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Boot Lid Lamp Housing, Mk3-on
Price: $49.95
Item #: 13H6900 -

    Original metal lamp housing for boot lids beginning with Mk3 models. Metal in black primer finish, which is normally painted in the main body color.

    Lamp Gasket, Boot Lid, Mk3-on
    Price: $9.95
    Item #: 13H6010 -

      Rubber seating gasket for under the metal license plate lamp housing as used on Mk3 and later Minis.

      Lens, Glass, License Plate Lamp
      Price: $12.95
      Item #: 54570354 -

        Clear replacement lens for license plate lamp used on Mk1-2 Minis including long-wheelbase models. Fits original Lucas lamps but may not fit some aftermarket replacement lamps.

        License Plate Lamp Assembly, Chrome
        Price: $35.95
        Item #: 56790 -

          Reproduction of chrome metal D-shaped lamp fitted to many cars in the 1960s. The Mk1-2 Mini Saloon had one of these fitted to the hinged license plate holder on the

          Budget License Plate Lamp, chrome
          Price: $14.95
          Item #: 56790E -

            Economical plastic bodied version of lamp on rear license plate mount, with rust-free chrome housing. Close to original in appearance at a worthwhile saving. For resto purists, see 56790-OE original

            License Plate Lamp, original
            Price: $63.95
            Item #: 56790-OE -

              If your Mini is totally original, this is the only rear license plate lamp you want to consider. Made from original Lucas tooling and fitted with Lucas glass lens.

              Number Plate Bulb Holder Assembly
              Price: $7.95
              Item #: PRC1230 -

                Bulb holder assembly for rear number plate light housing. Two required, sold each. For number plate light housing, see 13H6900 or 13H6900C.

                Number Plate Lamp, Black
                Retail: $42.95
                Sale: $36.51
                Item #: 53837 -

                  License plate lamp for Mk1-2 Minis, Van, Traveller, Pick-Up, and Moke. On LWB (long wheel base cars) there are two, one on either side of the US license plate.

                  Number Plate Lamp, black, plastic
                  Price: $15.93
                  Item #: 53837E -

                    Good reproduction of the original black rear number plate lamp as used on Vans, Estates and Pickups, but can be fitted to any Mk1-2 Mini Saloon as well. Now with

                    Number Plate Light Housing, Mk3-on, Chrome
                    Price: $29.95
                    Item #: 13H6900C -

                      Dress up the boot lid of your Mk3 or later roll-up window Mini with this chrome light housing. A little bit of chrome will go a long ways to make

                      Screw, Stainless, fits PRC1230
                      Retail: $0.40
                      Sale: $0.34
                      Item #: HDWS107 -

                        Screw, fits PRC1230 Mk3 number plate bulb holder. Stainless steel. Four (4) required per car; sold each.

                        Stainless Steel Screw, multi-purpose
                        Price: $0.95
                        Item #: PMP0308SS -

                          Stainless steel screw as used on trim applications such as license plate lamp to boot, door handles, and window cranks.