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Items that we may have in stock that we use in our Machine & Repair Shop, but aren't necessarily Mini parts...

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Adapter, 5/8-18 Male to Male pipe
Retail: $9.95
Sale: $4.96
Item #: SEL0066 -

    Application unknown, Smiths's part number A-TA08. May come with or without packaging (as shown).

    Ball Joint, MG Metro
    Retail: $19.95
    Sale: $16.79
    Item #: GSJ269 -

      Ball joint assembly for the 1984-on MG Metro. This has a larger diameter pin than the Mini, hence will cannot be used on a standard Mini.

      Bearing, Alternator
      Price: $10.95
      Item #: UMB105 -

        New-old-stock drive-end bearing for Lucas 16ACR, 17ACR, and 18ACR alternators.

        Conversion Gasket Set, 948 & 1098 Inline
        Price: $42.95
        Item #: EF070 -

          Genuine Payen engine gasket set for 948cc or 1098cc AH Sprite, MG Midget or Morris Minor.

          Conversion Gasket Set, MG Midget / AH Sprite 1275
          Price: $39.95
          5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM 42.95
          Item #: EF460 -

            Conversion, or bottom-end gasket set for 1275cc AH Sprite or MG Midget. Genuine Payen.

            Engine Mount, MG1100, Austin America, MG Midget front plate
            Price: $9.45
            Item #: 2A0305 -

              Two of these are used on the front engine mounting plate of original MG1100 and Austin America. When an MG1100 or AA power unit is fitted to a Mini, this

              First Gear Outer Ring, 3 Sync
              Price: $144.95
              Item #: 22G1119A -

                First gear slider 3 Synchro MG Midget. This gear will work in a Mini, but it has a shorter 'nose' - the side that faces the double roller bearing.

                Rear Stub Axle, Austin America & MG1100, Left Hand
                Price: $39.95
                Item #: BTA269 -

                  New-old-stock rear stub axle for hydrolastic suspension Mini. Left hand.

                  Rubber Plug, Transmission Top, Sprite/Midget
                  Retail: $7.95
                  Sale: $6.69
                  Item #: 22G0199 -

                    Top rubber plug for Spridget transmission.

                    Seal Only, 1275 MG Midget Rear Main Seal Conversion
                    Price: $99.95
                    Item #: RIC777/S -

                      Viton seal to fit the RIC777 rear main oil seal conversion commonly fitted to 1275 MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite.

                      Upper Radiator Hose, Sprite/Midget
                      Retail: $10.95
                      Sale: $7.08
                      Item #: RH899 -

                        Upper radiator hose as used on 1275 AH Sprite and MG Midget. Reinforced rubber hose made in the UK by Quinton Hazell.

                        Water Pump Pulley, Austin America w/ Smog Pump, Refurb
                        Retail: $34.95
                        Sale: $30.45
                        Item #: 12G1542 -

                          Bead-blasted and painted, this cast iron double row water pump pulley was found on Austin America and MG Midget engines with the "smog type" air injection cylinder heads and air injection pump (smog pump).