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Clamp Set, Stainless, LCB Big Bore
Price: $24.95
Item #: SIE0415 -

    Set of three stainless steel band clamps to fit big bore LCBs. These clamps tighten down better that the ones supplied with the header, and are thinner.

    Clamp Set, Stainless, LCB Standard Bore
    Price: $24.95
    Item #: SIE0414 -

      Set of three stainless steel band clamps to fit standard bore LCBs. These clamps tighten down better that the ones supplied with the header, and are thinner, which is

      Clamp, Iron Exhaust Manifold
      Price: $7.45
      Item #: GEX7046 -

        Exhaust manifold to downpipe clamp. The key to eliminating exhaust leaks at the manifold flange is the clamp. These new clamps include proper brass nuts and support washers. Fits most

        Cooper Freeflow Header
        Price: $169.95
        Item #: SIE0040 -

          This is the welded steel tubular header that replaces the original 12G615 pressed steel version used on Cooper and Cooper S models. Ideal for 998-1098cc engines and stock-built 1275cc Minis.

          Downpipe, 1990-on Carbureted
          Price: $189.95
          8/17/2018 12:00:00 AM 225.0000
          Item #: C-AEG370 -

            Replacement downpipe for classic Minis originally fitted with HIF Carburetor and retaining the catalytic converter.

            Exhaust Clamp, 1959-1989, Heavy Duty
            Price: $17.95
            Item #: GEX7046HD -

              Heavy-duty, cast iron version of the problematic exhaust clamp fitted to cast iron manifolds. Fits single-carb exhaust manifolds 1959-1989.

              Exhaust Downpipe, SPi/MPi to Maniflow/RC40
              Retail: $139.95
              Sale: $130.16
              Item #: C-AEG372 -

                This high-performance downpipe assembly bolts directly to the exhaust manifold used on the fuel injected SPi and MPi Mini. Made in the U.K.

                Exhaust Downpipe, SPi/MPi, Aftermarket
                Retail: $99.95
                Sale: $86.96
                5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 119.95
                Item #: GEX12043E -

                  Aftermaket version of downpipe for injected Minis. Includes stainless braided flex coupling to allow for engine movement.

                  Intake/Exhaust Port Cover
                  Price: $29.95
                  Item #: FOR051 -

                    Blanking plate to cover the intake and exhaust ports on your spare engine during transport.

                    LCB Collector, Standard Bore
                    Price: $79.95
                    7/27/2017 12:00:00 AM 89.9500
                    Item #: SIE0051 -

                      The SIE0030 (C-AEG365) Maniflow LCB header uses this collector. We keep stock since these get lost or damaged with some regularity. Will not necessarily fit other LCB models or

                      LCB Header Kit, Stainless
                      Price: $269.95
                      8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 319.9500
                      Item #: SIE0420 -

                        High-quality mirror-polished stainless steel long center branch manifold.

                        LCB Header, Maniflow
                        Price: $159.95
                        Item #: SIE0030 -

                          The Long Center Branch ("LCB") design has stood the test of time and is the best all-around exhaust manifold for the A-series engine. Ideal for all 1275s and big bore

                          LCB Header, Maniflow, Big Bore
                          Price: $389.95
                          8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM 399.9500
                          Item #: SIE0240 -

                            C-AHT289 large bore LCB for race use or large bore street engines such as 1380cc+. Y-piece outlet end is 2" outside diameter, 1.875" id. The best quality production exhaust manifold

                            LCB Header, Maniflow, Stage 2
                            Price: $209.95
                            Item #: C-AEG365S2 -

                              Made by Maniflow, this premium performance LCB has an enlarged and reshaped middle pipe which creates a type of vortex, complementing the pulsing effect of the outside two pipes. This

                              LCB Header, Maniflow, to clear rubber coupler
                              Retail: $359.95
                              Sale: $287.96
                              Item #: C-AEG362 -

                                Original-type Downton/Special Tuning Long Center Branch header designed to fit classic Minis with rubber couplers or QL5000. Made in the UK by Maniflow.

                                Manifold Stud & Hardware Kit, stainless steel
                                Price: $39.95
                                Item #: SEN0455E -

                                  A complete stainless steel stud and hardware set for the manifold face of your cylinder head. This is the standard grade product for when the high-spec ARP product is

                                  Manifold Stud Set, 7 Port Aluminum Heads
                                  Price: $14.95
                                  Item #: G1423SM -

                                    Set of four (4) studs, nuts and washers to fit the exhaust side of the aluminum crossflow head. These have deeper thread engagement into the head that the one that is fitted to the head originally.

                                    Nut, ARP 12 Point,  5/16-24
                                    Price: $2.95
                                    Item #: N51624 -

                                      High strength nut for use on forged rockers, rocker pedestals or exhaust manifold. Sold each.

                                      Nut, Manifold Downpipe, MPi & SPi
                                      Retail: $3.95
                                      Sale: $3.45
                                      Item #: FX108047 -

                                        Fits original cast iron exhaust downpipe on SPi and MPi injected Mini models. Special all-metal self-locking nut in metric thread for this high temperature location.

                                        O2 Sensor Bung and Plug, Weld-In
                                        Retail: $11.95
                                        Sale: $11.29
                                        Item #: SIE0008 -

                                          This universal bung can be welded into your exhaust system to allow the mounting of an Oxygen Sensor for real-time engine combustion readings.

                                          RC40 Conversion Downpipe
                                          Price: $73.95
                                          Item #: LDP1 -

                                            This down pipe connects to a standard one-piece single-outlet cast iron manifold and will allow you to upgrade to the larger bore RC40 or similar exhaust system.

                                            Steady Bracket, Exhaust to Transmission
                                            Retail: $18.95
                                            Sale: $17.06
                                            Item #: FOR057 -

                                              This bracket should be used to reduce the tendancy of the exhaust header to crack. It bolts to the transmission side cover and connects to the bottom of the

                                              Steady Bracket, Exhaust to Transmission, Rod Change
                                              Retail: $12.95
                                              Sale: $12.13
                                              Item #: GEX7526 -

                                                Metal bracket that attaches to gearbox bolts to steady exhaust manifold and prevent excess movement that can crack the manifold. Mild steel as original.

                                                Stud, Exhaust Manifold, Fuel Injection
                                                Retail: $6.59
                                                Sale: $5.73
                                                Item #: TD108051A -

                                                  Correct length and thread pattern stud for the cast iron exhaust manifold to downpipe of injection cars (MPi and SPi). Metric M8 threads.