille, Mk2-on, Stainless, for Internal Bonnet Release
                                        Price: $129.95
                                        Item #: SBO0707 -

                                          This grille is an upgraded version of ALA6668 Cooper grille, featuring highly polished stainless steel slats. No hole for finger access to the bonnet release.

                                          Grille, Mk2-on, w/ Lamp Openings
                                          Retail: $174.95
                                          Sale: $168.24
                                          8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM 189.9500
                                          Item #: SBO0708 -

                                            The addition of driving or fog lamps to the Mini grille is a traditional modification that still looks great. Holes are 6", for flush mount lamps. This grille is based

                                            Grille, Mk2-on, Wavy, for Retro Look
                                            Price: $149.95
                                            Item #: 8B12507 -

                                              Some Mini owners use these to achieve a Mk1 look when modifying their later Minis. The original Mk1 grille is not an exact fit, but this is. Designed for finger

                                              Grille, Mk2-on, Wavy, internal bonnet release
                                              Retail: $145.95
                                              Sale: $137.92
                                              10/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
                                              Item #: 8B12508 -

                                                If you have a late model Mini with cable bonnet release, this version of the wavy grille is for you. It has no finger hole access to the bonnet release.

                                                Screw, Grille Surround
                                                Price: $0.25
                                                Item #: HDWS102 -

                                                  Stainless steel self-tapping sheet metal screw to fit Mk1 mustache and Mk2 grille surrounds.

                                                  Screw, Grille Surround, Oversized
                                                  Price: $0.29
                                                  Item #: HDWS103 -

                                                    One size larger stainless steel sheet metal screw for Mk1 grille surround. Use this when the holes have become enlarged due to repeated use. #8 screw, 3/8" length.

                                                    Side Grille Trim Finisher
                                                    Price: $5.99
                                                    Item #: 37H8108 -

                                                      This plastic channel installs on the bare metal edge of the Mk2-on grille side trims, to prevent them from caffing into the paint on the front panel.

                                                      Upper Chrome Trim Finisher, Mk2-on
                                                      Price: $12.95
                                                      Item #: 24A2708 -

                                                        This small flexible chrome finisher installs on the bare metal edge of the upper chrome grille trim to stop it from scratching the paint. Now discontinued from Rover, so