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Boot Badge, "1000"
Retail: $22.95
Sale: $20.20
Item #: ALA6695 -

    Chrome, block letter "1000" badge, as used on the Austin and Morris Mk2 Cooper. Use two GHF1531 clips to attach.

    Boot Badge, Austin Script
    Price: $19.95
    Item #: 14A6802 -

      Chrome "Austin" script boot badge as fitted to Mk1 Austin Mini, Austin Cooper and Austin Cooper S models. Requires two (2) plastic fixing clips (GHF1531).

      Boot Badge, Cooper script
      Price: $26.95
      Item #: 24A0023 -

        Boot badge, outline script of the word "Cooper" in chrome plated metal. Use four (4) GHF1531 clips (not included) to secure to panel.

        Boot Badge, Large S
        Retail: $13.95
        Sale: $13.11
        Item #: 24A1402 -

          This is the script S for Cooper S models. Yes, it is not symetrically mounted once installed. Use 2 clips GHF1531 to retain it.

          "MINI" boot badge
          Price: $26.95
          Item #: DAH10034 -

            This self adhesive boot badge was standard on all Minis from 1992-on, but you can put it on any Mini. Satin silver finish. Genuine Rover Part.

            Line drawing of 24A0997
            Retail: $15.95
            Sale: $14.04
            Item #: 24A0997 -

              Mini script boot badge as used on Mk1 MK2 Minis. Uses three (3) GHF1531 clips, order separately.

              Boot Badge, Mk3 Mini Cooper S
              Retail: $34.95
              Sale: $29.71
              Item #: CZH1381 -

                Boot lid badge for the Mk3 Mini Cooper S. Black on genuine chrome backing.

                Boot Board Bracket Kit
                Retail: $84.95
                Sale: $72.21
                Item #: CK948C -

                  Boot board bracket set. For original left-hand tank, 9.0 US gallons, spare tire up to 165 size.

                  Boot Board Clip
                  Price: $12.95
                  Item #: 14A9783 -

                    Boot board clip completes Bracket Set CK948. Mounts to bottom of boot board.

                    Boot Board, Carpeted, Single 9 gallon tank
                    Price: $130.95
                    Item #: CK953 -

                      Carpeted boot board that, in conjunction with the boot board bracket kit, will fit any Mini Saloon with the single, 9 gallon tank.

                      Boot Board, Carpeted, Single Tank, to 1980
                      Price: $130.95
                      Item #: CK951 -

                        The vast majority of Minis built before 1980 had a single 5.5 gallon petrol tank fitted as standard, with the Cooper models befitting from a carpeted boot board to match the interior carpet set.

                        Boot Board, Carpeted, Twin Tanks, 1962-1980
                        Price: $130.95
                        Item #: CK952 -

                          Mini Coopers from 1962 to 1973 had a factory option of fitting an extra petrol tank. This boot board will fit all these models as well as other saloons built before 1980 when a larger petrol tank was introduced.

                          Boot lid cable
                          Price: $6.49
                          Item #: 14A6740 -

                            A simple cable on each side of the boot lid keeps it from dropping too low when open. Don't let yours age and fatigue or you can end up with

                            Boot Lid Handle Seal, Mk3-on, inner
                            Price: $2.95
                            Item #: CZH1747 -

                              This seal fits the later boot handle introduced in 1972. Since the early 14A8429 seal is no longer available, this seal is also used with modification for

                              Bood Lid Handle, Mk1-2
                              Price: $39.95
                              Item #: 14A7194 -

                                The boot t-handle was one of the more appealing traditional design components of the early Minis. Chrome plated, with lock and keys. Also fits rear of Van and Estate, although

                                Boot Lid Handle, Mk3-on, chrome
                                Retail: $46.95
                                Sale: $39.91
                                Item #: CZH1725 -

                                  The t-handle of the Mk1-2 models was replaced with a later design in 1972. The new handle fit tight to the boot lid. It was used until the end

                                  Boot Hinge Gasket, lower
                                  Price: $1.25
                                  Item #: 24A2176 -

                                    Thick paper gasket for the lower section of the boot lid hinge. Sold each.

                                    Boot Hinge Gasket, upper
                                    Price: $0.99
                                    Item #: 24A2175 -

                                      Thick paper gasket for the top section of the boot lid hinge. Sold each.

                                      Boot Lid Hinge Set, Aftermarket
                                      Retail: $38.95
                                      Sale: $36.61
                                      Item #: BMB36002/3 -

                                        Pair of aftermarket boot lid hinges; mounting hardware included. See hinge gaskets 24A2175 and 24A2176, sold separately.

                                        SBO0345 - Boot Lid Hinge Set, Chrome
                                        Price: $34.95
                                        Item #: SBO0345 -

                                          Nice reproduction boot lid hinges in chrome for a fresh look. Sold by pair only. Equivalent to BMB3600C or 8B12601.

                                          Boot Lid Hinge, Rover, right hand
                                          Retail: $69.95
                                          Sale: $59.46
                                          Item #: BMB360040 -

                                            The boot lid hinges are handed, and the side is determined by looking forward. Genuine Rover, right-hand side.

                                            Boot Lid Lamp Housing, Mk3-on
                                            Price: $49.95
                                            Item #: 13H6900 -

                                              Original metal lamp housing for boot lids beginning with Mk3 models. Metal in black primer finish, which is normally painted in the main body color.

                                              Boot Lid Seal, on body
                                              Price: $14.95
                                              Item #: CKE10018 -

                                                After about 1989 the Mini's boot lid seal was redesigned to eliminate the use of the 26 retaining clips and was relocated from the lid to the trunk opening lip.

                                                Boot Lid Seal, on boot lid
                                                Price: $19.95
                                                Item #: 14A6584 -

                                                  Rubber seal that mounts to the boot lid using twenty-six (26) spring clips (14A6585) that press into holes in the inner frame of the lid.

                                                  Boot lid skin, Mk1 & Mk2, Fiberglass (SBO0080) MS110, Boot lid skin, Mk1 & Mk2, Fiberglass (SBO0080)
                                                  Retail: $99.00
                                                  Sale: $84.15
                                                  Item #: SBO0080 -

                                                    Fiberglass boot lid for race use or just to replace your damaged steel lid. Ready to sand and paint. For Mk1 and Mk2 Minis with the hinged number plate. Please

                                                    Boot Lid Trim Liner
                                                    Price: $34.95
                                                    Item #: PT3008 -

                                                      Fiberboard liner in black with hardware kit to cover the open frame of the Mini boot lid. Black.

                                                      Boot Lid, Mk1-2, Heritage - outside view
                                                      Retail: $639.95
                                                      Sale: $601.55
                                                      Item #: 28G0110 -

                                                        The Mk1-2 bootlid is identified by a rectangular indentation to accept the long, hinged license mounting plate that was used on these early models. Heritage panels are made from original

                                                        Boot Lid, Mk3, inner liner, aftermarket
                                                        Price: $189.95
                                                        Item #: SBO0677 -

                                                          This aftermarket boot lid is made in the Mk3-on exterior shape, but has a full interior metal skin panel to finish off the loading area

                                                          Boot Lid, Mk3, OEM
                                                          Retail: $460.00
                                                          Sale: $391.00
                                                          Item #: BMP0339 -

                                                            The Mk1-2 boot lid shape was changed in 1970 to the larger license recess of the Mk3 design. Externally, all boot lids from then on looked the same, but

                                                            Boot Lid, Mk3-on, aftermarket
                                                            Retail: $189.95
                                                            Sale: $178.55
                                                            Item #: SBO0368 -

                                                              Quality aftermarket-made boot lid in the Mk3-on design. This is the open frame type, see SBO0677 for lined boot lid. Does not have holes for mounting the seal to the bootlid.

                                                              Boot Lid, Mk4-on, Rover
                                                              Retail: $460.00
                                                              Sale: $391.00
                                                              Item #: BMD36001 -

                                                                The last design of boot lid on the Mini was different from all previous ones in that the seal mounted to the car and not to the boot lid itself.

                                                                Bracket, Boot Board on Rear Seat Bulkhead
                                                                Retail: $8.95
                                                                Sale: $7.61
                                                                Item #: 14A9780 -

                                                                  If your Mini does not have a boot board covering the spare tire, it is a handy thing to have. It will require the proper brackets for installation, which we sell in a set (CK948).

                                                                  Bracket, Boot Board, Center
                                                                  Price: $25.95
                                                                  Item #: 14A9782 -

                                                                    Center bracket for boot board, includes rubber catch for boot board clip (not included). Normally this bracket is riveted into place.

                                                                    Buffer, License Plate Mount, rear
                                                                    Price: $4.50
                                                                    Item #: 14A7625 -

                                                                      Bullet-shaped rubber buffer to stop the rear Saloon license plate bracket from bumping the body work. Use 2 per car.

                                                                      Boot Lid Seal Clip
                                                                      Price: $0.75
                                                                      Item #: 14A6585 -

                                                                        Minis to about 1989 used 26 of this clip to retain the rubber seal.

                                                                        Door and Boot Handle Set, 1972-on
                                                                        Price: $107.95
                                                                        6/21/2017 12:00:00 AM 129.9500
                                                                        Item #: CZH1785 -

                                                                          The early boot lid t-handle was phased out in 1972, and all subsequent cars received this close fitting Mk3 boot handle. Includes both roll-up window door exterior handles and boot handle with matching locks/keys.

                                                                          Door and Boot Handle Set, 1970-72
                                                                          Price: $169.95
                                                                          Item #: CZH1784 -

                                                                            The 3-piece set for 1970-72 includes the push-button door handles of the Mk3-on cars as well as the early boot t-handle, which continued to be used until 1972. All matching

                                                                            Handle Kit, Door & Boot, Mk1 to 1966
                                                                            Price: $219.95
                                                                            Item #: SBO0060 -

                                                                              This kit is for the early Mk1 door handle design, which did not use a safety boss on the forward end of the exterior door handle. These handles are a

                                                                              Handle Kit, Door & Boot, Mk1-2, 1966-on
                                                                              Price: $239.95
                                                                              Item #: SBO0061 -

                                                                                Safety regulations led to the introduction of the safety boss and thicker door handle of 1966-on Mk1-2 cars. This reduced the unlikely probabilty of someone being snagged by the forward

                                                                                Mini Pickup Tailgate Hinge
                                                                                Retail: $67.95
                                                                                Sale: $59.80
                                                                                Item #: 14A7755 -

                                                                                  Pickup tailgate hinge. The same one is used in both locations (right or left). Sold each.

                                                                                  Key Blank, Door, Boot & Ignition
                                                                                  Retail: $4.25
                                                                                  Sale: $3.77
                                                                                  Item #: KEY1 -

                                                                                    FS key blank, as used on most door and boot handles, as well as dash-mounted ignition switches.

                                                                                    Lamp Gasket, Boot Lid, Mk3-on
                                                                                    Price: $9.95
                                                                                    Item #: 13H6010 -

                                                                                      Rubber seating gasket for under the metal license plate lamp housing as used on Mk3 and later Minis.

                                                                                      Boot Lid Latch
                                                                                      Retail: $67.95
                                                                                      Sale: $63.87
                                                                                      Item #: 14A5696 -

                                                                                        Internal latch that keeps the boot (trunk) lid closed. All Mini Sedans from 1959-2000 used the same boot lid latch assembly.

                                                                                        Used boot lid latch
                                                                                        Retail: $29.95
                                                                                        Sale: $28.15
                                                                                        Item #: 14A5696-USED -

                                                                                          All Mini Sedans from 1959-2000 used the same boot lid latch assembly. Used; cosmetic condition may vary.

                                                                                          Lock Washer, Concave
                                                                                          Retail: $1.10
                                                                                          Sale: $0.94
                                                                                          Item #: 6K9012 -

                                                                                            Special dished serrated lock washer as used on boot lid hinge screws. External teeth, 5/16" hole. Sold each, use four (4) per car.

                                                                                            Number Plate Bulb Holder Assembly
                                                                                            Price: $7.95
                                                                                            Item #: PRC1230 -

                                                                                              Bulb holder assembly for rear number plate light housing. Two required, sold each. For number plate light housing, see 13H6900 or 13H6900C.

                                                                                              Number Plate Light Housing, Mk3-on, Chrome
                                                                                              Price: $29.95
                                                                                              Item #: 13H6900C -

                                                                                                Dress up the boot lid of your Mk3 or later roll-up window Mini with this chrome light housing. A little bit of chrome will go a long ways to make

                                                                                                Screw, Boot Cable, Brake Dust Shield, Door Handle
                                                                                                Retail: $0.95
                                                                                                Sale: $0.84
                                                                                                Item #: SE910161 -

                                                                                                  Screw used to hold together the two halves of the disc shields on all Mini front discs, as well as retaining the boot lid cable to the bootlid. Also used on various door handles and door remote link.