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Bonnet Lip, Aftermarket (SBO0363) ALA6664 MS3 0801258 Mini Cooper Mini cooper S MkII mk2 Parts accessories, Bonnet Lip, Aftermarket (SBO0363)
Price: $21.95
9/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 23.9500
Item #: SBO0363 -

    Starting with the Mk2 in 1968, all Minis have used a chrome grille trim piece attached to the front edge of the bonnet. The trim mounts to this extension, which

    Bonnet Skin
    Price: $159.95
    9/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 169.9500
    Item #: SBO0742 -

      Aftermarket replacement outer skin only for bonnet; un-primed steel. Fits round-nose classic Mini from 1959-2000.

      Bonnet Slam Panel, 1997-on Minis
      Price: $47.95

      Item #: SBO0049 -

        Bonnet slam panel for 1997-on Minis. Not for Clubman fronts.

        Bonnet Slam Panel, Mk1, Mk2, Mk3
        Retail: $32.95
        Sale: $29.00

        Item #: SBO0046 -

          Bonnet slam panel for Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 Minis. Not for Clubman fronts.

          Bonnet, for MPi/Front Radiator
          Price: $419.95

          Item #: BKA360070 -

            Bonnet for UK-spec MPi Minis with front-mounted radiator. Genuine Rover. The hood latch and safety catch are unique on these late model cars and this is the proper bonnet to

            Bonnet, KAD Twin Cam, Fiberglass
            Price: $315.00

            Item #: KAD1013250 -

              Fiberglass bonnet made by KAD specifically to clear their twin-cam cylinder head. Special order, allow 3-6 weeks.

              Bonnet, Mk1, Aftermarket
              Price: $249.95
              11/13/2017 12:00:00 AM 280.0000
              Item #: CZH0296E -

                An aftermarket version of the Mk1 bonnet, which has no extension for the grille trim used on later Minis.

                Bonnet, Mk1, Heritage
                Price: $419.95

                Item #: 24A1182 -

                  Bonnets from Mk1 cars are identified by having no lip on the front to mount the upper grille trim used starting on Mk2 models. Plus the hinge brackets are spaced

                  Bonnet, Mk2, Heritage
                  Retail: $419.95
                  Sale: $377.96

                  Item #: ALA7455 -

                    Genuine Heritage bonnet for 1968-69 cars only. Has narrow hinge spacing as used on Mk1-2 cars but with Mk2-on grille trim lip on the front.

                    Mk2-on Fiberglass Bonnet
                    Price: $129.95

                    Item #: SBO0070 -

                      Fiberglass bonnet skin only for race use. Ready to sand and paint. For Mk2-on Minis with front lip for upper grille chrome. No internal structure or provisions for mounting or

                      Bonnet, Mk3-on, Aftermarket
                      Price: $249.95

                      Item #: SBO0362 -

                        A good quality panel from a reliable UK manufacturer. Hinge brackets are spaced for Mk3 through SPi cars (1995). With front lip for mounting upper grille trim. Note catch pin

                        Bonnet, Mk3-on, Heritage
                        Retail: $389.95
                        Sale: $357.16

                        Item #: CZH0455 -

                          Genuine Rover bonnet is from the original tooling, so is the most precisely fitting one available. Hinge brackets to fit Mk3 and later spacing. Use 24A1182 for earlier cars without

                          Bonnet, Mk3-on, no lip, Heritage
                          Price: $379.95
                          8/21/2017 12:00:00 AM 410.0000
                          Item #: ALA8430 -

                            This quality Heritage-made bonnet is designed for Vans and Pickups starting in about 1971. It is identified by having no lip for fixing the ALA6559 upper grille trim, as fitted

                            Firewall Cover Plate, 1984-on, Used
                            Price: $44.95

                            Item #: SBO0251 -

                              Metal plate that bolts to the inner side of the firewall, and covers the large hole. This was used 1984-on, on Minis with driver’s-side binnacle.

                              Stiffener, Bulkhead, to Inner Wing 1959-69
                              Retail: $85.00
                              Sale: $72.25-$144.50

                              Item #: SBO0691/2 -

                                Repair panel for the stiffener on the end of the bulkhead to inner fender directly in front of the subframe tower bolts; fits external-hinge Minis.

                                Windscreen Cowl Panel, aftermarket
                                Price: $119.95

                                Item #: SBO0731 -

                                  Aftermarket windscreen cowl panel. Includes lower part of windscreen pillars. Punched for both right-hand drive (RHD) and left-hand drive (LHD) wiper hole locations.

                                  sheet metal, bonnet lid, hood lid