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Front Mount, 1976-on, Aftermarket
Price: $7.95

Item #: 21A2624 -

    The mounts at the front corners of the subframe were part of the "face lift" modifications made in 1976 to quiet the Mini in order to appeal to more customers.

    Front Subframe Tower Bolt, Mk4-on, Used
    Price: $39.95

    Item #: 21A2596-USED -

      The rubber mounted subframes introduced in 1976 are recognizable by the single large mounting bolt above each subframe tower. This bolt is available used only.

      Front Subframe Tower Mounting Bolt, up to 1976
      Retail: $7.90
      Sale: $7.47

      Item #: 21A0090 -

        Four of these special bolts (two per tower) are used on the front subframe tower on Minis manufactured before 1976.

        Front Subframe Tower Mounting Bolt, up to 1976, Used
        Price: $5.50

        Item #: 21A0090-USED -

          Bolts as found on the front subframe tower on Minis manufactured before 1976. Used, sold each.

          Mount Kit, 1976-on Front Subframe Tower, Poly
          Price: $34.95

          Item #: SSS0190 -

            This kit includes two each of the upper and lower front subframe tower pads, 21A2597 and 21A2598, in long-lasting polyurethane. Fits 1976-2000 Minis.

            Mount Kit, 1976-on Front Subframe Tower, Solid
            Price: $41.95

            Item #: C-STR640 -

              Early Minis had solidly mounted subframes and you can achieve the same thing with a later subframe car. Set of 4 machined alloy bushings replace the stock rubber bushes above

              Mount, front subframe, rear, 1976-on
              Price: $9.95

              Item #: 21A2599 -

                Lower metal-rubber mounts found on each tail of the subframe; use two (2) per car. Aftermarket.

                Mounting Bolt Bushing, 1976-on, rubber
                Price: $7.95
                6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 9.9500
                Item #: 21A2597 -

                  Stock specification upper rubber bushing on subframe tower mounting bolt. Use 1 per side. See 21A2597HD for polyurethane and C-STR640 for metal alternates.

                  Mounting Bolt Pad, lower, 1976-on, rubber
                  Price: $9.95
                  11/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 12.95
                  Item #: 21A2598 -

                    This is the rubber pad between the top of the subframe tower and the firewall box section. It helps reduce noise and vibration transmission into the body and was one

                    Plug, Bulkhead, Mk1-Mk3
                    Price: $3.25

                    Item #: RFR0220 -

                      Rubber plug to fit the 21A1470 locktab for the two-bolt front subframes; used on dry suspension Minis 1959-1976.

                      Rebound Buffer Screw
                      Price: $0.50

                      Item #: 13H2776 -

                        Single screw to attach the rebound buffer to the subframe.

                        Rebound Buffer, Upper Arm, Reproduction
                        Price: $4.95

                        Item #: 2A4267E -

                          The rebound buffer mounts on the subframe to stop downward movement of the upper arm. Use 13H2776 retainer screw.

                          Solid Mount, Front Subframe, 76-on, pair
                          Retail: $41.95
                          Sale: $39.64

                          Item #: C-STR641 -

                            Those troublesome front rubber mountings can be replaced by cast aluminum body-to-subframe mountings which are not only unbreakable but will further enhance roadholding. These are only for vehicles built from

                            Solid Mount, Rear of front subframe
                            Price: $39.95

                            Item #: C-STR642 -

                              Solid brackets for the rear of the front subframe of post 1976 models, ideal for racing or road if noise is not important. Very important if you desire the nimbleness

                              Spacer, Subframe to Body, Pre-1976
                              Price: $12.95

                              Item #: 21A2341 -

                                Metal packing spacer for two-bolt subframe tower to body, pre-1976. Two (2) per car, sold each. Reproduction.

                                Subframe Mounting Bolt Washer, 1976-on
                                Price: $2.95

                                Item #: 53K3755 -

                                  Very large washer found under the head of mounting bolts of 1976-on models. Use one per side.

                                  Subframe Mounting Bolts Locktab, 1959-64
                                  Price: $16.95

                                  Item #: 21A500 -

                                    Special locktab for each pair of tower bolts for early front subframes using the four (4) tower-to firewall bolts.

                                    Subframe Mounting Bolts Locktab, 1965-1976
                                    Price: $6.95
                                    6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 7.9500
                                    Item #: 21A1470 -

                                      Early front subframes using the four tower-to-firewall bolts had this special locktab for each pair of tower bolts. Sold each, two required.

                                      Subframe Tower Steel to Bulkhead, Used
                                      Price: $16.02

                                      Item #: 21A2341-USED -

                                        This thick steel spacer is used between the subframe tower and the body. It is found only on dry suspension Minis up to 1975. Available used only.

                                        Subframe, Front, 1976-1990
                                        Price: $995.00

                                        Item #: KGB10022 -

                                          Brand new, factory subframe for collision damage or a perfect restoration. Engine sits 1/2" forward as per all 1300 engines cars from 1990 on.

                                          Subframe, Front, MPi Front Radiator
                                          Price: $599.00

                                          Item #: SSS0299 -

                                            Brand new, factory subframe for collision damage or a perfect restoration.

                                            Tow Eye, Front
                                            Price: $14.95

                                            Item #: 21A1241 -

                                              Quality reproduction part. These eyebolts are welded so they don't pull open under strain. Sold each.

                                              Tow Eye, Front, Heavy Duty
                                              Price: $19.95

                                              Item #: FAM1785 -

                                                Heavy-duty tow eye for the front of the classic Mini. Attaches to the front subframe through the large hole below the front bumper.

                                                Tow Eye, Long
                                                Price: $26.95
                                                4/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 29.9500
                                                Item #: C-SRP200 -

                                                  Extra heavy-duty and long tow eye for use with front air dam. Attaches at the front subframe bolt, as with the standard tow eye. Sold each.

                                                  Tow Eye, Rear
                                                  Price: $39.95

                                                  Item #: FOR041 -

                                                    This very strong tow eye bolts to the underside of the rear subframe. Aftermarket; sold each.