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Tires for the Classic Mini and variants

Whether you're looking for a classic Mini tire for use on road or track, Seven's selection of tires can meet your needs! Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today!

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145/10 Camac Tire
Retail: $89.95
Sale: $79.97
Item #: SWT0164 -

    145/10 steel-belted radial tire made in Portugal by Camac. Fits 3-1/2" steel wheel through 5" alloy wheel; deep tread wraps around the edge of the tire and should deliver long life. DOT-approved for road use in the U.S.; sold each.

    145/10 Dunlop SP44 Weathermaster
    Price: $249.95
    Item #: SWT0110 -

      Classic 145/10 rally tire by Dunlop, perfect for the restoration of a vintage rally car. OK for street use, recommended for off-road or show.

      145/10 Falken Sincera Tire
      Price: $79.95
      Item #: SWT0115 -

        The well-known Falken all-weather tire "sheds water like a duck and runs quiet like a mouse." DOT-approved, and will fit 3-1/2" steel wheels through 5" alloys.

        145/70-12 Hifly Tire
        Price: $71.95
        Item #: SWT0161 -

          An economically-priced, correct-sized tire to fit the classic Mini. Modern, steel-belted radial construction; use with factory 12? steel wheels or 4.5? factory 8-spoke aluminum wheels.

          145/70-12 Michelin XZX tire
          Price: $134.95
          8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
          Item #: SWT0155 -

            From Michelin's classic range, this 145/70-12 tire is the correct size to fit the classic Mini, and can be fitted to 4.5" or 5" wide steel or aluminum 12" wheel. DOT-approved.

            145/70-12 Nankang Econex Tire
            Price: $94.95
            Item #: SWT0159 -

              An economically-priced, correct-size 12" tire for the classic Mini, with a low profile that clears the Mini's fenders and suspension. Steel-belted radial construction; DOT-approved.

               145/70-12 Nankang Winter Tire
              Retail: $104.95
              Sale: $85.50
              Item #: SWT0141 -

                A true winter tire for the Mini. The v-shaped tread design of SV-3 tire ensures added security in all driving conditions.

                165/10 Yokohama A008
                Price: $109.95
                Item #: SWT0082 -

                  The world's most popular 165/70 10" performance radial tire; fits 4.5" to 6" wide rims. The Yokohama A008 is our best selling tire for the Classic Mini.

                  165/12 Nankang Greensport Tire
                  Price: $89.95
                  Item #: SWT0158 -

                    A wider, low-profile 12" tire for the classic Mini with a recommended rim width of 5". Steel-belted radial construction; DOT-approved.

                    175/13 Nankang Tire
                    Price: $99.95
                    7/27/2018 12:00:00 AM 109.9500
                    Item #: SWT0140 -

                      Economically-priced 175/50-13 tire for the classic Mini. The Nankang AS-1 has variable pitch tread that reduces road noise.

                      175/13 Nankang Tires, set/4
                      Price: $399.80
                      Item #: SWT0140set -

                        Economically-priced 175/50-13 tire for the classic Mini. The Nankang AS-1 has variable pitch tread that reduces road noise.

                        Spare Tire Cover
                        Price: $67.95
                        Item #: CK902 -

                          Many early model Minis no longer have the board to cover the spare tire, and the later model cars never used the board. Here is a neat and clean way

                          Tire Tube, 10"
                          Price: $13.95
                          Item #: SWT0001 -

                            These inner tubes will fit 145/10 and 165/10 tires, for that occasional wheel that just won't seal. Sold individually, air not included. California law requires the collection of a